How To Fix Youtube Playback Error

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After a long day at work, there is nothing better than to lay on your bed and watch YouTube videos for hours at a time.

You find a video that sounds cool and hit play… just to be met by a YouTube playback error.

YouTube playback errors are common and are caused by a number of things. There isn’t a straight answer as to how to fix the YouTube playback error.

That’s why you best bet to fix the YouTube playback issue is trying out different solutions.

And don’t panic, it’ll take you less time than you imagine.

If you want to enjoy your YouTube videos again, here’s what you need to do:

  • Why do you get the playback error on a YouTube video?
  • How to fix the playback error on YouTube videos
  • How to fix the playback error on The YouTube app

Why Do You Get The Playback Error On A YouTube Video?

The YouTube playback error is a common error when playing a YouTube video.

If you want to fix YouTube playback errors, you’ll need to identify the source of the issue.

The most common ones are:

It’s A Global Problem

While unlikely, it’s possible that the Google servers may be down. Try using another google product to see if it loads.

If it is a global problem, YouTube comments may not even load.

Note: YouTube not working is rare, but possible. Many users have come up with solutions to fix any potential black screen on the app. We wrote an article with detailed instructions explaining all the solutions.

It’s A Local Issue

Maybe there is a problem with your Internet service provider. Try opening other apps. It might be a network issue if they don’t open after a continuous loading screen.

It’s An Issue Within Your Reach

The error message may be caused by an issue that has to do with your device and network. In which case, only you may be able to fix YouTube playback errors.

How To Fix The PlayBack Error On YouTube Videos

Once you identify the problem, it’ll be time to fix YouTube playback issues for good. To fix YouTube playback errors, just follow the troubleshooting steps:

Change To A Different Browser

If you’re using a browser like Microsoft Edge with Flash Player… There’s your answer. Edge is not a good browser, and Flash Player it’s not supported anymore.

Try another browser like Google Chrome. And use another browser tab to uninstall Flash Player.

Delete The Cache On The Browser

Clear cookies and cache files. They are temporary Internet files that store your browsing data.

However, they may be causing the YouTube playback error on your current YouTube tab.

You can clear cache files on any browser by going to the settings.

Change The Default Video Quality

Click the gear icon on any video, then change the video resolution to something lower. An HD video will never load if you have a slow Internet speed.

Use A Stable Internet Connection

Maybe your current Wi-Fi account is not working. Try updating the router firmware work to the latest version.

If that’s not possible, go to the router vendor’s website and check if they have a good new modem model.

Modify Hardware Acceleration

Hardware acceleration allows YouTube to use your graphic card. This may be the cause of YouTube playback errors.

You can enable hardware acceleration by right-clicking on a video and going to the settings. Then search for the option.

To disable hardware acceleration, repeat the process.

Sign Out And In On YouTube

Google accounts may glitch from time to time, causing playback errors.

If you can’t sign into YouTube, it may be an issue within their servers. You’ll have to wait until they fix YouTube playback errors on their side.

Disable Ad Blocker

An Adblocker may be causing the YouTube playback error. That’s because video ads won’t let you play the video if they don’t load properly.

Disable the ad blocker to fix the YouTube playback error.

Restart Your Computer

After you restart your computer, open your browser. It will reopen browser tabs automatically. Avoid doing a hard restart and properly turn off your computer. Hard restarts may damage your hardware.

Pro Tip: Did that solve the YouTube error? Then it’s time to learn how to loop a YouTube video.

You can do so from the video home screen. Most users loop music videos, but you can loop any video you want.

How To Fix The Error On The YouTube App

The YouTube app is not safe from the YouTube playback error. Whenever you download videos to load on the YouTube app, users may face an unending loading screen.

You’ll find that some solutions are the same as in the web version. Regardless, here are the most common solutions to the YouTube playback error:

Delete The App Cache

You can do so by going into the device’s settings screen and searching for the app. Then, delete the cache.

Adjust The Video Quality

You can change the video quality by tapping the gear icon on the video player. Having a lower quality will help you play the video properly.

Reinstall The App

Close the app from the multitasking menu, then uninstall YouTube. After that, go to the Apple or Google Play Store and re-download the application.

Sign in and enjoy your videos.

Restart Your Phone

When was the last time that you turned your phone off? Do a soft reset. That will close background apps and fix the problem altogether.

How Do I Fix The Error On Other Devices

Most of the fixes described above will work on the YouTube TV App, Roku TV, and Apple TV.

In reality, you won’t need more tools than those mentioned above.

As long as you restart your modem and update your device to its latest version, you should be able to fix it.

Youtube Playback Error FAQ

How Do You Fix Playback Error On YouTube?

You can restart your browser, sign in and off the YouTube app or switch to a better internet connection.

Users may also attempt to delete the cache on the app or update it to the latest version.

Why Does My YouTube Say An Error Occurred Playback?

Because there are issues loading the video. When your download YouTube videos from payback on your browser, a bad Internet connection may cause issues with the playback.

What Does It Mean When It Says Playback Error?

It means there is a playing issue within a video page. Normally, it’s caused by a bad Wi-Fi connection. Users may fix YouTube playback issues by switching to a better network.

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