Youtube Comments Not Loading? See Why & How To Fix It

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Are you having an issue with Youtube comments not loading?

YouTube comments are an essential part of the platform’s experience.

They give you a chance to interact with other viewers and leave feedback on videos.

However, sometimes they get stuck at loading or completely disappear from your screen.

When that happens, it can be frustrating for both users and creators alike.

In this post, we’re going to take a look at what causes these issues and how to solve them.

You will learn:

  • What causes Youtube comments not loading;
  • How to fix YouTube comments not loading in 2022;
  • Everything you must know about fixing comments on the YouTube website and YouTube app.

Why Are YouTube Comments Not Loading?

Here are the most common reasons why Youtube comments disappear:

1. The Browser Doesn’t Support HTML5 or JavaScript

The first reason is simple: You’re using a browser that doesn’t support HTML5 video tags or JavaScript.

The second one is more complex because it involves Flash Player version 9.

If you have both problems, then chances are high that you won’t see any YouTube comment box at all.

2. Poor or Lost Internet Connection

Another reason could be slow Internet connection.

This might cause some parts of the website to load slowly which in turn causes the YouTube comment section to be inaccessible.

3. You Don’t Allow Cookies

This can also lead to the problem if you’ve disabled third-party cookies from being accepted by websites.

In such cases, when you try to access certain web pages, they will tell you that “Cookies must be enabled” message.

For example, click here to open up Chrome’s cookie manager where you should find the option called Accept Cookies From Sites.

4. A third-party Plugin or Browser Extension Interfere with YouTube

You may also notice that some plugins and extensions can interfere with the YouTube commenting system.

It happens when they block certain elements from being loaded by the page.

To solve this problem, try disabling them temporarily until everything works fine again.

5. Proxy settings

Some people use proxy servers to bypass restrictions imposed by their ISPs.

However, a proxy network usually does not work well with online services such as Google.

So make sure that you disable your proxy server before trying to visit YouTube.

6. Corrupted browsing data

As you are watching Youtube videos everyday, over time, there is a possibility that the system might introduce an error that prevents Youtube comments load.

7. Some Comments Are Flagged as Spam

Although you can disable comments on your own YouTube video and channel, it is possible for some of the comments to get flagged automatically.

All the comments considered as spam on YouTube’s end will be flagged and, therefore, they won’t start loading properly once you open the video page.

More than a YouTube error, we are talking about a way to keep the YouTube community safe and sound by preventing harmful comments from appearing.

8. You Don’t Have Enough Space on Your Drive

Another possible cause of non-loading YouTube comments is when you don’t have enough space left on your hard drive.

If your laptop/PC has little space left, your browser will struggle with fetching the data and storing it in the browser cache.

If your computer or device can’t load YouTube comments, then we are talking purely about a hardware program here.

In this case, the loading error might as well appear when trying to load site data on other websites.

It is possible for Android devices to experience comments problem when there’s a running issue with them.

9. There’s a Technical Issue with YouTube

After all, it could be just YouTube API experiencing a technical issue, which prevents users’ comments from appearing.

Usually, these are temporary issues and even if the outage is severe, it lasts only a few hours.

How to Fix YouTube Comments Not Loading

Now that you know the reasons behind not loading comments on a YouTube channel, we can understand the best course of action so we can fix it once and for all.

In some mobile devices and computers, this is just a temporary glitch that can be solved within a few steps or a software update.

Nevertheless, depending on the root cause of the problem, the solution will vary.

1. Reload YouTube page

Sometimes simply refreshing the page can solve the issue. If you can view YouTube comments after simply refreshing the app or website data, then perhaps there was a connection issue.

Keep in mind that having a weak Internet connection interferes with all things related to YouTube and Google accounts in general.

2. Make Sure Your Browser Supports HTML5 and JavaScript

To avoid these situations, make sure your web browser supports HTML5 video tags and JavaScript.

Also, if you use Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari or Internet Explorer 10+, check for updates to flash player versions.

Make sure they match the latest available version here.

New software releases often contain fixes for bugs, including those affecting the YouTube commenting system.

3. Clear Browser Cache and Cookies

Clearing your browser cache and cookies might help too.

Over time, as you visit various websites, browser cache clogs up and might cause some web pages to render incorrectly.

In order to clear browsing data, you must go to your browser’s settings:

  1. Open your web browser, and go to settings;
  2. Go to the “Browsing History” section, or simply write “delete cache” on the search bar;
  3. Select the “Clearing cache” option, and click on the “Clear Data” button.

All the cached images and junk files will be deleted from the stored site data section of YouTube.

Now, reading comments on the web version should be possible.

4. Try Incognito Mode

If cleaning the browser cache does not help, try viewing the website in Incognito Mode.

This way, no cached data, and no cookies will be stored locally, so you should get better performance.

If the comments settings on the video are turned off (hence, the video has disabled comments), not even using a different iOS or Android device will get comments loading again.

5. Try Using a Different Browser

You can also try switching browsers.

Some users report better results by trying another browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge etc.

In case you don’t want to use a new browser, simply find the “Reset Settings” option and use your browser as if you were doing it from the beginning.

6. Disable Browser Extensions and Third-Party Plugins

Some plugins and browser extensions can prevent YouTube comments from showing up.

All your extensions should be turned off so the website can load correctly.

Besides, the installed extensions must be up-to-date if you want to stop the loading icon from preventing you seeing the comments.

If the loading issue persists, try disabling them temporarily until things work out.

7. Disable Ad Blocker

Ad blockers are just like plugins and may interfere with how YouTube loads comments.

Likewise, if you use VPN settings or proxy connections, the best thing you can do is to temporarily disable them to see if this solves the problem.

Youtube Comments Not Loading: Final Words

Not seeing the comments section might be a little frustrating, and we know it, but fortunately, this isn’t the end of the world.

There are plenty of solutions you can apply to problems like these, and fixing YouTube comments not loading is actually pretty straightforward.

That will be all for now! For more tech tips and YouTube dos and don’ts, check all the content we have for you here, at GrowFollowing.


Can I Prevent People from Commenting on My YouTube Video?

Yes! You just need to click on tap on your profile picture, go to YouTube Studio settings, and select the video you want to block comments from.

Where Can I Update the YouTube App?

It depends - if you use Android, go to the Google Play Store. If you use iOS, go to the Apple Store. Either way, the process is quite simple and effortless.

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