Can’t Sign Into YouTube? See Why & How To Fix It

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After recording and editing a video for hours, you are ready to upload your work to your YouTube account.

But when you open the site, there is an issue.

You can’t sign into YouTube.

There is no error message, but YouTube simply won’t let you log in.

Sure, you’ll be able to watch any video on the platform, but you won’t be able to subscribe, post or comment on the platform.

The good news is that you are not alone.

Many users have experienced the same issue before and have come up with amazing solutions.

If you want to fix the problem, here’s what you need to learn:

  • Why you can’t sign into YouTube
  • How to fix “can’t sign” into YouTube

Why You Can’t Sign Into YouTube

Not even the mighty Google is perfect.

There are several reasons why certain Google apps, like YouTube, fail from time to time.

However, in most cases, the solution is within your reach.

First, we need to understand what is causing the “log in” problem.

The most common causes are:

  • YouTube servers are down.
  • You are trying to access an inactive or old YouTube account
  • The site is unable to connect to the Internet
  • You are using the wrong password or mail address.
  • Code corruption during installation.

Now that you know what may be causing your sign-in issues, you are free to try different methods to fix them.

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How to fix “Can’t’ Sign” Into YouTube

Once you know what is happening to your account, you can fix the issue.

The following instructions should work in most cases.

The only exceptions are when there is an Internet issue or if the Google servers are down.

Nevertheless, here are some solutions to fix most of your sign-in problems.

Use Your YouTube Account Email Instead Of Your Username

Instead of using your username to log into YouTube, use your mail address.

There is no explanation for why this works, but most users report that this solves the issue.

We believe it is due to formatting issues, meaning typos when writing your password or username.

Reinstall Or Update The YouTube App

If you are using YouTube on your mobile device, there might be an issue with the YouTube app.

Try to update it by going into the Google play store for Android or the Apple app store for iPhone.

Then, search for the app and tap it.

Once the app is up to date, try to sign in again.

If that doesn’t work, reinstalling the app might do the trick.

Restart Your Device

Long press the power button on your computer or your phone.

After a few seconds, the device should turn off.

This will give the operating system a few moments to rest.

Once a minute has passed, turn on your device again and try to sign in.

If it works, try to subscribe to any channel just to make sure everything is ok.

Reset Your Password

If nothing works, try to make a new password.

Creating a new password doesn’t take long and may even prove helpful in the long run.

Always use caps, numbers, and special characters; just make sure you don’t use the same password.

After doing so, activate the Google authenticator for extra protection.

This feature will send a verification code to your phone whenever there is a sign-in attempt.

Clear Cookies On Your Browser

Websites save data on your preferred browser.

That helps you keep track of your post and subscribe history, comments, and answers on most sites.

On the other hand, that data can cause your browser to run slowly.

You can delete the cache of most sites by going into the settings menu on any browser.

Note: A highlighted comment on YouTube stores code on your browser’s cache.

When you delete your browser history, you’ll delete the highlighted comments on all channels.

Highlighted comments are simply a way to easily search for comments on videos.

Try Another Browser

Google Chrome is the recommended browser to visit most websites. Additionally, Gmail is connected directly to YouTube.

But if it’s not working, you can download Firefox on Windows or Safari for iOS.

With a bit of good luck, this should do the trick.

If you have an old YouTube account, you won’t be able to sign in to YouTube.

That’s because all inactive accounts made before 2009 are considered legacy accounts.

To fix the signing-in problem, you need to link your old account to your Google account.

To do so, just complete the instructions on this web page.

Contact YouTube Support

If the same problem persists, you’ll need to visit the YouTube support page.

They’ll help you out whenever YouTube stops working.

They’ll give you a ticket to keep track of your particular case and should get back to you in around 2 to five working days.


We hope this article was helpful! If you feel like we forgot any solution, feel free to send feedback on our social account.

Hopefully, you can sign in to your YouTube account again and start to post (or watch) videos again!

Can’t Sign Into YouTube FAQ

Why Does YouTube Not Let Me Sign In?

It may be due to a number of reasons.

The most common one is that the YouTube server is down, followed by you having a typo when writing your password.

Try signing to your YouTube account using your correct password.

How Do I Sign To My YouTube Account?

Signing in to your YouTube account just requires you to open the website.

Once there, write your username and password.

When you login to YouTube, you’ll see your favorite videos on the front page.

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