How to Go Frame by Frame on YouTube

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You are watching a tutorial video, everything is fine until the creator does something so fast that you miss it.

You try to rewind time and time again, but you just can’t see what happened.

Is there a way to rewind a YouTube video frame by frame?

Yes! In fact, there is more than one method to see all the frames on a YouTube video.

You can learn how to go frame by frame on YouTube here:

  • How to go frame by frame on YouTube
  • Can you go frame by frame on the mobile app?
  • Other methods to watch videos frame by frame

How To Go Frame By Frame On YouTube

People watch YouTube frame by frame whenever they want to spot one frame on a video.

It’s usually because they say something strange or odd on their how-to videos.

There are various ways to go frame by frame when you watch a YouTube video, those are:

Pro Tip: Are you having trouble watching a YouTube video frame? Try using dark mode.

That will make your screen dark. A dark screen will help your eyes spot a subliminal image on a video frame.

Use YouTube Videos Shortcuts

This first method is what you were looking for.

A keyboard shortcut is a command that will do exactly what it was programmed to do.

YouTube has two keyboard shortcuts to go frame by frame.

The “< “ key will move a frame forward while the “,” key will move a frame backward. Here’s how you use them:

Step 1: Open YouTube

Sign in to the YouTube app and select a YouTube video. The video should play automatically.

Step 2: Start Playing The YouTube Video

Place the space key to pause the video. Press the keys (“<” and ”,”) to navigate through it.

If the keyboard shortcut is not working, YouTube might not be working.

Don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world. There are other methods to watch video frames on your computer.

Use The Video Playback Tools

While unreliable, you can use the video playback tools to watch a video in slow motion.

While not frame by frame, it will still help you spot every single detail of a video.

Just tap the cogwheel icon, then change the playback speed from normal speed to 0.25.

If the YouTube video is short enough, you can loop a video to make a sort of time-lapse video effect.

Manually Navigate A YouTube Video

If changing the playback speed seems like a hassle, you can directly skip to the part of the video you want to see by moving the video player manually.

Maximize the video with your mouse, hover over the desired video timeline.

Click it and move it forward or backward. It’s a bit tricky, but it’ll be faster.

Can You Go Frame-By-Frame On The Mobile App?

There are no keyboard shortcuts on the mobile app.

But you can still watch YouTube videos frame by frame by using the other methods described.

Those are through the playback tools and by manually moving on the timeline.

To do so, follow the instructions we describe above.

Note: Can’t sign into YouTube? From time to time, the website may present some problems. Don’t worry.

We wrote a guide to fix the issue. You’ll still be able to watch YouTube frame by frame, it’ll be great to be able to save the video on your YouTube account.

Other Methods To Watch Videos Frame By Frame

Here are other ways to watch YouTube videos frame by frame.

They are useful for watching the video offline or getting every frame automatically.

Be careful! As both of these methods require you to use third-party apps.

Downloading the YouTube Video

You can use an online tool or website to download YouTube videos.

Once you have done so, you can use a video player to play the video.

Players like VLC media player can play YouTube videos frame by frame.

As an alternative, you can use a video editor to watch every frame.

Using A Frame By Frame Website

Using a frame-by-frame website, it’s like using magic tricks. It will show you every YouTube video frame.

It’s great to spot subliminal images on YouTube videos.


That’s how you watch YouTube frame by frame! Let’s make a quick recap.

Find the video link you want to see.

Click the play button to pause a video, so it makes a full stop.

Use either the keyboard shortcuts or the play bar to find a frame on YouTube.

Another method is watching the video in slow motion.

Lastly, you could download the video to watch frame by frame.

Once you have arrived at the YouTube frame you wanted to see, we recommend you take a screenshot to post it anywhere you want.

How to Go Frame by Frame on YouTube FAQ

How Do I Watch A Video Frame By Frame?

You can watch frame by frame by using the keys “<” and “,”.

Once you arrive at the YouTube frame you want to watch, you could screenshot it to save it on your computer.

After that, you’ll be able to post the YouTube frame anywhere you want.

How Do You Go Forward Frame By Frame?

Select the desired video and play it. Prest “,” to watch YouTube frame by frame.

This method will work on any browser, and every time you press the key, it’ll advance one frame. You can press it multiple times to make it go fast forward.

What’s The Best Method For Watching A Video Frame By Frame?

The best method for watching a video post frame by frame is to use shortcuts.

Pause a video. Tap “<” to view frame by frame backward. Tap “,” to watch frame by frame onward. It’s like watching videos at ultra-slow speed.

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