How To Fix White Screen YouTube Issue

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So you got a notification that your favorite YouTuber just uploaded a new YouTube video.

And when you click it, there is one small problem: The only thing you see is a YouTube blank white screen.

The YouTube white screen problem causes your videos to go blank.

You won’t be able to see or hear anything at all.

But don’t worry, this YouTube screen can be fixed in a number of ways.

And all solutions are within our control.

If you want to solve the YouTube white screen error, here’s what you need to know:

  • What causes the YouTube white screen problem?
  • How to fix white screen YouTube issue
  • Fix the white screen issue on YouTube videos on mobile

What Causes The YouTube White Screen Problem?

The YouTube white screen problem is usually caused when Firefox or any other browser is unable to load videos on the platform properly.

This may happen due to:

  • Outdated device drivers.
  • Issues with flash player
  • Corrupted data.

If all the other content on the site is loading minus a video, don’t worry.

The issue can be easily solved.

If a YouTube video presents other issues, the website itself might not be working. If that’s the case, try to check the server status of the website.

Note: While not the same problem, the YouTube playback error may happen due to similar things.

Before you search and call YouTube support, try reading our article.

How To Fix White Screen YouTube Issue

Solving the YouTube white screen is within your reach. And trying out all possible solutions should take you around 10 minutes.

The blank screen problem may be solved by doing any of these things:

Uninstall Adobe Flash Player

Adobe flash player was discontinued in December 2020. If you haven’t uninstalled the flash player, the old software may be causing the white screen error.

You can visit the Adobe website to learn more on how to disable the software.

Clear YouTube Cache

When you clear data, you delete your browsing history, cookies, and passwords saved in your cache.

This will free up space on your device to properly load a video.

You can do so by going into your settings on most devices.

On Firefox, go to the top right corner of the screen, then tap the three dots icon (menu button). Then, Select Settings.

Now search for the “clear cache” option.

Go back to YouTube and play something.

If everything went alright, you should be able to see, hear and interact with the whole page.

If the problem persists you’ll see only video feedback.

Try A Different Browser

If you are using something like Internet explorer to watch videos…there is your problem.

That’s one of the worst applications out there.

Try to open Google Chrome or Firefox instead.

Both will work with Windows and iOS devices.

However, the best browser to watch videos at good speeds is Chrome.

Since Google it’s YouTube’s parent company, Chrome has more tools to customize your YouTube experience.

Pro Tip: Always use the latest version of any browser to get a good resolution.

Using an older version of a browser or Windows may cause other YouTube problems, like your YouTube comments not loading.

Use Hardware Acceleration

Hardware acceleration allows your preferred browser to use your graphic card to play videos.

You should always try to use hardware acceleration when available, but from time to time, it can cause issues, especially if you don’t update device drivers regularly.

You can disable hardware acceleration by accessing Firefox’s (or other browsers) settings.

Then, use the search bar to search and enable (or disable) hardware acceleration. The option is a toggle button.

After doing so, restart your web browser and open YouTube again.

Unless it causes the YouTube white screen, you should always use hardware acceleration when available.

Disable Ad-Block

An ad blocker like UBlock Origin can cause the YouTube white screen whenever it block ads. That’s because the filter will block the video when loading.

Your best bet is to white list the site or uninstalls the extension altogether.

If you don’t want to uninstall the ad blocker or don’t want to turn it off, you could try to open a new window on incognito mode.

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Fix The White Screen Issue On YouTube Videos On Mobile

Whenever YouTube shows the blank screen on its mobile version, you can try any of the solutions mentioned above.

However, if they don’t fix YouTube, there is one more thing that you can do. Uninstall the app download the latest version of it.

Download Or Update The App Again

You can delete the YouTube software by dragging the icon to the trash can on Android.

On an iOS device, long-press the application and tap delete.

To download the latest version of YouTube, access the application store and tap the icon.

Make sure to restart your device before playing a video again.

This will ensure that all the data is deleted and reinstalled properly.

White Screen YouTube FAQ

Why Is My YouTube Video Showing A White Screen?

YouTube may be experiencing issues between your computer systems and the YouTube page.

When your drivers or browsers are not up to date, it may create compatibility problems.

You can update and download your drivers by using your device manager.

What Is The White Screen Of Death?

The YouTube blank white screen happens whenever a browser like Firefox or Google Chrome fails to load a video.

To fix YouTube, you can delete your cache, use a different browser other than Firefox or stop blocking ads.

Once you tackle the problem, try to load a video.

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