Spotify Premium Subscription: Everything You Need To Know


Do you want to listen to music any time you wish?

Spotify is surely the first app that comes into your mind to do so!

But is it worth it to spend your money in order to turn into a premium user?

As you might know, Spotify offers a free version that pretty much works, but with some obvious limitations.

Your favorite on-demand songs, tracks, and podcasts are just one click away from you, but it’s time to determine if the exclusive features of Spotify premium membership are truly worth your money.

In this blog post, we will be providing useful information about:

  • What is Spotify Premium?;
  • Proper review of the main Spotify Premium features;
  • Should you really get a Premium Spotify Account?

Spotify Free vs. Spotify Premium

Your first approach to this app was probably through Spotify free.

Although there are other song apps, such as Apple Music, the truth is that once users understand the potential of Spotify, it’s hard for them to switch to a different platform.

Spotify free allows you to access millions of playlists, tracks, songs, and more.

You can listen to on-demand music from many devices!

But there’s a deal-breaker for many people: ads.

It doesn’t matter what playlist you are listening to - an ad will surely pop up on your mobile phone.

Besides, you can’t skip a track at your will, which is one of the main reasons why people decide to upgrade to a premium Spotify subscription.

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Reviewing Spotify Premium Features

First, let’s briefly talk about Spotify Premium cost.

There are deals for the whole family, but the best deals are surely for students (Premium student $4.99/month).

In any case, there’s also a Family Mix where each family member can get exclusive access to the premium features of the app.

If you want to learn more about the prices of premium accounts in our dedicated blog post: How much is Spotify Premium?

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the benefits that users can get by paying for Spotify Premium.

We’ll especially focus on those advantages that Spotify Free users don’t get.

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1. Listen to Music Freely in the Spotify App

Obviously, you can play tracks and songs using free Spotify on your mobile device, but there’s something that you can’t do: you can’t skip tracks freely.

We get it - not being able to skip playlists, or other music is just annoying.

That problem is quickly solved with premium thanks to the unlimited skips feature.

Besides, all on-demand playlists and more music are available for immediate listening. Hit that play button and forget about the world!

2. Play Spotify in Many Devices

Although free plans also allow you to play music on other devices, the truth is that doing so with Premium is way more comfortable.

You can connect Spotify to your Android phone, TV, Xbox, PlayStation, mobile iOs tablet and more.

What’s more, with the ad-free listening feature, you won’t experience that annoying voice between songs in your favorite playlist.

3. Ad-Free Listening on the Premium Plan

Students, family, regular users… we all know it: listening to ads sucks.

It’s annoying and intrusive, but it’s the “cost” you have to pay for having a free account.

Do you want to listen to music without experiencing ads?

Worry not - tune on your favorite playlist with Premium and get an ad-free experience.

Your sanity will appreciate it!

4. Offline Listening for Premium Users

Although Spotify is mainly considered a streaming service, users that get a Premium account can experience offline listening.

You can download music at your will and listen to it even without an internet connection!

Old-fashioned user?

Download music directly to your phone and enjoy!

5. Outstanding Sound Quality

Unlike the free membership, Spotify Premium offers higher fidelity in the streaming music you listen to.

320kbps (premium) vs.160 kbps (free account) marks a real difference between the two options.

If you are a fan of outstanding quality, the Premium Plans are for you.

Should You Get a Spotify Premium Account?

So, should you subscribe to Spotify Premium?

The advantages are there, so the ultimate choice depends entirely on you.

Log in to your account and meditate on the decision.

In any case, feel free to check our How To Get Spotify Premium guide to learn how to do it.

So, what’s your choice - free or premium?

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Spotify Premium FAQ

Is Showtime Free with Spotify Premium Accounts?

Students can access Showtime with a Premium Spotify membership!

To learn more about this, check the official Showtime website.

What is Spotify Kids?

Spotify Kids is a separate app (which is included in Spotify Family), that looks simpler and is aimed at a younger audience.

Of course, it comes with parental control options to filter the songs that kids can listen to.

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