How To Play Spotify on Discord


The Discord app is one of the best alternatives to voice chat, text chat, and sending all kinds of messages with your friends.

There appears to be a Discord server for everything!

But did you know that users can also use Discord to play Spotify songs and share music with their friends? Amazing, right?!

In the old days, you could play music on Discord using a music bot, such as Groovy bot. Sadly, the bots were shut down, which creates the need to look for new alternatives to jam our favorite tunes.

Worry not - you can now connect your Spotify account to Discord to listen to your favorite playlist!

Let’s get into it - this blog post contains useful insights about:

  • How to play Spotify on Discord;
  • Step-by-step guidance to stream music using the Discord desktop app and mobile Discord;
  • How to invite your friends to listen to Spotify music with you in your Discord profile.

How To Connect Spotify To Discord

Fortunately, thanks to the Spotify and Discord partnership, you can start streaming music with other users whenever you want.

It works both with Spotify free and Spotify premium, but there are some limitations depending on the feature you want to use.

Pro-Tip: If you want to have a more customizable experience on a Discord server with your friends, then implement Better Discord Themes.

This way, other users can find your Discord profile more interesting!

1. Connecting Spotify in Desktop (Mac and PC)

In order to connect Spotify to Discord on a Mac or PC, you need to follow a couple of quick steps.

You will be able to listen to a song, share a playlist, and enjoy a good time once you connect Discord to your Spotify account.

Step 1: Go to “User Settings” and Click Connections

The procedure is basically the same both on Mac and PC.

You need to click the User Settings icon and then connect Spotify to Discord using your credentials:

Just remember to look out for the small gear-shaped icon at the bottom of the Discord app.

Here, you will find the Spotify icon on the top right corner, and you will need to click on it.

It will then redirect you to the official Spotify website, where you need to put your credentials on the next page:

Once you have successfully connected Spotify to Discord, you will be able to play songs, skip songs and listen to music at your will.

Who needs a music bot when you have every single Spotify option at your disposal?!

2. Connect your Spotify Account to Discord on the Mobile App (iOs or Android device)

Listening to songs on your phone is a classic!

Most users play music on their devices, so it is essential to know how to listen to your favorite songs on Android and iPhone.

To establish a Discord-Spotify connection in the mobile Spotify app, follow the next steps we are about to show you.

Step 1: Go to “User Settings” in the Bottom Right Corner

Once again, you need to go to Users Settings to listen to Spotify.

If you don’t have the Discord app on your phone, make sure to download it!

Once you do it, tap the hamburger icon and then your profile picture, as shown here:

Pro-Tip: Even if having a free Spotify account is enough to play songs, you will still listen to a lot of ads. Try the Spotify trial version and if you like it, then purchase the full version.

Some platforms, such as Discord and Facebook, are meant to be free. But some others, such as Spotify, can mostly be greatly enjoyed by paying the premium features!

Step 2: Tap the Spotify Logo and Connect with Your Discord Account

Go to Connections, tap on “Add,” and a message preview will appear with the connections you can make:

Tap on the Spotify icon, and you will be redirected from Discord to the Spotify website:

Then, type in your Spotify username and your password to connect Discord with Spotify songs.

There you go - start listening to Spotify music whenever you want!

How to Disconnect Spotify from the Discord App

The procedure to remove the connections made between Discord and Spotify is pretty simple. You just need to follow three quick steps:

  • Go to Users Settings and Connections once again. Do the same procedure we did in previous steps;
  • There, you will find the Spotify accounts connected to your Discord;
  • Click or tap the “X” that appears and disconnect Discord to Spotify. You won’t be able to play Spotify music anymore from your Discord account.

3 Things You Can Do Once You Connect Spotify App to Discord

There are no limits to Spotify music!

You can find whatever you want on the platform and share an awesome playlist with your friends.

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1. Listening Party With Your Friends

You can invite all of your friends to listen along to your favorite song! Nonetheless, note that this feature only works with Spotify premium.

  • Go to the text box and invite your friends to listen on Spotify;
  • They will receive an invitation to join a Discord chat;
  • Press the play button and let them all listen to your song at the same time!

The days when you had to share a playlist URL are long gone now - let’s listen along to Spotify music and have some fun!

2. Share Spotify Music on a Gaming Chat

You can make other users check your favorite song or playlist on Spotify if you want.

Tap the “Display Spotify as your status” option and people will be able to see what song you are listening to.

Also, you can set the Spotify music you prefer on a chat, but keep in mind that Discord might stop the playlist if there’s a game connected to the Discord platform.

3. Play Off-line Music with Your Spotify Account

Premium users of Spotify music are able to put on a playlist without an Internet connection.

In order to do that, just search for the music you want to start listening to and save it to your Spotify Library.

Be sure to customize the output format and the quality of the songs to have a better experience.

That’s how you listen to Spotify music offline!

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Spotify on Discord FAQ

Why is my Spotify not Working on Discord?

If you want to listen to music on Spotify that some friend shared with you and you won’t have Spotify premium, then you won’t be able to connect to it.

Also, if you are on a call or playing a game, Discord will just stop playing music.

Does Discord Show my Spotify Activity?

It does since all the music you listen to can be easily viewed from your profile.

Nevertheless, you can deactivate this setting just by tapping the correct option on “Connections.”

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