How Much Is Spotify Premium? All Tiers & Pricing


Spotify is a popular streaming service where users can access a massive music library with a single click.

The Spotify app offers a free tier subscription for anyone to try it.

However, the free tier subscription has many locked features.

Spotify free service is full of ads and is locked into shuffle mode.

Luckily, you can upgrade your Spotify free account to Premium to fix all of those issues.

And the app offers many different plans to use it’s service, but how much does the Spotify Premium service cost?

In this guide, we’ll answer:

  • How much is Spotify Premium?
  • How much is Spotify Premium for students?
  • How much is Spotify Premium for families?

How Much Is Spotify Premium?

A Spotify Premium account costs $9.99 a month.

It will give you access to ad free listening, it’ll let you download songs for offline listening, offer exclusive curated playlists and exclusive radio stations.

Spotify users with premium can also use their single account to connect to other devices like Smart TVs thanks to Spotify Connect.

So all in all, unlimited on demand playback and free downloads of playlists for offline listening seem like a great deal!

Pro Tip: Are you debating between Spotify Premium and other music streaming services? Before you pick, see if the Spotify Premium Subscription is worth it.It’s better to be informed when making these kinds of decisions.

How Much Is Spotify Premium for Students?

If you are a college student, you are in luck!

A student subscription costs $4.99 a month.

Spotify uses a third party API called SheerID to check your enrollment status so young users won’t abuse the discount.

The premium student membership offers the same as a regular subscription, just cheaper!

But, only one account will gain the perks of the premium plan.

What about those who want to share the streaming service? For them, there is the family or duo plan.

How Much Is A Spotify Premium Subscription For Family?

A Spotify family plan costs $15.99 a month.

Family plans are perfect for large families as they offer up to six accounts with premium features.

You’ll also get a Family mix and more curated playlists to share everyone’s favorite tracks.

The plan also includes Spotify kids, a separate app for younger users.

While Spotify family supports up to six users, the terms of service specify that it is for people living under the same roof.

So the mobile app might block you from playing music if it notices otherwise.

Also Read: Sometimes, there might be an issue with subscriptions. If you are experiencing any trouble in one of your six accounts, Spotify might not be working. In the article provided, we suggest some easy fixes like removing add ons.

How Much Is Spotify Premium Duo?

A Spotify Duo has a monthly cost of $12.99.

The duo plan will give you two premium accounts for a friend or partner.

You both also unlock the duo mix, a special playlist where the two accounts can add music to it.

Duo is great for couples and roommates that want to share songs while and want to save some money on their app subscriptions.

How Much Is Spotify Premium for a Year?

If you are sold on unlimited skips and want to listen offline songs, buy the annual subscription!

A yearly Spotify Premium plan costs $99. Making it $8.25 a month.

Note: If you are unsure if you can pay the individual plans, you can always cancel Spotify Premium. You can do so from any supported device.

You’ll pay for the same features as a regular premium account, with a noticeable discount.

Other Spotify Plans

Spotify offers certain discounts or deals to users that use any of the following services or companies:

  • AT&T. You get Spotify premium free of charge.
  • Chase. You get a discounted price.
  • Starbucks. All employees get Spotify for free.

Depending on your region, you could also get access to exclusive songs and plans, so you better look out for offers.

Spotify Deals for Best Price

If you are tired of the free version, you can try to look for deals.

Spotify offers deals to first-time subscribers.

They range from 3 free months of premium to yearly discounts.

The thing here is that these deals don’t last long, and users will need to hunt for them.

However, if you use Spotify Free already, the app will remind you from time to time about the discounts.

Conclusion: Which Spotify Plan Should I Choose?

If you are sure you’ll use Spotify for life and you are not a student, buy the Annual plan.

But if you are planning on your account, it’ll be better to buy Spotify Duo or the Family plan.

You can also speak with your friends to all join under the Family plan umbrella, if you get other 5 people to join the plan, each one will pay $2.66 for Premium.

That’s even cheaper than the student plan!

Just remember that you run the risk of being flagged by the streaming company.

Spotify Pricing in Different Countries

Here are the prices of Spotify in different countries: US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan & Japan.

Country Spotify Premium Spotify Student Spotify Duo Spotify Family
New Zealand
Taiwan NT$149.00 NT$75.00
Japan ¥980
Thailand 129 THB

Spotify Premium Price FAQ

How Do You Get Spotify Free?

Just make a Spotify account and you’ll be able to listen to music for free. However, it is not ad-free.

But the app will be locked into shuffle play for all the songs.

If you want to listen to specific album songs, your best option will be to pay.

Is Apple Music Or Spotify cheaper?

Both are $9.99 a month. At the end of the day, the decision between Apple music and a Spotify plan comes down to your personal preference.

Make sure to see if both apps have the music library that you want to hear.

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