TikTok Notifications Not Working? Here’s Fix!

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Every time you need to know what’s up with your TikTok account, you rely on old trustworthy TikTok app notifications!

The notifications on the TikTok platform are great - you can mold them to what you want on your notification settings, and you will receive them every time you wish.

But what if push notifications on TikTok are not working? Although this is quite a common problem, not many TikTok users are aware of how to fix it.

Thus, let us quickly guide you through the following matters:

  • Why are TikTok notifications not working?;
  • How to fix TikTok push notifications not working on your profile;
  • What to do if you still can’t receive notifications on TikTok?

Why TikTok Notifications Are Not Working? X Common Issues

When you download TikTok, you are able to manage your push notification settings directly on the app.

This means that, according to the platform, you can decide on what kind of notifications you get, as it happens on other apps as well, such as Facebook.

Among the notifications offered by TikTok, you can receive followers, mentions, direct messages, and inbox notifications.

This means that you can check who shared your TikTok or who liked your TikTok videos through each inbox notification you receive within the app features.

Therefore, many users face notification problems due to the following factors:

  1. Temporary bug: this is the most common reason why notifications are not showing on the TikTok application - there’s a bug that will simply go away by itself;
  2. Outdated TikTok app: occasional updates are necessary if you want to receive constant bug fixes that might as well help you with notification issues;
  3. Corrupted files within the app or your phone: perhaps the problem is your iOS or Android device, and not the app. Whatever the case is, we know the perfect way to solve these problems.

How To Fix TikTok Notifications Not Working

Now that you know the possible reasons behind TikTok notifications not working on your phone, it is time to fix them right away.

Check out these 7 ways to fix TikTok notifications on your device one by one, and you will be back on the TikTok app before you realize it!

Fix #1: Update the TikTok App and Clear the App Cache

The first thing you must do to fix TikTok notifications on your phone is to update TikTok to the latest version.

Android users can update TikTok on the Google Play Store, whereas iOS users can do the same on the Apple App Store.

Then, just like any other app, it is necessary to clear the temporary data files accumulated on TikTok. This is how you do it:

  1. Open TikTok on your phone, and go to your profile page on the home screen;
  2. Then, go to Settings, and scroll down to the Cellular Data and Cache option;
  3. Here, tap on Clear Cache. This will clear TikTok cache in no time.

After you clear data on TikTok, open TikTok details and see if the app’s notifications work now.

Fix #2: Check Internet Connection

Secondly, if your Internet connection is not working, then you won’t receive notifications for private messages, pending updates, and more on the TikTok app.

Thus, make sure to turn off Wi-Fi and turn on mobile data instead.

Besides, make sure that you are using TikTok with unrestricted data usage - otherwise, your own phone might prevent you from getting push notifications from the TikTok app.

Fix #3: Check TikTok’s Servers

Sometimes, TikTok servers fail without further notice.

Although this is not something that you can control, it is possible to check the current status of the servers to see if this is related to any notification issue you might be facing.

You can check TikTok servers on websites such as DownDetector. Servers on other apps also fail all the time, so in this case, you just need to wait.

Fix #4: Enable Background Data Usage

Background processes are imperative for notification to work on TikTok and other social media sites as well. Thus, enabling background data usage is imperative if you want to receive notifications on your TikTok account.

You can do so on iOS like this:

  1. Go to the Settings App on your phone, and look for General;
  2. Then, open the Background Data Usage tab, and type TikTok on the search bar;
  3. Make sure to toggle on the switch that appears there.

Android users can do the same by following these steps:

  1. Go to Settings on your phone and select Mobile Data;
  2. Here, locate the TikTok app;
  3. Toggle on Background Data Usage. Make sure that all other apps you use on a daily basis have this setting enabled as well.

Fix #5: Check Your Phone Notifications

Maybe it’s all working well within TikTok notifications inside the app, but the notifications are not working on your phone.

In that case, do the following:

  1. Open Settings on your device (whether you use Android or iOS) and go to System Notification Settings;
  2. After you select Notifications, all Notification App Settings will open;
  3. On this App Management tab, select TikTok, and make sure to toggle on the notifications.

Sometimes, the TikTok notifications not working issue appears when your phone has disabled notifications for the app, so it is worth doing this.

Fix #6: Reinstall TikTok

Although this is quite an annoying thing to do, you might as well entirely delete TikTok and install it again.

Worry not - your account data won’t be lost. So, delete TikTok, and then reinstall it.

After you do so, use the power button of your phone and tap on the restart option to ensure that the app opens in a clean way again.

Some users have claimed that performing a factory reset on their Android devices did the trick as well, but since doing a factory reset is kind of drastic, we do not recommend this approach.

Fix #7: Contact TikTok Support

At last, if nothing works for you, then you should contact TikTok support.

The bad thing about this approach is the fact that they cannot do anything if the problem is related to your device’s hardware.

Either way, log into TikTok, go to Settings, tap Report, and explain your problem to the Customer Service Team as clearly as you can.

Summary: How to Fix Push Notifications Bugs On TikTok

TikTok notifications not working as they should is a real headache, mostly if you are a recurrent user of the TikTok app.

Let’s remember all the fixes that we mentioned here:

  1. Update TikTok on the Google Play Store or App Store if needed;
  2. Clear the TikTok App cache from time to time;
  3. Enable background refresh and make sure to toggle on your phone’s notifications;
  4. Reinstall TikTok if nothing else works;
  5. And, at last, contact the support team to see whether they can help you out or not.

Need more troubleshooting guides? We, at GrowFollowing, are pleased to help you out whenever we can!


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