How to See Apple Music Replay 2022


2022 was a great year for the music industry, all thanks to music streaming services that have taken over the world, such as Spotify and Apple Music.

In the case of Spotify, they have been showing their users their listening habits, listening stats, and top songs through a feature called Spotify Wrapped.

Now, Apple Music wants to do the same, which is why you can now explore listening stats related to your Apple Music account through your customized Apple Music Replay.

This just-launched section is pretty easy to access, so keep on reading today’s guide if you need more information about:

  • How to see Apple Music Replay 2022;
  • How to check your top songs, artists, albums, tracks, and music on Apple Music;
  • Troubleshooting steps if you cannot check your Apple Music replay.

Quick summary:

  • Apple Music has launched its own version of Spotify Wrapped, called Apple Music Replay 2022.
  • This feature allows users to view their listening habits, top songs and albums from the past year.
  • To see Apple Music Replay, go to the Apple Music Replay website, sign in with their Apple account, and tap the “Get Started” button.
  • A playlist of the user’s top songs will also be generated, which can be shared on social media platforms.

What is Apple Music Replay 2022?

The Apple Music Replay 2022 is a newly added feature similar to Spotify Wrapped, where you can check your listening habits, top albums, top genres and songs chart during the past year (2022).

We all know how Spotify Wrapped works - well, in the case of Apple Music, the features are pretty similar. This means that your most played songs and top songs chart during the year will show up.

Apple provides these listening stats by checking out your listening history and a personalized progress bar implemented throughout the year.

Your listening patterns, as well as listening threshold of certain top songs, artists, albums, and more, are stored within a database that users can check at the end of the year.

How to See Apple Music Replay 2022

If you comply with the listening requirements that Apple establishes, you can check your Apple Music Replay through the Apple Replay website.

You can do this from your iPhone or Android phone mobile browser, so, without further ado, let’s learn how to do it.

Step 1: Go to Apple Music Replay Website

The first thing you must do to look at your Apple Music Replay is to go to the official Apple Relay Website. Tap on the aforementioned link, open it on your web browser, and proceed with the following step.

Step 2: Sign In with Apple ID and Select “Get Started”

Sign in using your Apple Account credentials, and tap the Get Started button. Now, the Apple Music Replay 2022 will show on the screen.

You will see your top artists (Bad Bunny, Harry Styles, etc.), top albums, and up to eight songs that you repeated nonstop throughout the year.

In the same order of ideas, you will see your top genres (J-pop, hip-hop, rap, etc.). You can scroll down through this page and continue checking Replay of songs you listened to on this same page.

Likewise, Apple Music Replay playlists will be generated.

Step 3: Start Your Apple Music Replay Experience

Both playlist and Apple Music Replay will be based on your listening history on the Apple Music App.

You can tap through all these statistics and check them out. Once you are done, tap the X icon at the upper right corner of the screen, and the Replay will close. That’s how it works!

How to See Apple Replay Playlist 2022

Your Apple Replay 2022 generates a slideshow story content that shows your insights, but it also generates a playlist with your top artists, genres, music, and more.

If you want to see this playlist, and even share it with your friends, then you only need to follow three quick steps.

Step 1: Open the Apple Music App

Log in to the Apple Music App as you normally do. We recommend you do this from your iPhone or mobile device - it works smoothly!

Step 2: Go to Listen Now and Find Your Replay Playlist

After you open the Apple Music App, you need to go to the Listen Now section. Here, your Apple Music Replay playlist will show.

Check it out - you will see all your top songs and artists there! It is a great playlist based on your musical taste, so you will certainly like this one.

Step 3: Listen or Share Playlist On Social Media Platforms

At last, you can simply listen to the music on this playlist, or share Apple Music playlist with your friends.

Simply tap the share icon, and an Apple Music link will generate. This link can be shared on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - it is up to you!

That’s all you need to know about your Apple Music Replay 2022. Check it out and recap your year within a few taps, all thanks to the knowledge that GrowFollowing just provided to you!

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Why Can’t I See Apple Music Replay 2022?

The most common reason why you can’t access your Apple Music Replay is that you haven’t listened to enough music. To gauge qualification for this feature, you need to listen to enough music during the year. This means that Apple Insights eligibility only applies if you reach the same listening threshold as other users who constantly use Apple Music. Learn more about this matter by clicking here.

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