Instagram Hashtags Not Working? Here’s Fix

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One of the best ways to power up your Instagram posts is by using relevant hashtags.

This feature can help reach a wider audience, but only if you use it correctly.

For some Instagram users, it appears that hashtags don’t work whatsoever.

This is more common than you believe, so you are not alone in this one.

If Instagram is not working (in this case, Instagram hashtags), we must identify what is happening so we can fix it once and for all.

That’s why this hashtags Instagram guide will give you all the info you need about:

  • Why are Instagram hashtags not working?;
  • How to fix hashtags on your Instagram account;
  • How do Instagram hashtags work exactly?

3 Common Issues With Instagram Hashtags Not Working

Hashtag use is a great tool that allows you to power up your content on this social media platform, by connecting your audience with each Instagram post you upload.

If you feel like hashtags are not working and you are not getting followers whatsoever, then we must take a look at the most common reasons why this happens.

1. You Are Using Banned Hashtags

First and foremost, it is possible that you are using Instagram-banned hashtags without knowing.

Forbidden hashtags do not help you reach more followers because the particular post with that hashtag is hidden on the platform.

This also applies to Instagram Stories - just one hashtag can cause several problems on your Instagram account if it has been banned.

As soon as Instagram detects that you are using spammy hashtag offenses, you can get entirely banned from the platform.

2. Instagram Hashtags Not Loading

In this case, we are talking about a more technical issue, such as the “Try Again Later” Instagram error.

If hashtags don’t load, but other posts won’t load either, then you might be facing a connection problem.

Technical issues with hashtags are often connection or user error, so checking your device is vital to fix these problems.

3. You Are Using Too Many Hashtags

Spam is entirely forbidden on the platform regardless of how you use your account.

Hashtags play such an important role on Instagram because they can be exploited to your advantage.

Thus, Instagram guidelines limit spam, being one of the most common hashtag mistakes to use more hashtags than allowed.

How to Fix Instagram Hashtags Not Working

Now that you know why Instagram hashtags are failing, it’s time to fix the problems so you can get more engagement through them.

Log in to your old or new Instagram account, and let’s fix hashtags on Instagram once and for all!

Pro Tip: Are Instagram insights not working? If you cannot see how your content is looking in the eyes of your Instagram followers because the Insights tab is not loading, then read our previous posts to know how to fix this matter.

Fix 1: Check Your Internet Connection

In the case that hashtags are not loading at all, it might mean that your Internet connection is failing.

Simply turn on your mobile data, or change your Wi-Fi network to know if this is what is causing Instagram hashtags not working.

If, after doing so, you can check hashtags on any post, then your problems are gone! Otherwise, move on to the next fix.

Popular or trending hashtags are really useful, but only if you use them right.

You need to perfectly balance the best Instagram hashtags with valuable content.

If you use the “perfect” hashtags just for the sake of using them, then the results will not be the ones you expect.

Using popular hashtags brings responsibility to your account, so use them wisely!

Fix 3: Don’t Use the Same Hashtags Every Time

It is imperative that you don’t use the same big hashtags all the time.

This lets Instagram confuse you with bots, which will prevent you from reaching your target audience.

If Instagram thinks that you are using hashtags inappropriately, they might entirely ban you from the platform.

Besides, you need to calculate how many hashtags you are about to use in your posts.

We recommend using between 5 and 10 hashtags. Otherwise, your account can be flagged.

Fix 4: Check If You Have Been Shadow Banned

Instagram shadowban is one of the worst things that can happen to people who create content.

It happens if you use banned or misused hashtags or upload inappropriate content.

Most of the time, you are banned temporarily, but it is hard to tell how long your ban will last.

You can check if you are shadowbanned like this:

  1. Upload an Instagram post using specific hashtags for your niche;
  2. Go to the Instagram search bar, and look for that hashtag;
  3. Head to the Recent tab, which shows the top posts for the hashtag you have used;
  4. If your post appears there, then fine - people will probably find you on their Explore page;
  5. If your posts do not appear there, then you have been shadowbanned and need to tread lightly if you want to be unbanned from Instagram.

Fix 5: Rethink Your Instagram Hashtag Strategy

We know that we might be repeating ourselves, but digital marketing strategies are not a game.

Think about this: do you think that broad hashtags will help you if they are irrelevant hashtags to your account.

Perhaps your favorite hashtags are related to Photography, but if your account talks about Gaming (for instance), then broader hashtags will not help you.

You need to choose hashtags that are essentially niche hashtags.

You will get new followers if you manage to do this right, but it is imperative to know what you are doing.

Thus, rethink your strategy, and try to find the appropriate hashtags before using new hashtags on your posts.

Fix 6: Contact Instagram Support

Instagram support will not help you if the hashtags in your post are not bringing you the audience you want - that’s on you!

However, if Instagram hashtags not working because they are not loading on your account, then contacting Customer Service might be a smart decision.

They can tell you whether you have been banned, or if there’s a technical issue with the Instagram app.

Thus, do this only if you cannot use hashtags and have tried all the aforementioned solutions.

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Why Is an Instagram Hashtag Banned?

The most common reason why there are limited or banned hashtags on Instagram is that they don’t meet Instagram’s community guidelines, or they are way too spammed by bots and third-party tools.

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