Instagram Not Working? See Why & How To Fix It

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Is it just me, or is everybody having Instagram problems right now?!

If you have wondered this to yourself, then the Instagram app is not working correctly for you.

This social media app has become one of the biggest of them all since it has more than 1 billion users around the world.

So, naturally, it’s normal to expect the platform to fail once in a while.

If this happens to you, don’t worry - there are some proven solutions so you can get Instagram to work properly in no time.

It doesn’t matter if you use Instagram on your Android, iPhone, or web browser - we will find an efficient way to get rid of all the problems once and for all.

Keep reading this blog post to get information about:

  • Why is Instagram not working?;
  • Most common issues that might affect Instagram;
  • Proven solutions to get Instagram working properly back again.

6 Most Common Instagram Problems

Before we get to solve Instagram issues efficiently, first it’s fundamental to identify what’s causing the problem.

Different issues require different solutions.

Therefore, you must understand what’s happening to your account, so you know what’s the best course of action for you.

1. Instagram Feed Issues

Is your Instagram feed not working? This is the most common problem that most users face every day.

They can access Instagram, but the feed doesn’t appear to be working.

Sometimes, when the company implements new features, the updates cause Instagram services to fail on some devices.

One of them is the famous “Couldn’t Refresh Feed” error - see our guide to learn more about it.

2. Instagram Account is Limited or Blocked

There are some critical limits that you must respect to use the Instagram app properly.

Some of them are pretty obvious, and some others might fall into a grey area.

For instance, you can’t unfollow people like crazy - the limit is to unfollow or follow 200 accounts per day top.

Other apps, such as Twitter, also set limits like these.

In any case, if you are trying to upload photos, videos, stories or send messages to other users and the “ We Limit How Often” message appears, then go read our guide where we elaborate on this topic in detail.

3. Instagram Music Problems

Instagram Music is a pretty useful feature implemented by the platform a while ago.

Unfortunately, it seems to fail pretty often, which is why many users report issues with it.

In case Instagram Music is Not Working on your phone, then you won’t be able to put songs in your posts or stories.

This issue is usually linked to apps’ problems.

The fixes we are about to give you should work to solve it, but in case you can’t still access the feature, check the article we wrote about that matter.

4. Instagram Users Can’t Access Their Accounts

If Instagram works for other users, but you can’t open your profile using your personal Instagram data, then we are talking about a specific inconvenience here.

In Instagram’s Help Center, you can find the meaning of any error message issues.

Consider that the solution to your problem might change depending on the message you see on the screen.

Pro Tip: If the reason why you can’t access your profile is that the platform detected malicious activity and Instagram is Not Sending SMS Security Code, then you will need a more specific fix.

Don’t worry - we have it all covered on our website, so go check it.

5. Instagram Messages Disappear

You might notice the Instagram messages you are sending disappear or that you can’t see other people’s messages.

This might be the fault of your Instagram app cache. Learn how to clear Instagram cache to fix this issue.

If even after clearing your Instagram cache, you still get the issues, this likely means there is an issue with Instagram servers.

6. Instagram Servers Are Down

Stop restarting your device or refreshing the Instagram feed page non-stop! Perhaps there is a major outage on the platform.

In that case, you should check a website specialized in compiling problem reports submitted by the users, such as DownDetector.

There, you can see the typical volume of reports by time that other people are experiencing. Their homepage’s chart shows quickly if we are talking about a worldwide outage.

If there’s indeed a global outage on the Instagram platform, then you can’t do anything else other than to wait for the site to be up and running again.

Pro Tip: On the official Instagram site, there’s an article where they officially explain what to do if there are feed problems or a general outage.

You can check it by going to the page clicking here.

How Fix Instagram App Problems and Best Troubleshooting Tips

Have you already identified the issue you are experiencing with this app? If so, let’s move on.

Apps fail all the time, so don’t worry - there’s always a good solution around the corner.

Fix 1: Instagram App issues

First things first - let’s check if there’s a problem with the app.

If you are sure that there isn’t a server problem, move on and proceed with this first fix.

Update the App on the Google Play Store or App Store

It doesn’t matter if you use an iPhone or an Android phone - you must have the latest version of the app downloaded.

Having an older version might be the source of all your problems.

Therefore, in case you have an outdated version of this app, you better go to the Google Play Store or App Store and find the newer versions for your phone.

Uninstall and Install the App

Instead of just downloading the latest version of the Instagram apps, you might as well delete it entirely and then install it back.

It will take you more time, but this solution should work so you can go back to posting photos and videos with your iPhone or Android phone.

Read Also: Have you encountered the “ Try Again Later Instagram” message when running Instagram and trying to use its features? This issue is also pretty common, so read our post and get rid of it in the blink of an eye.

Fix 2: Clear Storage Cache

Good old clearing storage cache trick! It always seems to work perfectly to solve app problems.

  • Android Users: tap Settings on the main menu, scroll down to the “Apps’’ option, and find the Instagram App. There, tap on “Clear Cache.”
    That should be enough to get the app working correctly on all Android devices.
  • iPhone Users: Go to the main menu of your device and then tap “Settings.” Look for the “Apps” option and once you find the Instagram app on your phone, just tap on “Offload App.”

That’s how you clear cache on your apps!

Check App Permissions

Both Android and iPhone users should enable all permissions in order to work properly.

Go, then again, go to the Settings App until you find the following screen:

It’s fundamental to toggle on all the settings shown here.

If apps such as Instagram can’t work in the background, they won’t be able to show you relevant ads, important data on your feed, and more.

Fix 3: Check Your Internet Connection

Some of the previously mentioned problems appear due to a bad Internet connection.

Check if your Wi-Fi works with other apps on your iOS or Android.

If the problem is indeed related to the Internet connection, then you must talk with your provider.

Switch to Mobile Data

Switching to mobile data is really easy both on iOS and Android.

Just go to Settings app, turn off Wi-Fi and turn on mobile data.

Try to check if that solves the Internet issues you are facing.

Read Also: Sometimes the issues are on the users end, for example when you encounter “ user not found on Instagram” message. See what might be the reason with our guide.

Fix 4: Use a Different Device

Have you tried using Instagram on your desktop browser? Perhaps log in to your profile from another phone.

If you can indeed use the Instagram website on another device, then your phone must have hardware issues.

Fix 5: Contact Instagram Support Team

Reporting issues to the support team is a must to help you and the community to have efficient solutions when the time to fix a problem comes.

Nonetheless, you should only do it if any other report fix worked for you.

In order to contact the support team, just follow these three steps:

  • Go to your profile and tap on the settings button with three horizontal lines at the top right corner;
  • Now, tap on settings and scroll down until you find the “Help” option on the screen;
  • There, you can directly contact Instagram and explain your case. Alternatively, go to Instagram’s site and scroll down to the bottom right corner to find the support button, or just click here if you please.

Keep in mind that all problems related to your Instagram profile have a solution, and GrowFollowing will always be here trying to help you out!

Instagram Not Working FAQ

What Do I Do If I Can’t Use Instagram on My Phone?

You should try using different devices. That way, you’ll realize if the problem is related to your profile or the platform itself.

Does Instagram Fail when Facebook Fails?

It might! Instagram is owned by Facebook. So, unlike other social media platforms, such as Twitter, if Facebook has a big problem, then Instagram might as well fail.

You can learn more about Facebook issues by clicking here: Why Is Facebook not Working.

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