Instagram Insights Not Working? Here’s Why & How You Can Fix It

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One of the most important parts of today’s social media platforms is checking out profile metrics.

Luckily, most platforms allow users to get powerful insights regarding posts, videos, and stories engagement, even if the user does not have professional marketing knowledge.

Such is the case of the Instagram Insights option, a handy tool where you can check everything related to your Instagram activity with fierce precision.

The problem happens when the Insights option is not working as it should.

What do you do in this case?

This is a problem that some Instagram users have experienced in the past, so let’s solve it.

Continue reading today’s post to learn more about:

  • Why are Instagram Insights not working?;
  • How to properly fix and view Insights on the Instagram app;
  • Everything you must know about Insight’s analytics data on Instagram.

Why Can’t I See Insights on Instagram?

As of 2022’s Q2, only professional accounts (Instagram business or creator account) can check Instagram Insights from the settings page.

In the past years (2021 and before), it was possible for almost anyone with enough profile visits and followers to continue gathering analytics related to their profiles.

Overall, the owner of an Instagram Business or Creator account can simply tap “View Insights” and filter them through a custom timeframe if needed.

Nevertheless, missing permissions and access to the Insights action button is something that many users have experienced over the past few months.

However, there are indeed other reasons why you can’t click “View Insights,” so we’ll check them one by one, so you can learn how to fix them.

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Instagram Insights Not Working: 4 Ways to Fix It

If you are trying to check an individual post or story insights, but the Insights option is not loading even if you use creator accounts, then we must look deeper into this problem.

One thing is Instagram Reels Not Working, and another thing is not being able to check an Instagram story, live videos, and post insights from your Instagram account.

Do not despair - continue reading this post and you will get powerful insights from your audience sooner than later.

Fix 1: Switch to a Business Account or Creator Account

This is the main reason why most users cannot see the Insights icon on their profiles anymore.

You might lose access to the Insights option if you still have a personal account. Hence, the solution lies in changing to a creator profile instead.

Step 1: Go to Your Personal Account Settings

Firstly, open the Instagram app and tap on your profile picture in the right-hand corner of the screen. This will take you directly to your profile page.

Step 2: Select “Accounts”

Then, tap on settings, and a dropdown box will open. Here, you need to look for the option that says “Account.”

Here, you need to scroll down to the bottom of this page until you find an option that says “Switch to Professional Account” or “Switch to Business Account.”

Both account types will grant access to Insights, but it is necessary to learn the differences between Business or Creator accounts so you don’t mess up.

Click on the following website link to learn more about this: Professional and Creator Dashboards.

Step 3: Complete Your New Instagram Account Details

Instagram will ask you for your new account details. So, depending on the niche you manage, you need to complete the setup of your business profile.

After doing so, just go to settings, and you will be granted access to Insights about Instagram stories, posts, videos, and more!

Fix 2: Update or Uninstall the Instagram Mobile App

In case you already have a professional account, but post or Instagram story insights are not showing properly, then perhaps you need to update the app.

  • Go to Google Play Store if you own an Android device, search for the Instagram application, and download the latest update;
  • Go to Apple’s App Store if you own an iOS device, and update Instagram by searching for it.

Some Instagramers entirely delete the app from their devices and then reinstall it. You are in your right to do so if you want.

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Fix 3: View Instagram Insights from a Facebook Page

Since Instagram and Facebook are both owned by the same company, Meta, it is possible to check insights of your Business or Professional account if you have a linked Facebook page.

  • Log in to your Facebook page, and go to Facebook Page settings;
  • Scroll down, and on the right side menu, you will see an option that says “Instagram;”
  • If you have a connected Instagram account, all the insights will be shown on Facebook. Otherwise, they won’t appear here either.

For many, connecting Instagram to Facebook through settings it’s a great way to get combined metrics that can be really helpful.

Fix 4: Contact Instagram Support

In case you have tried everything, and nothing seems to work to fix Insights, then you need to send a message to Instagram’s support.

Explain that your business or creator account should have access to insights, but it doesn’t.

They should review your case and come back to you as soon as they have a chance.

We hope you managed to solve your Instagram Insights issues! For more useful tips about Instagram and other platforms, you can always count on GrowFollowing.


When Was Instagram Insights Access Removed from Personal Accounts?

Instagram stated that they were removing Insights access from any personal Instagram profile on October 26, 2021, and now only a professional account could have access to it.

So, even if you had thousands of followers before, you need to switch your account type to enjoy access to Insights.

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