How to Convert WETH to ETH on Metamask with Uniswap

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The Ethereum Blockchain powers many crypto projects that have proven to experience reliable success over the years, but since it was built before what we know as ERC-20 standards, it faces some limitations.

Consequently, users decide to “wrap” ETH, the native token of the Ethereum Blockchain, and turn it into Wrapped Ethereum, or the WETH token.

Although Wrapped Ether works just fine for some purposes, the truth is that there are some scenarios where someone would want to unwrap Ethereum.

In today’s guide, we are going to show you the whole process of turning Wrapped ETH into the classic ETH token that we all know.

Today you will learn:

  • How to convert WETH to ETH on MetaMask using UniSwap;
  • Understanding the differences between WETH and ETH crypto tokens;
  • Using the UniSwap exchange to accomplish the swapping transaction.

Ethereum Token (ETH) vs. Wrapped ETH (WETH)

As you already know, ETH is the native token of the Ethereum Blockchain.

Using ETH is essential if you need to pay transaction fees, more commonly known as gas fees in the ETH environment.

On the other hand, WETH also lives on the Ethereum Blockchain, and it has the same value as its older brother, ETH.

That means that you won’t pay more than you need during the transaction process of wrapping the crypto tokens.

The main difference lies in the utility that WETH has in decentralized environments that work with a smart contract.

Learn more about smart contracts in the following example link: Ethereum Smart Contracts.

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Benefits and Advantages of Wrapped Ethereum

After you Buy Ethereum, you can swap it for WETH, which will be worth the same as its underlying ETH token.

But let’s look at a clear example of having WETH tokens in your wallet:

  • WETH provides more utility to holders due to its practical use without the ETH losing value;
  • Interoperability with other crypto tokens is easier with WETH;
  • WETH can be used with compliant smart contracts, decentralized apps, and DAOs;
  • There are lower transaction fees relative to ETH;
  • Faster transaction speeds when compared to the ETH token.

Lower transaction fees and enhanced security seem like good benefits alright.

Nonetheless, you are on your right to unwrap Ethereum whenever you want.

WETH depends directly on a custodian’s control, which directly leads to centralization.

This contradicts the whole point of the ETH token, where ETH holders value total ownership and decentralization over a company’s control over their assets.

At the end of the day, ETH holders can simply unwrap Ethereum at their will. Luckily, doing so is elementary.

How to Convert WETH to ETH on MetaMask

Now that you know the basics about these tokens, we can now proceed to unwrap Ethereum.

For practical purposes, we are going to perform the whole transaction on MetaMask and UniSwap.

Since UniSwap’s decentralized exchange already works perfectly on the Ethereum mainnet, you should not have any major problem performing transactions there.

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Firstly, you need to send the funds to a centralized exchange. Learn everything about this process by checking out our related guide.

Step 1: Go to Uniswap Website

Firstly, go to UniSwap. You can do so from your MetaMask’s DApp browser on from your normal desktop browser - it will work either way.

Make sure you have the correct network selected.

If you are trying to unwrap WETH to ETH on Ethereum network, select Ethereum.

If you want to unwrap WETH via one transaction on Polygon network, switch to Polygon Mainnet.

Step 2: Connect MetaMask Wallet

Set up your MetaMask account. You can either download the browser extension or the mobile version of the wallet.

When you first log in to your wallet, you will be provided with a MetaMask Seed Phrase.

This phrase is linked to your private keys, so if you want to take care of each private key, you better keep this 12-word sentence safe somewhere.

Learn more about this matter by reading the previously mentioned article.

Step 3: Input the WETH Amount You Want to Unwrap

Select the wallet icon in UniSwap and connect MetaMask to it. The mobile version might show three dots instead of an icon.

Either way, just go to the “Swap” option and select WETH firstly, and ETH secondly.

There, you need to type in the amount of WETH that you need to unwrap.

Step 4: Confirm to Unwrap

If you use a hardware wallet to approve MetaMask transactions, make sure to authorize the change on your hardware wallet device.

Check the fees related to the operation, and confirm the unwrapping.

Now, you have just unwrapped Ethereum - that means that your WETH has turned into ETH and it will be stored on your MetaMask wallet.

That’s how you do it! If you have used UniSwap for previously wrapping your ETH, then note that process consists of doing the exact same thing, but now from WETH to ETH.

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Can I Convert ETH Token to BNB Using MetaMask?

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