How to Clear Twitter Cache

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Is Twitter not working on your mobile device? It might be because there are many cache files interfering with the app!

Junk files accumulate on Twitter after using the app for a while, and this is something that happens in other apps as well.

If you are having problems with your Twitter account, then clearing local space might do the trick to fix it.

But how do you clear the app’s cache? The process is quite easy, and we are going to show it to you. This post will talk about:

  • How to clear Twitter cache;
  • What happens when you delete app cache on Twitter?;
  • Different ways to delete Twitter’s cache on Android and iOS device.

3 Reasons to Clear Cache On the Twitter App

Twitter app’s cache files accumulate media cache and web data that mess with the app’s performance.

Your phone needs this storage space, which is why you must clear web and media cache on Twitter from time to time.

Among the many advantages that doing this brings you, we have:

  1. Improved app functions: when you clear all web storage and media storage as well, the app will run smoother. So, if Tweets are not loading whatsoever, clearing cache might do the trick;
  2. Get rid of small Twitter bugs: problems such as Twitter notifications not working can be quickly removed if you clear web storage and media storage;
  3. Fix Twitter easily: you don’t need to entirely re-download Twitter if the app is failing - problems with saved logins, loading screens, and media files can be quickly fixed if you delete Twitter cache on iOS and Android.

How to Clear Twitter Cache

Twitter has implemented many different accessibility features to control the way you use the app, and this includes clearing your search history, as well as a built-in option to clear data on your phone.

This means that, whether you use iOS or Android devices, you can get rid of all Twitter caches by following these quick steps.

Step 1: Open Twitter and Go to Settings and Privacy

For starters, open Twitter on your phone. Then, at the top left corner of the screen, you will see your profile picture or three horizontal lines - tap on it.

This will open the in-app Settings menu. Here, choose Settings and Privacy.

Step 2: Tap “Accessibility, Display, and Languages”

Once you open Settings, scroll down and tap on the “Accessibility, Display and Languages” option.

After you do so, another screen will open.

Step 3: Tap On Data Usage

Here, look for the Data Usage tab, right at the button of this Settings menu. You can also look for data usage on the search bar to find this option inside Twitter.

Step 4: Scroll Down to the Storage Section

At last, you will see two options here: Media Storage, and Web Storage. Web Page Storage is all the login details and account logins that are saved within Twitter, whereas Media Storage refers to animated Gifs, gif cache, photos, and video files.

Step 5: Clear Media Storage and Web Storage

The first thing you must do is tap on the Clear Media Storage button. This will clear almost all Twitter cache that has accumulated on your iPhone or Android.

Then, tap on Clear Web Page Storage. All Twitter cache related to logins and other web data will clear out.

You can also Clear All Web Storage, so the process completes smoothly. After you tap the Clear Cache Option, web data, photo, and gif cache will be entirely removed from the Twitter app.

That’s how you do it! Unlike other apps, Twitter has its own option for deleting cache. This means that you don’t need to go to other menus in order to complete this process, but that’s a possibility that exists as well.

How to Clear Twitter Cache On Android

Although you can clear cache on the Twitter app by using the built-in deleting feature, you might as well do so on your Android device settings. These are the quick steps you must follow:

  1. Go to the Settings App on your Android device - it surely looks like a gear icon;
  2. Here, go to Apps, and on the App List, locate Twitter;
  3. Once you open Twitter, you need to look for the Clear Cache button;
  4. Tap on it, and the Twitter app cache will clear out.

This method works on all Android devices regardless of the OS version you have, so go for it if it suits you the most.

How to Clear Twitter’s Cache On iPhone

At last, iOS users can also clear cache on the Twitter app without using the built-in feature if they want. The steps they must follow are the following:

  1. On your iPhone home screen, locate the Settings App;
  2. Here, look for iPhone Storage, and tap on the Manage Storage button;
  3. Look for Twitter among all the apps, and tap on it;
  4. Finally, select the button that says “Offload App.”

Once you offload Twitter data on your iPhone, the cache will clear. Then again, this is just another alternative that you can make use of if you don’t want to use the main way to clear cache on Twitter.

That’s how you do it! Clearing cache data on Twitter is as easy as it gets, whether you use an iPhone or an Android.

Forget about bugs and inconveniences on the Twitter application - simply clear cache, and your problems will be gone. For more Twitter-related info and articles, follow GrowFollowing on a daily basis.


Does Deleting Twitter’s App Cache Delete Tweets?

No - if you delete cache on Twitter, your tweets data will not be lost. In the same order of ideas, your search history will still remain on your phone, although you can manually delete your search history data whenever you want.

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