Why is Twitter Not Working & How To Fix It

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Is Twitter not working?

Let’s keep calm and get to the bottom of this trouble.

Most of the time, the Twitter apps stop working due to technical problems instead of platform issues.

Therefore, it should take us just a few moments to find an effective solution for this matter.

So, it doesn’t matter if you use Twitter on the phone app or the main page - there’s always a way to identify what’s happening.

Keep on reading this blog post to get more information about:

  • Step-by-step instructions to solve problems with your Twitter account;
  • Understanding the most common status reports to date;
  • Twitter official instructions to access their site in case some issues appear.

Check if the Twitter Platform is Down

First things first. If you are accessing Twitter and the platform doesn’t seem to be working, then there’s an obvious problem that doesn’t have anything to do with your end.

Fortunately, there are many websites that constantly inform you if Twitter services are down.

The most trustable page of them all is Downdetector. You can always visit their site to check if there are reports from other people saying there’s trouble with the app or platform.

If there is indeed an outage in the platform, not even receiving support help will help you normally log in to your account. In that case, we have nothing else to do than wait for the reports’ status to be solved.

Pro Tip: Twitter is one of the best platforms to engage with new people and create connections. Your tweets can have a deep impact on the other persons that constantly access the site, so make sure to also have an outstanding Twitter Bio, so your account looks better than ever before.

What to Do if Twitter is Not Working on a Browser

Let’s say that you checked Downdetector, and you still can’t access Twitter correctly.

This creates the need to go one step further to understand what’s happening with the apps.

So, if you use Twitter on a desktop browser, let’s see each different status that might be affecting the platform’s functionality.

Fix 1: Check your WiFi Connection

This is one of the most common problems related to the Twitter site. Your Internet connection might be just not working as it should.

There’s also the possibility for the WiFi to be blocking Twitter due to the SSL configuration. In that case, you need to go to Settings on your Mac or PC and fix the problem.

Don’t forget to deactivate all the add-ons on the top menu of your browser (do not delete them, just deactivate them.)

Alternatively, try downloading the most recent version of your site browser. If that doesn’t work either, then just log in using an entirely new browser to see if that’s the problem.

Fix 2: Check if the Problem Only Happens with Certain Tweets and Images

Do you have problems loading other users’ tweets? It might not be a problem with Twitter at all.

If you try to look for a user and a message that says “Invalid Username” appears, we have some bad news for you.

They might have just blocked or muted you on Twitter. In order to know this, it is essential to determine if the problem only happens with the tweets of a specific account.

What to Do if Twitter is Not Working on the iOs or Android App

In case the Twitter app is not working on your phone, then it’s time to try new solutions.

The Twitter apps are available both for Android and iOs devices. Thus, you can download them on the Google Play Store and the App store without a problem.

Luckily, it doesn’t matter which device you use - the solutions are pretty similar in each phone.

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Fix 1: Remove “Enabled Login Verification” and Try Again

Log out your account in the iOs or Android app and then log back in using your password. To do this, tap your profile icon, then select “Settings and Privacy” and tap “Log Out.”

Clearing data of your account information on the iOs and Android app might be the solution for your problems.

Fix 2: Close and Reset the Twitter App

Maybe the problem isn’t your credentials. In that case, just tap “Account,” log out, and entirely restart the app.

If you decide to uninstall the app, we recommend you store a backup code in case you don’t remember the credentials on your Android or iOs device.

Fix 3: Check if There Are Hardware Problems with Your iPhone or Android Device

Your device might be suffering from hardware issues. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about Android or iPhone - no phone is perfect, which is why it is crucial to know if something happened to it.

We recommend you take your mobile device to a specialized technical service.

Pro Tip: Sometimes, it’s impossible to log in due to incorrect time zone settings. You need to find the Timezone Settings option on the app and tap on “update automatically.” If the date of your device is wrong, the application will malfunction. That’s why it’s fundamental to set the actual date before doing anything else.

Fix 4: Clear Cache on the Mobile App

The app’s data clearing is a proven way to successfully solve your problems with Twitter.

To do this on Android:

  • Open Settings and look for “Apps and notifications;”
  • Find the Twitter app and look for “Storage and Cache;”
  • Tap “Clear Data,” and you are good to go.

To do this on iOs:

  • Once again, open Settings;
  • Here, find the “iPhone Storage” option;
  • Find Twitter and then tap on “Offload App” - that should do the trick.

Fix 5: Update the App’s Data or Your Device

Maybe your Twitter application is just outdated. Go to the Play Store or to the App Store to check for updates.

You can also “sync settings,” so anytime there is a new update, you automatically receive a notification.

There you go! If none of these solutions worked for you, then it’s time to send new reports to Twitter support.

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Twitter Not Working FAQ

Why Can’t I Tweet Today?

There are two reasons why this might happen: there are interruptions and outages on the platform, or your account got limited. Check our Twitter Account Locked guide to learn more.

Why Can’t I Log in to Twitter?

Check on Downdetector if there are problems with other users as well. If not, restart your phone and follow the steps we just gave you in this guide.

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