What Does Highlighted Comment Mean on YouTube?


The comment section of any YouTube video is filled with mysteries.

From weird usernames to strange opinions.

But the biggest mystery to many are highlighted comments, a feature that only a few users know about.

So, what does highlighted comment mean on YouTube?

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers about highlight comments:

  • What does a highlighted comment means on YouTube?
  • Is making highlighting comments easy?
  • Do highlighted comments get more views for YouTube videos?

Now, get ready for the ultimate comment highlighting guide!

What Does Highlighted Comment Mean on YouTube?

A highlighted comment refers to a comment that YouTube, or a user, has chosen that is relevant to only you.

As a video creator, whenever you’ve clicked on the email that the platform sent you when a comment is made on your video, the comment will be highlighted.

You’ll get them from clicking any notification related to a comment on your YouTube Dashboard as well.

It’ll appear on the top of the comments list even before the first comment and the pinned comment (or comments).

It is highlighted so you can keep track of it and YouTube will send you a notification when other comments are left on said thread.

A YouTube highlighted comment appears as a small gray mark to the side of the time when the post was made.

Think of them as a bookmarking feature for the comments section.

YouTube will notify you of any reply made to a highlighted comment and it’ll help you keep track of the parent comment on the same video by doing a highlighted reply.

Highlighted Comment vs Pinned Comment

Highlighted comments can only be seen by you, while pinned comments can be seen by everyone.

In other words, a highlighted reply won’t appear to any regular viewer by any means, not even on the search bar.

Pro-tip: If you didn’t highlight a comment your reply to and can’t seem to find it, just browse your **YouTube Comment History **to quickly find it.

Creators choose pinned comments. Usually, they work as addendums to anything not said on a specific video.

Other times, they are just a way for a creator to recognize a certain funny remark or cool story posted by the community.

Pinned comments are all about “important” or “relevant” things to the topic of a video.

Both types of comments can exist at the same time on all videos.

Can You Choose Highlighted Comments?

You can tell YouTube to highlight comments by clicking a comment on YouTube.

You’ll need to click to the side of the time the comment was made.

When you reload the page, said comment will have the highlight tag.

Other than that, it is an automatic feature generated by YouTube itself.

Again, you’ll get them whenever you click a notification related to a comment from the video platform.

If YouTube is not highlighting, there might be an issue with the page.

Try doing a quick fix to make YouTube work again.

How Do You Remove A Highlighted Comment?

A highlighted comment on YouTube creates a special URL, a highlighted URL if you will.

To remove highlighted comments, simply:

  1. Go to the browser URL
  2. Search for “&lc=” within the URL
  3. Delete it
  4. Hit enter to reload the page

You won’t get any other notification this way.

LC means “Linked Comment”. It’s an identifier and it’ll appear on the URL whenever you see a comment tagged.

Does A Highlighted Comment Get More Views?

No. Highlighted comments simply grab a single viewer’s attention towards that specific comment thread.

Comments on YouTube depend on other users’ interactions in order to be popular.

The top comment tends to be the one with more likes and comments below it.

If you want to get more YouTube views for your channel, you’ll need to think of marketing strategies that you could use to do so.

No one said this content creator thing was easy!

Pro Tip: Highlighted comments are great tools to prepare a Video marketing strategy. You can learn how to plan Youtube digital marketing strategy with our guide.


Comments with a highlight are useful to keep track of the comments on any particular video.

For any YouTube Channel it is important to keep an eye on the highlighted comment tag so they can properly grow their audience.

Whenever you get a notification about relevant activities made on a video or videos you have published, make sure to highlight comments to see what you can improve about your content.

Highlighted Comment on YouTube FAQ

Can I See Who Liked My YouTube Comment?

No, you can’t see who liked your YouTube comments. And there is no way to do so.

You can guess when you navigate comments that agree with you, but other than that, you can’t.

How Are Top Comments Determined on YouTube?

By other viewers’ interactions with them. Unlike the highlighted comment feature, the more people reply or give likes to a comment in the comment section, the higher the particular comment will be on a comment section.

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