6 Places To Get YouTube Intro Background

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If you are starting your YouTube career and want to take your YouTube channel into the next level, you need a cool intro.

YouTube intros are key to your success, and most (if not all) big YouTube channels have memorable intro titles.

However, creating an intro from scratch can’t be next to impossible if you are not an animator.

Managing lines, designs, and 3D effects for an intro will consume a lot of your time.

And if you are already on a tight YouTube uploading schedule, you’ll never make an intro on time.

If you need an intro, you need to buy a background template.

A template is a file that you can customize to your need and make into an intro with just a few clicks.

In this article, we’ve compiled the best places to find a cool YouTube intro background, here is our list!


MotionBox lets you create and edit background video templates from the site!

You don’t need to download any additional software, and you can try it for free!

You’ll find different categories of video templates and images to create your YouTube intro.

The best part is that you don’t have to be an artist to make content.

Simply check to see if there is a template that you like, click it and use it.

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It’s a monthly paid program, so you can use any background template that you like multiple times.


Animoto is another site that lets you edit a video or videos on it.

They have a lot of backgrounds, images, music, text templates and content to help you create your perfect YouTube intro.

After creating an account and paying the fee, you’ll need to click on the upload button on the site.

Once there, you’ll be able to choose the elements to modify the video.

Once everything lines up, you’ll be able to use your background template.

Add some cool characters, some text and that’s it!

It’s quite easy to learn.


Did you ever dreamed of having an animated YouTube intro?

Animaker is another background template site that lets you create videos from scratch.

The key difference is that they are animations based, and have a lot of characters to select from.

To sign up click on the button on the top right corner.

Then, you can select a template, explore the site, and start creating videos.

It is a perfect place for anyone making animation videos.


In InVideo, there are over 5,000 backgrounds images and templates to customize.

You can choose a background template from their many lines of design.

It’s even used by big media sites like CNN! Meaning that you’ll get a professional looking intro for sure.

They also offer limited music options for each video.

“In Video” is easy to learn and easy to use.

Simply check the categories, explore until you find lines of design that you love and try them out.


Canva is the only option on our list that is available in a different languages.

If you speak español, buena suerte!

Again, it has many lines of design to choose from.

Just go into the search bar, type something like “background intro image”, and explore the categories the site offers.

When you search, make sure to look for a background intro that matches the image of your channel; as mixing different lines of design might look weird.


StoryBlocks is a great place to explore and search for all types of video templates.

Unlike other sites in this list, StoryBlocks has a lot more backgrounds and effects to choose from.

They have a lot of content like intros, transitions, filters, and many more things.

But that’s because everything there is a template created by a different visual artist. Think of it as a marketplace.

And viewers are free to buy from different background artists there.

In StoryBlocks, artists upload images, music tracks, and text templates for other users to modify.

A good example of this is Bokeh, one of the most prolific artists there, every background intro he makes turns out to be in the top categories.

Picking the Best YouTube Intro Backgrounds

Before you download an intro template or any element, make sure they match your style.

Many times we’ve seen a background image out of place in an intro.

Here’s an example:

You are a gaming channel with an intro featuring images of the forest.

There is no connection between technology and the forest for that intro.

Instead, try to find something akin to your element.

We are sure that if you stick to your theme, you’ll be able to find appealing YouTube intro background templates.

YouTube Video Background FAQ

Where Can I Get YouTube Intro Background Templates?

If you want an intro background template, try Animaker, MotionBox, or InVideo.

But make sure to browse and explore each site before paying for membership.

There are many lines of design for a background intro, so make sure to pick your favorite.

What Is The Best YouTube Intro Template?

There is no best YouTube intro template. You need to use what works for your YouTube channel. Once you find a background image that works for your intro, stick to it.

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