YouTube Shorts Not Showing? Here’s Fix

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YouTube Shorts is a new feature implemented by the YouTube Team that allows you to watch and upload short-form video content to the platform.

Although most YouTube creators make the best out of the new Shorts Feature, sometimes, these videos don’t show as expected.

This creates the need to find a way to fix this issue, and we’ll show you how to do it here. Keep on reading to get more info about:

  • Why are YouTube Shorts not showing?;
  • 5 ways to fix YouTube Shorts not showing on YouTube;
  • Things you must know about the YouTube Short Video feature to properly fix it.
Quick answer YouTube Shorts may not show due to outdated apps, internet connection issues, or cache problems. To resolve this, update the YouTube app, check your internet connection, and clear the app’s cache. If these steps don’t work, consider using a VPN or checking YouTube’s server status for potential outages.

Why Are YouTube Shorts Not Showing? 3 Possible Reasons

Normally, you should be able to watch Shorts videos from your favorite creators on your YouTube feed.

Everyone can upload videos to YouTube, but if Shorts are not appearing correctly, then these are the possible root causes behind the problem.

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1. YouTube Short Videos Not Appearing On Feed

If YouTube Shorts are not appearing on your feed, it means that the YouTube App hasn’t been properly updated.

Many users have had this same problem in the past, and updating the app is the best YouTube Shorts solution to this matter.

2. YouTube Short Videos Not Loading

When YouTube Shorts are not loading, it usually means that your Internet is failing or the YouTube cache files are messing with the proper functioning of the application.

3. Can’t Show YouTube Shorts On My Channel

Are you a creator failing to show YouTube Shorts on your channel?

In this case, including the hashtag “#Shorts” in your videos will help the YouTube algorithm figure out that you are uploading Shorts instead of classic videos.

Nevertheless, YouTube’s algorithms have evolved to quickly identify Shorts automatically, so we might be talking about an Internet or app problem instead.

How to Fix YouTube Shorts Not Showing: 5 Solutions

There are five ways to get rid of YouTube Shorts not showing bugs, and we are going to show you them all.

Fixing YouTube Shorts is easy if you follow these solutions, so without further delay, let’s get to it.

1. Update the YouTube App

Updating YouTube is the main solution to Shorts Not Showing bugs. A few months ago, Shorts were in the Beta version.

As of 2023’s Q2, the Shorts feature works perfectly on iOS and Android phones, but you must update the app to its latest version in order to use all the features.

  1. To update YouTube on an Android device, go to the Google Play Store, search for YouTube, and tap “Update.” This will update the YouTube Android Phone App.
  2. To update YouTube on iOS devices, go to the Apple App Store, search for YouTube, and download the latest iOS YouTube version.

Keep the power button of your phone pressed for a few seconds to restart it, and launch YouTube.

Now, Shorts should properly show on the screen.

2. Check Your Internet Connection

“YouTube Shorts not working” bugs might also be caused due to Internet or connection issues. In that case, do this:

  1. Open Settings on your phone and turn off Wi-Fi;
  2. Enable your mobile device’s mobile data;
  3. Open YouTube and see if Short videos are showing now. Otherwise, connect to an active and stable Wi-Fi network.

3. Clear YouTube Mobile App and Desktop Cache

YouTube mobile app’s data might be messing with YouTube Shorts features. To clear YouTube App’s cache, do the following:

  1. Open the Settings App on your phone (iOS or Android) and open Apps.
  2. Locate YouTube, and open the YouTube App info page.
  3. Here, look for the “Clear Cache” button on Android or the “Offload App” button on iOS.

This will clear data on YouTube cache, and from now on, you might be able to see Shots without problems.

4. Use a VPN

A few months ago, Youtube Shorts’ available countries were limited and caused certain issues for issues around the world.

Now, YouTube has rolled out YouTube Shorts globally, so the YouTube Shorts Option is now available in more than 100 countries.

However, if you believe that there are geographical limitations preventing you from using the YouTube Shorts Option, download a VPN, and try to use the YouTube App while having the VPN active.

5. Check the YouTube Server Status

Finally, if you tried all the solutions in this guide and none of them worked, then the problem is most likely related to outages on YouTube’s server.

To check for outages on YouTube Server, go to IsItDownRightNow or check the TeamYouTube Twitter Page.

If servers are indeed down, then you need to wait until the YouTube Technical Team fix them. This usually takes a couple of hours, so do not despair.

Wrapping Up: How to Fix YouTube Shorts Not Working

If you are encountering problems when trying to show YouTube Shorts, then worry not - these solutions are just what you need. This is a summary of the best solutions to get rid of YouTube Shorts Not Showing bugs and inconveniences:

  1. Update the YouTube app on both iOS and Android devices to use the YouTube Shorts option to its fullest.
  2. Ensure that your Internet connection is active and working properly.
  3. Clear YouTube cache on mobile devices.
  4. Make sure that there are no geographical or country restrictions preventing you from using YouTube Shorts.
  5. Check YouTube’s server status and wait for outages to be solved.


Do I Need to Enable YouTube Shorts?

Not necessarily - you will find YouTube Shorts videos as soon as you update the app to the latest version. You will also be able to upload Shorts video after updating the app, so it’s not necessary to manually enable it to have access to features such as the Shorts Camera or the format for vertical videos on YouTube.

Is YouTube Shorts a Mobile-Only Feature?

No - according to Google, you can upload short videos on the YouTube web version too. Therefore, regardless of the video length, users are not limited to using the YouTube Shorts option on mobile devices only.

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