How to Disable Youtube Shorts

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YouTube implemented a new Shorts Feature which consists of short videos being shared across the platform.

They are similar to TikTok videos and Instagram Reels, but the reality is that not all YouTube users are on board with these new features.

Many people enter YouTube, or even get paid YouTube Premium features, to enjoy classic YouTube videos, and YT shorts are just annoying for them.

So, what if you want to turn off YouTube Shorts? Can you actually do this?

Well, you can - if you don’t like this new feature, it’s time to remove YouTube Shorts permanently, and we are going to show you how.

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Quick answer Although you cannot entirely remove YouTube Shorts from the app, there are workarounds to minimize their appearance. Some methods include using an old version of YouTube with the option to disable Shorts in settings, using YouTube’s mobile browser version, or marking Shorts as “Not Interested”.

Can You Disable YouTube Shorts Video?

YT Shorts are part of the many YouTube updates that Google releases for its main video app.

Therefore, the YouTube Shorts tab should be available to anyone, and in the newest versions of the YouTube application, you cannot entirely remove shorts from YouTube.

This is not the case for all users, but if you enjoy watching videos and want to permanently remove Shorts, then you can achieve this by a couple of different workarounds.

That way, you will prevent Shorts video recommendations from appearing on your home feed the next time you open the YouTube app on your account.

How to Disable YouTube Shorts: 5 Ways to Do It

If you really want to get rid of YouTube Shorts, we get you - not everyone will enjoy the YT Shorts feed in the same way!

There are 5 ways to disable YouTube Short videos on the YouTube app, and we are going to show you them all.

Keep on reading so you can remove YouTube Shorts feature easily.

Method 1: Disable Shorts On YouTube Settings

Some old versions of the YouTube app have the option to turn off YouTube Shorts directly from settings.

This is what you need to do:

  1. Open YouTube App version and on your YouTube home feed, tap on your profile icon. Other users might see a three-dot icon, so whether you get the three dots or the profile picture depends on what older version you have;
  2. Then, select General, and this will open the General Settings Menu;
  3. Here, look for YouTube Short Videos, and toggle off the switch;
  4. Finally, restart the YouTube mobile app and go to the home screen again. Scroll down through your home page feed, and Shorts should be gone now.

This method will not work if you have the latest version of the YouTube App, so you need an outdated phone and app version to do this.

Method 2: Use YouTube Mobile Browser Version

If you are used to watching YouTube videos on your phone, and you don’t want Shorts to pop up, then you can simply use the YouTube website version for phones instead of the app.

In the browser version, you can still see videos, the Explore Tab, look for content on the search bar, hit enter to find videos, and more, but Shorts will not appear on your home screen whatsoever.

Therefore, just using the browser version of YouTube can do the trick for you.

Method 3: Use a Third-Party YouTube App (YouTube Vanced)

You can get a third-party modded version of YouTube so you can manually get rid of all the features that you don’t like about YouTube, such as the YouTube Vanced App.

The YouTube Vanced app (learn more about YouTube Vanced settings and stuff here) is an unofficial app that lets you manage the YouTube app info at your will.

As you might guess, you cannot find this app on the Google Play Store - even all YouTube Vanced alternatives are forbidden by Google.

So, we recommend you use this app only at your own risk - it might work great for you, but being a third-party platform, you might end up compromising your privacy.

Method 4: Mark YouTube Shorts as Not Interested

Although this method will not entirely turn off YouTube Shorts, it is a great way to prevent YouTube Shorts from appearing on your home screen.

Whenever you see a short video on your feed, tap on the three dots icon next to it, and select the option that says “Not Interested.”

If you do this enough times, YouTube will start to recommend you fewer Shorts every time you open the app, so it is like a “soft” way to block them.

Method 5: Use an Old Version of YouTube

In most cases, YouTube will auto-update. This means that going back to an older version of YouTube is not that simple, but it is perhaps the solution you need.

If you are an Android user, the only way to use an old version of YouTube is by downloading an old .APK, which can also be prejudicial for you.

Wrapping Up: Is Disabling YouTube Shorts Possible?

YouTube Shorts are there for a reason - you should use them! And, even if you are not fully on board with YouTube Shorts, ignoring them should be more than enough.

But, if you can’t stand them and want to disable YouTube Shorts at all costs, then you now know how to do it.

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Can You Watch YouTube Shorts Videos On Desktop Browser?

Yes! Just go to YouTube.com/shorts, and you will be able to check shorts on your desktop computer. However, remember that the YouTube web version for mobile phones does not support shorts whatsoever.

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