10 Twitter Bio Ideas From Top Social Media Experts

Last updated on: September 19, 2019
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Is your Twitter bio doing everything it can for you?

It’s a quick thing to set up, but if you haven’t given it much thought, you could be missing opportunities to connect with people because your bio doesn’t speak to them.

In this post, we’ll examine 10 Twitter bio ideas from some leading social media influencers. No matter your niche, I’ll bet dollars to doughnuts that there’s at least one idea in here you can apply to make your Twitter bio stronger.

1. Tell People Exactly What You Do In Your Bio

This may seem obvious but you would be surprised by the number of people who don’t tell you much about what they do in their bios.

Kim Garst tells her Twitter followers that she’s a “social selling pro, Twitter expert, bestselling author and speaker.” Instead of putting her bio in paragraph form, she has created a list to save on characters and highlighted her many different accomplishments and skill sets.

You can even take this a step further and tell people things you’ve done in the past that lend credibility to what you do today.

2. Share Your Mantra In Your Twitter Bio

Do you have a mission that you’re leading or a mantra you live by? Pat Flynn‘s bio says,” Lead by example. Be honest. Hold nothing back.”

This is the mantra by which Pat lives his life. He’s letting his followers know that he intends to lead by example and be 100% transparent.

By sharing this insight into his personality, Pat helps you to know him just a little better, which in turn helps establish trust.

3. Promote Your Custom Hashtags In Your Bio

If you have any hashtags that are custom for your business or brand, your bio is a great place to share them. Placing them here makes it easy for people to search for your content or engage in your tweet chats.

Jessica Northey does a great job of this with her popular Country Music #CMChat.

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