Why Does My TikTok Keep Resetting? (Try This Fix)

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Have you ever opened your TikTok account as you normally do, and all of a sudden, all your settings are reset? This isn’t supposed to happen!

Sadly, the TikTok resetting issue is a bug that has been haunting TikTok users for a long time.

When they try to open their For You Page, it looks like TikTok resets their algorithm, settings, and preferences as if you just downloaded the application on your mobile device.

Fortunately, we always know what to do when TikTok is not working, so if you are facing TikTok issues, read further to get more info about:

  • Why does my TikTok keep resetting?;
  • How to fix TikTok keeps resetting on your phone problems;
  • What to do if you are still facing this same issue and can’t get rid of it?

Why Does My TikTok Keep Resetting? 3 Possible Reasons

The TikTok application has one of the most powerful algorithms in all social media platforms in the world.

Do you want to see appealing, funny videos and short videos? Launch TikTok, and let them delight you.

So, if you are trying to check your For You Page, and the page has been reset for one reason or another (alongside your settings), then this might happen due to three main reasons:

  1. There’s a software bug on your phone: whether you are an Android user or an iOS user, TikTok’s data can be reset if your phone is actively refreshing the application in the background. This is a problem that can be fixed by releasing space on your device;
  2. Problems on the TikTok app: perhaps your Android or iOS device is not the problem at all, and the TikTok platform is what is messing with you;
  3. TikTok account-related problems: some Android and iOS users who have been banned or shadowbanned from the platform usually have problems with TikTok Reset, whereas other applications work as they should.

How to Fix TikTok App Keeps Resetting: 7 Fixes

The TikTok resetting problem is a bummer, we know it, but fortunately, we have found seven ways that work for fixing this problem.

We recommend both iOS and Android users to follow each one of the fixes one by one as they get increasingly more drastic, so without further ado, let’s make TikTok stop resetting once and for all.

Fix #1: Check Your Internet Connection

Perhaps the TikTok Reset Problem takes place because your Internet connection is failing.

Open your Android phone or iOS device connection side menu, and switch Wi-Fi for mobile data.

Then, close the app, and relaunch TikTok. Doing this simple trick has helped a lot of users to get rid of the TikTok Keeps Resetting issue, so go for it if you have the chance.

Fix #2: Perform TikTok App Updates

All the apps you have on your phone must be constantly updated if you want to prevent them from facing bugs and issues, such as the TikTok Keeps Resetting problem.

Thus, on your Android device or iOS phone, open Google Play Store or Apple App Store, respectively.

Then, look for the TikTok app, press the update button, and get the latest version of the app downloaded.

In the same order of ideas, performing system updates on your iOS or Android phone OS is imperative, so don’t sleep on it.

Fix #3: Restart TikTok and Mobile Device

Maybe you just need to restart your active device and force-stop the TikTok app as well.

Long-press the TikTok app on your device’s home screen, and force close it.

Then, hold the power button on your phone to restart it.

Resetting TikTok and your phone manually will help you get rid of temporary data issues that you might be facing.

Therefore, after doing this, double-tap on TikTok to open it, and see if you can use it without the Reset Problem now.

FIx #4: Clear Cache Files On TikTok

Temporary cache data files accumulate on your phone’s storage, which might affect the way in how your device’s software deals with the apps, such as TikTok.

So, go to your Phone Settings App, and open the App Settings Tab.

Here, locate TikTok, and at the top left corner of the screen, you will see a menu button.

Open it, and tap Clear Cache on App Data.

Then, we recommend you restart your phone and try to check if TikTok’s home page is not reset anymore.

Fix #5: Reinstall TikTok

If none of the previously mentioned “soft” solutions worked for you, and TikTok keeps restarting when you open it, then it is time to delete it.

Look for the TikTok app, and delete TikTok. Don’t worry - your saved videos and account information won’t be lost.

Then, go to the Play Store or App Store, and reinstall TikTok from the beginning.

Log in to your account, and see if this does the trick.

Fix #6: Clear Your Phone Storage

If you have come to this point and TikTok keeps resetting even after doing everything, then maybe your phone is the problem, and you need to free up storage space.

There are two ways to do this:

  1. Delete apps and files one by one. You can download them later, of course, but in reality, manually deleting content on your phone is a temporary solution;
  2. Clear all of your phone storage. This will delete pictures, videos, apps, and more, but it will help you get rid of phone-related issues with TikTok.

Fix #7: Contact TikTok Support

Imagine that you did everything in this article and nothing worked.

In that case, your only option left is to contact TikTok support and report a problem with your account.

At this point, the resetting problem is utterly linked to your account and not to the TikTok app itself.

Wrapping Up: 7 Ways to Fix TikTok Resetting Issues

The TikTok app resetting your saved information is a headache; we know it! Thankfully, you can fix it by yourself, so let’s make a quick summary of the fixes:

  1. Update the TikTok app by downloading the latest version on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store;
  2. Check your connection and restart TikTok to get rid of small bugs;
  3. Clear cache on TikTok - cache files might be messing with the app!;
  4. Entirely delete the storage on your phone if nothing seems to work with the app;
  5. And, at last, contact TikTok if everything else fails.

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Can TikTok Users Appeal to Shadowbans?

Yes - if the reason behind the TikTok Resetting Issue is linked to your account, then you might be shadowbanned. Learn how to appeal TikTok ban right here.

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