How to Reactivate Robinhood Account


Did the Robinhood company just deactivate your account and you had some money in it?

We get it - it’s as frustrating as it gets.

Users don’t want to experience their Robinhood accounts being deactivated without further notice, which creates the need to find an efficient solution once and for all.

If you have tried to use the Robinhood app or website, but it turns out that Robinhood deactivated your trading account, then this blog post is for you.

Keep reading this article to get precise information about the following topics:

  • How to reactivate Robinhood account;
  • Why was your Robinhood account deactivated?;
  • How long does it take to reactivate Robinhood accounts?

Why is Your Robinhood Brokerage Account Deactivated?

If your account doesn’t match Robinhood financial criteria, the company might deactivate it immediately.

Many users have experienced this issue, and not even re-downloading the Robinhood mobile application works to solve it.

Whether you are trying to trade other securities, withdraw funds or buy stocks inside this broker, your account won’t simply work for said purposes - as simple as that.

Thus, understanding why this issue happened in the first place will help all users and investors to get rid of it through a simplified process.

Pro Tip: The Robinhood company and most brokers must comply with different banking and financial laws related to regulatory entities.

Thus, if you want to enjoy free commission fees trades, you must provide your social security number to the company. Learn more about this matter by reading our Robinhood SSN blog post.

1. Outdated or Incorrect Information

This applies to your linked accounts (bank account) and general information of any user inside the platform.

If, for any reason, Robinhood considers your bank account or card information to be out of date, they might as well prevent you from accessing important features in the app.

Pro Tip: If you Can’t Link a Bank Account to Robinhood during the registration process, you won’t be able to withdraw money directly to it.

In that case, we highly recommend you to check our related blog post to learn more about this matter.

2. Fraud Inquiries

Suspicious activity is an immediate cause of account restriction.

If you are trying to withdraw cash or perform fee-free trading, but the platform considers that your Robinhood account doesn’t comply with Anti-Money Laundering measures, then you will need to submit a request.

3. Transfer Reversals or Trading Permissions issues

Each user and all investors must comply with Robinhood rules.

There’s a process that must be followed when it comes to trading inside the app.

For instance, you might get a PDT flag, which would require you to reactivate account by improving your fund status to the certain amount required by the company.

Learn how to Remove Pattern Day Trader on Robinhood by clicking here.

4. Robinhood’s System Failure

Nothing is perfect, not even Robinhood.

The platform has already experienced market data subscriptions errors where users get flagged without a firm reason.

If you consider that you can’t access your Robinhood account due to a failure in their system, then contact Support Team by clicking on this link.

Can You Reopen a Deactivated Robinhood Account?

No. If you closed account manually, then coming back to Robinhood with the same account is not possible.

When you Delete Your Robinhood Account, the platform clearly states that all the funds must be withdrawn before you finally close account via a written request or the platform itself.

Thus, if your account has been deactivated while you have money inside, then yes, you can reopen it.

On the other hand, if you voluntarily closed it, then you must create a new account with a new username, password, and all that.

How to Reactivate Robinhood Account

If your Robinhood account has been restricted for whatever reason, then it’s important to mention that there’s a set procedure to access your account back again.

You must follow the next steps in order to reopen account efficiently, so let’s get to it.

Step 1: Log In to Your Account and Access the Account Management Section

Log in to your Robinhood account with your username and password, as you usually do.

Look for the option to manage account on the home screen.

Since the account has been deactivated, you will see a truncated menu with very limited options instead of the classic main menu.

Step 2: Select the “Reopen Account” Option

Once you are in account management, the “Reopen Account” option will show on the screen.

Step 3: Update Your Account Settings as Requested

The platform will tell you what’s happening with your profile.

In case you have trading limitations, you must address them properly (i.e., adding the required funds).

Likewise, if the problem is related to outdated information, you will need to update your settings data before being able to access your account.

Step 4: Submit a Reopen Account Request

Now, you must submit a request. This request consists of an outdated W-8 paper that must be filled once again.

The company needs to ensure that you understand the reasons behind your limitations.

Thus, consider this to be a little “verification process” so you can use Robinhood again.

Step 5: Use the Confirmation Digits to Log In to Your Account and Wait

Once you submit the form, a confirmation code will arrive in your email.

Robinhood will ask you to use this code the next time you login.

Nonetheless, the process isn’t finished yet.

How Long Does it Take to Reactivate Robinhood’s Account?

After you receive the code, you must wait up to three business days for Robinhood to remove the restrictions in your account.

Naturally, they will review the submitted form before making a decision.

Thus, your account might as well remain deactivated if you failed to correctly solve the problems.

Worry not - most people recover their account within 1 or 2 days.

That’s how you do it! For more Robinhood content, keep checking our content here at GrowFollowing.

Reactivate Robinhood Account FAQ

Why Can’t I Purchase or Sell Stocks on Robinhood?

There are plenty of reasons why your Robinhood Account Is Restricted from Purchasing.

The problems are mainly related to funding limitations, so make sure to check our related blog post to learn more about this.

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