Why Robinhood Can’t Link Bank Account & How To Fix It


Robinhood is a great online broker with a commission-free model that attracts millions of users all over the United States.

Robinhood’s platform and website are very intuitive and easy to manage, so making transactions it’s as easy as it gets.

Naturally, being a centralized and regulated institution, the company must verify Robinhood accounts before approving them.

During that process, users must link their bank account number to the Robinhood app.

But, what if you can’t do this because an error message keeps popping up?

If this has happened to you, then search no more - your answer is right here.

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  • Robinhood can’t link bank account: why does it happen?
  • How to fix the can’t link bank account error on Robinhood;
  • Things you need to know before linking a new account to Robinhood.

Linking Your Robinhood Account with Your Bank

Robinhood works with all major bank accounts from the United States.

So, if you have a savings account or checking account on, for instance, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, or Chase Banks, you can directly link them to your profile.

This process can be done only after having your Robinhood Application Under Review.

You just need to put your bank name into the search bar, tap on it, have your online banking application opened, and there you go.

Making banking deposits and withdrawals is really easy! However, if the Robinhood not connecting to bank error persists, then we must find a solution for it.

In case you can’t find your bank in the search bar, then you need to click on the “More Banks” option.

This, of course, is the first thing that most users do when trying to correctly access their banks.

But let’s say that the “More Banks” screen isn’t working for you.

In this scenario, we must understand what’s happening to solve this error in the Robinhood app once and for all.

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This error is caused due to limitations on your account’s balance. You need to fund your account through a deposit in order to solve it - learn more about it by reading our related article.

Fix 1: Choose a New Bank Account

The first alternative consists of choosing an entirely different bank account inside the platform.

Then again, your banking profile and password must be opened on your device before trying to link it.

Unfortunately, this solution doesn’t always work.

The Robinhood “This Bank Account Cannot Be Linked” error message might as well continue appearing on your profile, which forces us to try another fix.

Fix 2: Add Your Bank Account Manually

Another thing that you might try is to add your bank account manually.

Click account icon in the bottom right corner, and look for the Banks option.

There, select “More Banks” and type in all the information related to your bank, such as account and routing number.

In this case, you must be logged out from your bank since you are performing a manual process.

You can do so both from the web platform and the mobile app.

If the account number has been successfully linked, then enjoy your new account!

It can be used for transfers and more features inside the website.

In case the error persists, and you can’t still make a transfer or a deposit because the platform couldn’t verify the account, then proceed with the following fix.

Fix 3: Contact Robinhood Customer Service

If you have tried everything but Robinhood can’t verify your account and get it linked to your profile, then you must contact Robinhood’s Support Team as soon as you have a chance.

Tap on the support feature on the app or click on the previously mentioned link.

Explain to them that Robinhood won’t connect to my bank and wait for their answer.

They will indicate the root cause of the error, which will help you to get rid of it in no time.

Alternative Solution: Add Money Without a Bank Account

You don’t need a bank account in order to use Robinhood efficiently.

You can Add Money to Robinhood Without a Bank Account by using PayPal, prepaid debit cards, and direct deposits.

Yes, trading without fees and commissions is great, and adding a bank account it’s undoubtedly useful.

But in case your problem can’t be solved, then there’s always a way around it.

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Can I Withdraw Funds from an ATM Using My Robinhood Card?

Yes, you can withdraw cash by using an ATM after Activating Your Robinhood Card.

You can learn all the details related to this card if you tap on the previously mentioned link!

Does Robinhood Accept Wire Transfers?

No, but it does accept ACH transfers from different accounts on their web platform.

Hence, there’s always a useful alternative for those who want to get their account funded in no time.

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