How to Lock YouTube Screen


When you play YouTube videos on your mobile device, it is possible to quickly select another video by simply tapping on the screen.

But what if your kid wants to watch YouTube videos, and you don’t want them to browse around other content or unintentionally subscribe to a channel?

In this case, simply lock your Android phone or iPhone screen, and you will be good to go! But can you natively child lock YouTube screen?

This article will give you full insights into the following topics:

  • How to lock YouTube screen;
  • How does watching YouTube videos while screen lock is on work?;
  • How to lock and unlock YouTube screen on both iPhone and Android phones.

Can You Lock YouTube Videos on Mobile?

There is no native locking feature on the YouTube app or the desktop mode version, which means that you cannot natively lock the screen when you watch videos inside YouTube.

Video playback will be paused if you press the play button or tap on the playback controls.

As a consequence, child lock is not built-in for your little one when watching YouTube.

But there’s a way to lock your entire phone screen by using the integrated screen lock feature in either an iOS or Android phone.

This feature will allow you to continue listening and playing YouTube videos while the entire screen is blocked, which kind of works like child lock.

There are third-party lock apps on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store, but since your phone already has a touch blocker option, using it is the best path to follow.

How to Lock YouTube Screen

Now you know it - you cannot natively lock the YouTube screen while watching YouTube videos, but you can indeed block this and other apps with the help of your phone’s integrated features.

Let’s not wait any longer and learn how to play YouTube with screen pinning by following the steps in this guide!

1. Screen Lock Videos on Android Device

If you have an Android phone, then you must enable the screen pinning option in the main settings tab.

This will allow you to lock the screen on the YouTube app and other apps as well.

Step 1: Go to Settings, Security, and Advanced Feature

On your phone’s home screen, look for Settings, and tap on it.

Then, scroll down until you find the Security option, and then again, select Advanced.

Once you open this drop-down menu, you can continue with the following steps.

Step 2: Select App Pining and Turn it On

Here, select the option that says App Pinning on the screen and toggle it on.

This will let you enable lock screen on any video.

Step 3: Open the YouTube App in Overview

Launch YouTube, and look for the exact video you want to watch.

Now, open the Overview screen on your Android device while on the YouTube app.

You will see a little padlock at the upper right corner of the screen - tap on it, and proceed.

Step 4: Pin the YouTube Video You Want to Watch

Once you enable lock screen through the Overview window, watching videos with lock screen will be possible!

If you want to unpin this video, simply tap the home button, and select the padlock icon at the top left corner - as simple as that.

2. How to Screen Lock Videos on iPhone Devices

iOS users have a feature called Guided Access, where they can lock the YouTube screen while watching YouTube videos.

In order to use Guided Access, you need to follow these quick four steps.

Step 1: Go to Settings, Accessibility, and Guided Access Feature

Look for the Settings app on the home screen, open it, and scroll down until you find Accessibility.

Scroll down a little more, and you will see an option that says Guided Access. Tap on it, and proceed.

Step 2: Set Up Guided Access and Select Passcode Settings

Toggle Guided Access on, and then select Passcode. You need to establish a passcode in order to unlock and lock screen.

You can choose your phone’s Face ID if you want.

This passcode will help you prevent others from unlocking the screen without your consent, so set it up, and move on to the next step.

Step 3: Go to YouTube and Press the Power Button Three Times

Open YouTube on your iPhone, and select the video you want to watch.

Guided Access can be quickly turned on by pressing the power button or home button on your iPhone three times in a row.

Therefore, press the button three times, and you will notice a little message at the top left corner of the screen asking for your passcode. Type it in, and move on.

Step 4: Enable Screen Pinning Feature on YouTube iOS

Since the YouTube video will be pinned, your kid, or the person who uses your phone, will not be able to control the screen whatsoever.

If you want to unlock the screen, simply press the home button three times again (or side button) and input your passcode.

YouTube apps are not designed to natively lock the screen, but thanks to your phone’s features, you or your kids can watch their favorite videos without accessing other content on your device.

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Can You Lock Screen On YouTube Kids?

Yes - YouTube Kids integrates native settings where your kids cannot search for new videos or pause them at their will. These Baby Lock settings are built-in within the app, but remember that YouTube Kids does not work with all YouTube videos on the platform.

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