Following Too Fast on TikTok? Here’s Fix

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On TikTok, as it happens on any other social media platform, there are limits that need to be respected by the users.

When you don’t have normal behavior on the platform, you will start getting punished more and more.

For instance, if you follow as many users as you can in a short time frame, then the “You’re following too fast” problem will pop up on your profile.

But what does this error message mean, and how do you solve it?

In this article, we are going to explain in plain words the following topics:

  • What does “Following too fast on TikTok” mean?
  • How to solve the “You are following too fast” problem on the TikTok platform;
  • What to do if such a problem is not getting solved on TikTok?

What Does “Following Too Fast On TikTok” Mean?

The “You are following too fast” message on TikTok is a soft-ban error message that appears when you follow people blindly on the platform.

As you know, you can follow new accounts as well as unfollow them on TikTok whenever you want.

The problem is that too many people abuse the Following Feature for different purposes.

Maybe you want to get more followers, or perhaps you are using additional accounts to boost your follower count, which is forbidden on practically all social media platforms out there.

Anyhow, when you exceed the following limit per hour, and you do it repeatedly, then this problem will show up on your account.

What’s the Purpose of the “Following Too Fast TikTok” Error Message?

The purpose of the “You Are Following Too Fast” error on TikTok is to prevent spamming and abuse of the Follow Account button on the platform.

TikTok users follow accounts naturally - other platforms also understand this.

The problem appears when you are just following users way too fast.

In that case, your following activity will trigger the Antispam measures on TikTok, which will get your account blocked for a certain duration that depends on many different factors.

Such problems related to spam and bots are actually pretty common in almost any app out there, and TikTok is doing its best to prevent its Short Videos platform from getting “infected” with these issues.

How to Fix the “Following Too Fast” Error on TikTok

The best solution to the “You Are Following Too Fast” error on TikTok is to simply slow down. Take a break from the TikTok app, and watch videos somewhere else.

Either way, check out these three possible fixes for the You Are Following Too Fast error, so you learn how to act in case this happens to you.

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Fix #1: Stop Using TikTok for a Few Hours

As simple as that - just stop using the platform for a few hours. Yes, we know that watching videos, meeting new people, and getting more followers on TikTok is fun, but open Instagram instead, for example.

Otherwise, you might get the You Are Tapping Too Fast TikTok error as well, and you don’t want that!

Fix #2: Comply With the Actual Follow Limit Per Hour On TikTok

There is an implicit follow limit on TikTok that you should comply with.

The exact number of this following limit is actually a mystery, but it is between 30 and 35 accounts per hour.

When you follow more than 30 accounts per hour, then the follow limit will strike you. Wait for a while before you follow more people - it can save your account!

Fix #3: Contact TikTok Support

Let’s say that you have experienced the “Following Too Fast” error for too long now, and it does not seem to go away.

In that case, open TikTok, go to your profile at the bottom right corner of the screen, and on Settings and Privacy, scroll to the Support Section.

Here, send a message to TikTok, and hope for the best. Maybe you are now banned! Learn how many reports to get a TikTok ban here.

How to Prevent Follow Ban On TikTok

The “Following Too Fast” message is a real headache on the platform, and you can prevent it quite easily by following these three pieces of advice:

  1. Comply with the following limits: 30 people per hour is the magic number - don’t push it!;
  2. Follow people in intervals: you can wait between 2 and 4 minutes before following accounts - this will help you prevent the error message, unless you push this time limit on the platform;
  3. Don’t use automation tools: bots and spammy tools will get you in trouble on TikTok. Your account can be entirely banned from one minute to another if you use these tools, so avoid them at all costs.

How Many People Can You Follow on TikTok?

Although TikTok does not explicitly mention a follow limit on their Terms of Service, many TikTok users have gotten a 10,000 accounts following limit on the platform.

This seems to be the magic number, although other users have got a limit message on just 2,000 accounts followed.

In conclusion, remember the next vital points:

  1. Don’t follow more than 30 people in one hour, or 200 people per day;
  2. Slow down - don’t’ use TikTok as if you were a bot!;
  3. Avoid automation at all costs. We know that automating tasks is great, but TikTok does not like these tools at all.

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How Long Does “Following Too Fast” Error Last On TikTok?

Usually, the follow ban lasts for just a short period. Normally, you just need to wait for one hour to get your account unlocked, but if you have followed a large number of accounts repeatedly, and the TikTok automatic tools encounter that, then it can be longer.

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