How Many Reports to Get Banned on Tiktok?

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TikTok is more than just a social media platform for funny videos - it’s a massive opportunity to grow your online presence by providing good content.

Surprisingly, your TikTok audience can grow incredibly fast, thanks to the shareable nature of the app.

Nonetheless, you should always be careful when posting things.

Users might get your videos or posts reported in case they find your content offensive.

What’s more, sometimes, it doesn’t even take a user to report your account - the admin will do it by themselves.

Thus, if you are wondering how many reports it will take to get a TikTok video banned, wonder no more - we have the answer you need here.

In today’s blog post, we’ll be talking about the following matters:

  • How many reports to get banned on TikTok?;
  • What to do if your account gets reported on TikTok;
  • Things you need to know about TikTok reports and bans.

Can TikTok Suspend Accounts?

Yes, the app is in its right to suspend an account due to numerous reasons according to their Violations and Bans policies.

It’s not a secret to anyone that TikTok started as an app for young users.

Over time, TikTok became a prominent platform meant for everyone, but there might be people trying to coax kids into bad stuff.

This creates the need to control every single violation that a user can make.

They can delete videos at their will if they determine that the video is not appropriate for the platform.

Pro Tip: You will receive a banner notification informing you of the account change if you get banned. Nonetheless, shadowbanning can also happen.

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How Many Reports to Get Banned on TikTok?

So, how many reports does it take to ban your TikTok account?

The truth is that there’s not a specific number of reports that can get your TikTok account banned.

In fact, if Tik Tok admins feel that your TikTok videos are making violations, they can get the content deleted without further notice.

The same goes with a comment - if a comment you made is considered spam, the platform won’t wait, they’ll just delete it asap.

3 Reasons Why People Might Report Your TikTok Account

The best way to prevent the platform from deleting a video is by understanding why people might report the content in the first place.

Worry not - if you comprehend the reasons behind a report, you might get a solid advantage when it comes to keeping your TikTok account safe and sound.

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If you tap the video, but other users can’t tap and watch it, then wait for a while.

Otherwise, read our related guide to learn how to solve this issue in your account.

1. Offensive Content and Videos

Identifying a violation of the guidelines isn’t hard. The community might get your video reported because it simply shows offensive content.

Hate speech, misleading information, and inappropriate videos are just some of the reasons that can lead to a ban in no time.

Of course, if users report the video constantly, admins won’t think twice before getting accounts banned.

2. Intellectual Property Infringement

Perhaps you are unaware of copyright laws on TikTok, but this isn’t an excuse.

Let’s say that you use a piece of content that belongs to someone else.

In this case, the person might ask you to delete the video, or will get it reported as soon as they have a chance.

Accounts that fail to comply with intellectual property rules will get banned unhesitantly.

3. Failed to Comply with TikTok’s Community Guidelines

Firstly, it’s important to get familiarized with TikTok community guidelines.

The community guidelines have one goal only: keeping the community safe.

Multiple violations of the community guidelines will simply get your account banned.

Even if no one gets your account reported, the admins will probably identify the violation of the guidelines in no time.

Learn more about TikTok community guidelines by clicking on this link.

How Long Do Account Bans Last?

The answer to this question also depends.

If you want to Recover Your TikTok Account after a ban, then you need to take the following things into consideration:

  • Your TikTok account is facing a temporary ban of just one, two or three days. In this case, the ban will lift by itself after a short period of time;
  • Your account has been banned permanently. Sadly, account bans are typically permanent, even if you were unaware of TikTok rules beforehand.

Can I Get Unbanned After Being Reported?

You can, but you need to submit an appeal.

In any case, the decision of the team will depend on the report number on your profile.

What’s more, even if you don’t have a clear report of an issue, but you have been banned either way, then Getting TikTok Unbanned will require you to carefully explain your case to the support team.

TikTok is very strict when it comes to lifting a ban.

Keep in mind that the ban should be temporary in order to stand a chance of recovering your TikTok profile.

For further assistance, go to the submit report appeal page by clicking on this link.

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Does TikTok Tell You Who Reported Your Profile?

No, TikTok won’t mention the profile of the person that submitted the report.

Thus, all reports are anonymous, even the ones you make.

How Do I Know if a Video Will Get Reported on TikTok?

The video will most likely be taken down and you’ll receive a notification that explains that your account has been banned.

Take care of your account’s health by following the tips in this guide.

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