How to Do Front Flash on TikTok

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Do you want to go viral? Start recording TikToks! One of the best things about this social platform is the fact that you can create any video you want.

The TikTok app works so smoothly, that imagination is the only limit between users and innovative, entertaining content.

The TikTok camera app is widely recognized as one of the most efficient apps out there, but can you get front flash on a TikTok camera?

In today’s post, we’ll be giving you in-detail information about the following topics:

  • How to do front flash on TikTok;
  • TikTok camera app flash on Android and iPhone;
  • What to know about camera flash (front flash) on the TikTok app.

Is There a Front Camera Flash Feature for TikTok?

Sadly, there isn’t a front flash light feature for your TikTok camera.

As you know, if you open your front camera on your iPhone or Android’s main menu (outside TikTok), you can simply tap “Flash” and the camera flash will be enabled.

This is usually done through a little lighting icon that appears at the upper left corner of the camera flash screen.

Nonetheless, this icon on the top left corner does not appear inside the TikTok app.

Worry not - there’s a “ little front flash hack” that you can use for giving more light to the pictures taken with your iPhone front camera.

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How to Do Front Flash on TikTok

Front flash on TikTok does not work as you think it does, but it works nonetheless.

The only way to get front flash on TikTok is by changing the settings on your iPhone or Android screen.

Some people just slide or scroll one time after another until they find a bright filter on TikTok, but trust us - the method we are about to show you works way better.

1. Get Front Flash on TikTok for iPhone

If you own an iPhone, then you need to follow these steps on your phone’s screen.

Step 1: Go to Settings Control Center

Firstly, find the control center settings icon and tap on it. You should be able to quickly find it on your home screen.

Step 2: Tap on “Accessibility” and Select “Display and Text Size”

Once you are on settings, find “Accessibility,” and tap on it. Subsequently, tap on “Display and Text Size.”

Step 3: Toggle “Classic Invert” On

Scroll down on this iPhone screen, and you will find a setting that says “Classic Invert.” Switch it from off to on, and then go to TikTok.

Step 4: Open TikTok and Make a Video or an Image

You will see that the colors on your iPhone screen are inverted - don’t worry!

Go to TikTok, and make a TikTok Duet, use TikTok Green Screen, or make whatever video you want.

Once you are done recording the video with your camera, proceed with the final step.

Step 5: Turn “Classic Invert” Off

At last, go to settings again (press the same icon as you did before), and switch “Classic Invert” off.

Then, go to TikTok, and you will see that your video or picture was recorded with better light! That’s how you get front flash on TikTok if you use an iPhone.

2. Get Front Flash on TikTok for Android Device

On the other hand, if you use the Android OS, then these are the steps you need to follow.

Step 1: Go to Settings Control Center

Go to Settings on your phone, and a menu will open.

Here, simply type in “Color Invert,” and the option will appear first in the search list. Enable it, and proceed.

Step 3: Go to TikTok and Capture a Video or a Picture

Open the TikTok application, and record whatever you want with your front camera!

Remember that you can either make videos, or upload quick pictures with your phone - it depends on you.

Step 4: Turn off “Color Invert”

Finally, go back to Settings, and turn off “Color Invert.”

Then, go to TikTok once again, and you will see that your video was recorded as if you had front flash turned on.

That’s how you get front flash on Android! It’s a little hack that works for most devices on your camera, and it should be enough for you.

Hopefully, a front flash feature will be implemented in the future, and when it comes, GrowFollowing will be here, giving you the latest information about it.


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