How To Delete Instagram Messages (From Both Sides)

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If you’ve just sent embarrassing messages to someone on Instagram, fear not!

Deleting Instagram messages is quite easy.

Instagram direct messages are not permanent, and here’s all you need to know to remove messages:

  • How to delete Instagram messages
  • What happens when you delete a message?
  • Can you delete an entire conversation for both users?

Instagram Unsend Message vs Delete

Before I show you how to delete Instagram messages, let’s clarify something:

Instagram does not have a “delete” option for the DMs, instead, they use the term “unsend”.

Given that, you don’t “delete” messages on Instagram, instead you “unsent” them, and this way you delete them for good.

With that out of the way, here’s how you can delete messages.

How to Delete Messages on Instagram From Both Sides

Just like other messaging apps, Instagram supports deleting messages.

The deletion process is simple enough. To delete a direct message on Instagram you’ll need to “unsent” it.

You can do so by opening the Instagram app, and then:

Step 1: Click on the Instagram Direct Message Icon (Small paper plane icon).

Step 2: Open the conversation also known as the direct messages screen.

Step 3: Hold down the Instagram message you want to delete.

Step 4: On the pop-up screen, tap Unsend (The Equivalent to a “Tap Delete” option).

When you select “Unsend Message”, it will delete the message for both you and the recipient.

What Happens When You Unsent a Message on Instagram?

When you “unsend” a message, it will disappear for you and the person you initially sent it to.

Once you “unsent” the message on Instagram, neither you nor the receiver will be able to see it - the message is gone for good.

There is no way to recover deleted messages, so think twice before deleting important messages.

What Happens if I Send And Then Unsend A Message Immediately?

If you send someone a message and then unsend it right after, there is a chance the person on the receiving end will only see a notification for a second.

The moment you unsend the message, the notification on their phone will disappear.

Mind that, if the person set their notifications to reveal the content of the message, there is still a small chance that they had enough time to see and memorize what you just sent them.

This is why you need to be careful when you send direct messages.

Can The Other Person Delete Instagram Messages?

Only the person that sent the message can delete their own messages.

The same principle applies to group chats.

Only the person who sent the message will be able to delete them

When you create groups, be mindful of who you add to them.

That’s because you won’t have control over the whole conversation - just your individual messages.

If You Delete a Conversation on Instagram, Does the Other Person Know?

When you delete conversations the other person won’t be notified.

Deleting a conversation won’t delete Instagram DMs that you’ve sent.

There is no way to delete entire conversations for both users with a single command.

If you want to delete a conversation for both users, you’ll need to delete all your messages one by one.

To delete a conversation, simply swipe left on it and tap delete.

Does Blocking on Instagram Delete Messages?

Blocking does not delete private Instagram messages.

The blocked person will be able to see all the messages that were exchanged before blocking.

The whole conversation will appear on their Instagram’s direct message inbox.

They can save those direct messages by taking screenshots of them.

However, the app will send you a notification.

We briefly explain this in our guide about making screenshots of Instagram Stories.

The best way to ensure that doesn’t happen is to manually delete your entire DM inbox message per message.

Note: If you see the “User Not Found” message on Instagram it might mean that the other user has deleted its account or that it blocked you.

Does Deleting Your Instagram Account Delete Direct Messages to Others?

If you delete your Instagram account, the direct messages you exchanged with others will still be visible to them.

When you delete an account, you won’t be able to see your photos or videos anymore. And it’ll delete all comments it previously had.

Conversations with deleted accounts are stored until the other person clears the chat as well.

The only way to remove a conversation completely is to do so manually with the unsend a message function.

Can You Delete Multiple Instagram Messages At Once?

Android users can use third-party apps, like any auto clicker app, to automate repeated taps to unsend messages.

In other words, it will let you delete multiple messages at once.

The way it works is that it allows you to script a tap point or multiple points in order at once.

Once you’ve created the script, you can run that command repeatedly.

To stop it, you just need to hit cancel.

You can use this app for other things like posting photos or giving likes to an account.

Note: Be careful, as using a third-party app breaks Instagram community guidelines. Which may cause Instagram to delete your account.

Delete Instagram Messages FAQ

How Do You Delete Individual Messages On Instagram?

By using the “unsend” messages feature. You can do so by tapping one message and clicking on the “unsend” button. You can only delete one Instagram DM at a time.

How Do You Delete Instagram Messages Without Them Knowing?

Instagram won’t notify a user when you delete Instagram direct messages. To delete send messages, simply tap one by one and click “Unsend”. You can only delete one message at a time.

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