Why Can’t I Repost on TikTok

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The Repost Feature on TikTok allows you to share videos that you like on the platform with other TikTok users.

The reposted videos appear on your TikTok profile, and it kind of works like the Sharing and Retweeting features on Facebook and Twitter, respectively, as well as on other social media platforms.

But what if you can’t repost a TikTok? Is there something wrong with the platform?

Although reposting videos on the TikTok app should work quite straightforwardly, sometimes the feature bugs out.

Keep on reading to learn more about:

  • Why can’t I repost on TikTok?;
  • How to enable repost on TikTok;
  • How does the repost option on TikTok work?

Why Can’t I Repost on TikTok: 3 Reasons

Reposting on TikTok is simple: you find TikTok videos on your For You Page or Following Page, and you tap Sharing Options to then select the yellow repost button on said video.

As you know, TikTok introduces new features every now and then, and the ability to share TikTok videos is just another option on the TikTok application.

So, why can’t you repost a video on TikTok?

It might be due to any of the three following reasons.

1. You Have an Outdated TikTok App

It is imperative to have an updated TikTok app if you want to get access to the yellow button on TikTok.

Otherwise, you won’t get the latest features implemented by the platform, which will prevent you from using TikTok to its full potential (such as checking who shared your TikTok) - get the latest version of the app as soon as possible!

2. The TikTok Video Is Not Available to Repost

You can repost only videos that the original creator allows you to repost.

This means that if you cannot do video reposts on someone’s account, but the repost feature is indeed available on any other TikTok account and other videos, then maybe the privacy features of that account are preventing users from using the repost option on TikTok.

3. You Simply Can’t Repost Videos On Your TikTok Account

It is worth noting that the new repost feature on TikTok has not been rolled out to everyone.

This means that you might not have the repost option whatsoever, even if you update TikTok on your mobile device.

Since not everyone will get the repost video option as of now, then you might as well create another account and see if you can repost a video on TikTok right there.

How to Turn on Repost on Tiktok

As you can see, the TikTok repost button is indeed a fairly new feature, so it’s still in an experimental phase.

Thus, if you are trying to enable reposting, but nothing that you do works, then take a look at these three fixes to fix repost option on TikTok as soon as you can.

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Method 1: Update Your Phone And the TikTok App

Firstly, we need to make sure that you are not using an outdated version of TikTok.

If you have an Android device, go to the Google Play Store, and download the latest TikTok version.

iPhone users must go to the Apple App Store and download the latest version of TikTok right here.

After you do so, it is also imperative to clear cache on both Android devices and iOS devices, so do this:

  1. Open settings on your phone, and look for the Apps tab;
  2. Here, select Manage Apps, and locate TikTok - tap on it;
  3. Finally, tap on the Clear Cache Data button, and that will do the trick.

You can now proceed to TikTok’s home page, look for a video, and see if you can repost someone else’s video now.

Method 2: Check Your Internet Connection

Perhaps the repost button is not showing simply because your Internet is not working. Therefore, turn off your WiFi connection, and use mobile data instead.

Then, open TikTok, and see if you can now find the repost option.

Try to repost a video - the reposted video will appear on your account, which you can access by tapping on your profile icon.

If the Internet was the problem, then you just were facing a temporary inconvenience that it’s now fully solved!

Method 3: Wait for the TikTok Repost Feature to Be Rolled Out

The repost option is not available to all TikTok users - that’s a fact.

So, do not despair - wait for the repost option to be rolled out!

There’s nothing you can do here.

It doesn’t matter if you send a message to TikTok support - they won’t roll out the repost option to you just because of that.

Some users create new TikTok accounts to get the repost option instead of waiting, so this might as well be the path you should totally follow on the TikTok app.

Summary: How To Get The Repost Button on Tiktok

We know that not having the repost option on TikTok is frustrating, but that’s how things work! If you cannot repost a video on the TikTok app, then this is what you must try:

  1. Update TikTok on your phone and clear TikTok cache - sometimes, the repost option will only appear if the app is not facing caching issues;
  2. Double-check your Internet connection and also see if the repost button appears on the share icon on other videos - perhaps that individual account is preventing you from reposting a video!;
  3. Wait for the repost button to appear on your profile. This might take a while, or it could happen in a couple of days - it is totally uncertain.

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Why Don’t I Have the Repost Button on TikTok?

You don’t have a repost button on TikTok, likely because the feature has not been granted to your TikTok account yet. But why did the repost button disappear, you ask? Well, TikTok does not remove repost button, so you might as well be using an older version of the TikTok app - to go Apple or Google Play Store to update it ASAP.

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