How To Cancel Apple Music Subscription


So you bought an Apple Music membership and you didn’t like it, what’s next?

You can cancel your subscription at any time!

Canceling Apple Music is relatively easy, as they understand that the app might not be for everyone.

There are multiple ways to cancel Apple services, and in this guide we’ll teach you how to do all of them.


  • How to cancel your Apple Music subscription on the Apple Music App?
  • How to cancel your Apple Music subscription on Mac?
  • How to cancel your Apple Music subscription from iTunes?

How to Cancel Your Apple Music Subscription On The Apple Music App?

The easiest way to learn how to cancel Apple Music is through the app.

As long as you have an iOS device like an iPhone or iPad you should be able to do it.

First, find Apple Music, then:

  • Step 1: Open Apple Music.
  • Step 2: Tap “Listen Now”.
  • Step 3: Tap on your profile icon on the upper right corner.
  • Step 4: In the account settings, tap “manage subscription” button.
  • Step 5: Scroll down and click “Cancel Subscription”.

The process works on any Android device, so Android users can follow the same instructions.

If you don’t have the app on your phone, you can download them on the play store.

How to Cancel Your Apple Music Subscription On Mac?

You can do so from your Mac as well!

Just follow these instructions:

  • Step 1: Click on the Apple icon in the top left corner.
  • Step 2: Open System Preferences
  • Step 3: Click on media purchases
  • Step 4: Click the manage button
  • Step 5: On your Apple Music Subscription, click on edit
  • Step 6: Click on cancel subscription and then confirm it

Note: Before you say goodbye make sure to save your favorite radio stations, music suggestions, and playlists.

You can share Apple Music playlists to copy the tracklist and use it on another music streaming service.

As stated before, it’s pretty easy.

Most people associate Macs with “advanced technology”, but in reality, they do the same as most computers.

How to Cancel Your Apple Music Subscription From iTunes?

This method is for those who are on a Windows PC or haven’t updated a Mac, iPhone, or iPad, you can cancel your free trial or subscription through iTunes.

To do so, you’ll need to have your Apple ID.

  • Step 1: Open iTunes
  • Step 2: Click the account button on the top of the menu bar, then click view my account
  • Step 3: Enter your Apple ID to view “Apple ID account information.”
  • Step 4: Scroll to the bottom of the account settings page, in the subscription section, click on manage
  • Step 5: Click the “edit button”
  • Step 6: On the edit subscription screen, tap cancel subscription button

The process works for anyone not using the new Apple Music app or that’s on old iOS devices like an iPod touch, and iPhone or iPad.

Warning, after doing so, you’ll lose the ability to add Apple Music content to iTunes.

How to Cancel Your Apple Music Subscription From The Web?

If offline listening wasn’t enough for you,

Cancel Apple Music subscription by doing the following:

  • Step 1: Go to the Apple Music website
  • Step 2: Click on the free trial button to log in
  • Step 3: Click on your profile icon
  • Step 4: Click Settings, then scroll down to the account ones
  • Step 5: Click on Cancel to cancel your Apple Music membership

Pro Tip: Before you cancel Apple Music, have you seen about the other plans they offer? Try taking a look at each subscription plan before you do so.

The family membership can be cheaper as long as you get up to six people to join it. Learn how much is Apple Music.

You should use this method if you are in a pinch.

Most of the time, it should be faster to do it directly on your phone.

How to Cancel Apple Music From Apple TV?

As you’ve surely noticed, you can cancel Apple Music from just about all Apple devices!

It’s really convenient!

To cancel the program from your TV, just:

  • Step 1: Start your Apple TV
  • Step 2: Go to the settings app section
  • Step 2: Click on User and accounts, then on your Apple Music user account name
  • Step 3: Click on subscription to go to the subscriptions section
  • Step 4: In the subscription window
  • Step 5: Select “Cancel Apple Music membership”

And those were the most common ways to cancel a subscription to Apple’s music service.

Don’t forget to click on the links on the article to learn more about the application.

Cancel Apple Music FAQ

How Long Does It Take to Cancel Apple Music Subscription?

It should take you 5 minutes to cancel an Apple Music account.

You can do so from any Apple device or Android device.

You can also try to use other music services if you love music and can’t live without songs downloaded. Try Spotify Premium for example.

Can You Cancel Apple Music Free Trial Before the Billing Cycle Starts?

Yes, you can cancel the free trial.

Just click the three-dot menu at the top right, then tap the account icon.

A pop-up window will appear.

Click manage subscription. Tap cancel Apple Music subscription.

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