This Video Is Unavailable on This Device on YT? Here’s Fix

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Binge-watching videos on YouTube has to be one of our favorite pastimes.

And while some days we may launch YouTube with no problem at all, sometimes we get an error message:

This video is unavailable on this device.

This error, also known as “video is not available,” will not properly load the YouTube web page.

It’s one of the most common temporary glitches on the platform.

And as such, many users that have had the same problem have come up with brilliant solutions.

Today, I will explain:

  • Why you are seeing “this video is unavailable on this device” error.
  • How to fix this video is unavailable on this device.

Why You Are Seeing “This Video Is Unavailable on This Device” Error

This YouTube playback error can appear on any YouTube video at any time, even if the app was working fine before.

The video is not available error occurs for any of these reasons:

Problematic Extension

Previously installed extensions like ad blockers may cause YouTube videos not to load properly.

Try to completely disable unnecessary extensions.

The video is 18+ or was flagged.

Sometimes a YouTube video may be flagged as inappropriate for minors.

If that’s the case, you won’t be able to see the video file.

Corrupted Cache

The cache is temporary data that’s stored on a web browser.

Sometimes, the data on the web browser can be corrupted by unknown factors.

Clearing your cache from the web browser settings might do the trick.

Pro Tip: YouTube not working is a relatively common thing. And sometimes the issue may not be within your reach to solve.

Still, don’t forget to check out our article about the app not working. We present more tools to fix it.

Adobe Flash is still running.

Flash was discontinued in 2020. If you enable flash, it may result in corrupted videos. Just uninstall the extension.

Go to their official website and follow the instructions described.

Poor Internet Connection

If you have a bad Internet connection or Internet speed, YouTube will show you the “video is not available” error message.

That’s because rendering videos with a low speed may be next to impossible.

The video selected is not available on your location

If the video is not available, it may be because it is not unlocked in your region.

Sometimes, YouTubers and corporations won’t release a video for cultural reasons.

Don’t worry. There are ways to get past these restrictions.

How To Fix This Video Is Unavailable on This Device on YouTube

Now that you know why the error appears, it’s time to fix the issue.

We recommend that you try all of them before contacting YouTube support.

The support team may take several days to review your request.

By the time they get back to you, the issue might have solved itself.

Regardless, this is are the best solutions to the “video is unavailable” problem:

Use A VPN To Watch The YouTube Video

A YouTube video may be available in one country, and the same video may be unavailable in another one.

A VPN will help you hide your activity online with a brand new IP.

If the cause is your geographic location, that should take care of the “device message” displayed.

VPNs are generally useful to protect your online privacy.

Try A Different Browser Like Google Chrome

If your current web browser can’t play a downloaded video, try switching to a new web browser.

Click Google Chrome! It is the best one to play YouTube videos.

Since Google owns Chrome, a full HD video will load a lot faster on the platform.

Chrome also has a sync feature.

It’s an advanced option that lets you sync your browser settings on any device.

Note: Another browser-related problem is the YouTube comments not loading.

Most report that deleting the cache from Chrome’s settings icon will solve the problem.

Use The YouTube App

Try re-installing the latest version of the mobile app and loading video files on the app.

YouTube mobile is as robust as its web counterpart.

Search for the video using the same keywords and then play it.

If you can load the same YouTube video on mobile but not on desktop, it means that there is something wrong with your PC.

Try going to the system section and pressing the reset button on it.

Turn Off Or On Hardware Acceleration

There’s one hardware acceleration feature that allows a browser to use the graphic card of a PC to load HD videos.

However, this same feature may increase your device’s usage percentage.

The default settings on any browser will have it turned on.

You can turn off hardware acceleration by going to the settings tab on the top right corner of your screen.

Simply select settings on any browser and use the search bar to find the function.

However, deactivating the feature may create issues as well, such as the white screen.

Reduce The Video Quality

Simply reducing the YouTube video quality might do the trick.

You can reduce the quality of a video by searching for the menu button.

It’s a small gear icon on the loading bar of the video.

Click it, then go to the quality section.

Reduce the quality, and YouTube should reload the page at that very same moment.

If the video plays, it means you have a bad internet connection.

Try resetting your browser or calling your Internet service provider.

This Video Is Unavailable on This Device FAQ

What Does It Mean When YouTube Video Is Not Available On This Device?

It means that you can’t watch YouTube videos on that specific device due to a network or device error.

Try to use a new device or a new web browser.

How Do I Watch An Unavailable Video?

It depends on the cause of the error. If such issues are caused by your geographical location, a VPN will do the trick.

Otherwise, restarting your web browser might do the trick.

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