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If you have got an in-app notification that says:

“Suspicious Login Attempt. We detected an unusual login attempt: To secure your account, you need to request help logging in. Get Help Logging In.”

In this article I will explain what the “unusual login attempt” on Instagram is and how you can prevent it.

You will learn:

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More about the issue

The only clickable part will be “Get Help Logging In” which will take you to the Instagram help page where you have an option to reset your password, which in many cases will fail as the notification will persist.

Due to that, you won’t be able to reset the password as well or send a login link to your email. This will make you unable to do phone or email verification.

Some Instagram users reported that when they try resetting the password and follow the steps, whenever they type email it just says “no users found”, and when they try to type the username it says it has sent it to an example.com mailbox, which doesn’t belong to them.

Many Instagram users reported similar behavior that left them stranded in the never-ending verification loop.

So what can you do now if this all looks like an impossible Instagram verification loop?

The solution to the mysterious Instagram error is right here.

“We detected an unusual login attempt” solution

There are 2 solutions. If option #1 fails, try option #2.

#1: Try to change the device or the browser

If you are accessing Instagram via the Instagram app, switch to a browser and try to login from a browser on your phone. In some cases, what can work instead is to completely switch the device to another phone and try again.

#2: Change location with VPN

Step 1 Switch to your laptop/computer and install VPN software. There are many VPN solutions available on the market like ExpressVPN,

Choose any location. And go to the browser version of instagram and press “Forgot password”, input your mail and reset the password via mail. You should receive an email that looks like this:

Step 2 If you don’t get an email the first time, try to reset your password again until you receive an email. In certain situations, you might need to repeat this 6-10 times before you get the message. If you don’t by your 10th attempt, let the account rest for 7-10 hours. After that, try to repeat the procedure with another browser and another location selected via VPN.

Step 3 Click the link in the email that says “secure your account here” which will take you to the security policy page. On that page, you will be able to confirm your details.

Instagram Unusual Login Attempt: Final Thoughts


For security reasons, Instagram always tries to inform you about any suspicious login or send you failed login attempt notification emails.

I hope this tip helped you to fix the “We detected an unusual login attempt” Instagram verification message and you were able to regain access to your Instagram account.

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