Discord Unable to Load Profile Banner Badges and About Me


Have you ever logged into Discord, and when trying to see someone’s profile, a message that says “unable to load profile banned badges and about me” appears?

This same problem has happened to many users before, so you are not alone.

Discord will prevent you from accessing their bio, profile picture, and Discord banner information.

This might either be due to a bug or to other reasons that we will show you right away.

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What Does “Unable to Load Profile Banner Badges and About Me” Error Message On Discord Mean?

The “Unable to load profile banner badges and about me” bug is a problem that appears when you cannot access conversations, profiles, profile pictures, and even Discord profile banner on friends’ accounts because the platform decided that this content is hidden from you.

Therefore, the user’s profile information of another person won’t load its full details.

You might still see their username and other information, but you won’t be able to send messages or do anything with them on a channel.

  1. They are not your Discord friend: if you haven’t added someone as friends, and they have a privacy reason enabled which prevents others from seeing their profile, then the Unable to Load Profile Banner Badges and About Me message will appear;
  2. You are not on a common server with each other: perhaps you are friends with someone, but if you are not on mutual servers, then it will happen that their profile details won’t load because they have a private account;
  3. They have blocked you: if you block someone, or if someone blocks you, you won’t see them connected online ever again and, on top of that, their profile information will not load at all.

Discord Unable to Load Profile Banner Badges and About Me: 5 Solutions

Since this Discord error message has haunted several Discord users for the past few years, and the causes of this issue are actually pretty easy to guess, we have figured out five different ways to fix this problem.

Before you start, make sure that you don’t see a blurry PFP on Discord profiles.

If you do so, then maybe you have just a connection problem on your phone or computer, so reset your Internet network before you attempt to fix the Unable to Load message.

Fix #1: Send a Friend Request to the User

Firstly, you need to make sure you are friends with the user whom you can’t load data from. You need to send them a friend request, and wait for them to respond or react to it.

After waiting for a while, check if they accept the request.

Now, you should be able to access someone’s profile banner and About Me section.

Fix #2: Join the Same Server As the Other Person

If the other person has a totally private profile, then you might need to become a member of the same server they are on.

Therefore, look for mutual servers, and ask the admin to accept your request.

It might take a while before you get the notification, but after this, look for the user and see if you can see their bio, about me, and banner.

Fix #3: Unblock the User or Ask Them to Unblock You

Blocking users on Discord will prevent you from loading full information on their profiles.

In the same order of ideas, if you get blocked, then you won’t be able to check banners or About Me sections from others.

Thus, look for the user on Discord on your phone or browser, select the three-dots menu on the screen, and tap Unblock.

If this still does not work, then start a conversation with the user and tell them to unblock you.

If they don’t want to do it, then it’s time to move on.

Fix #4: Wait for Discord Bugs to Disappear

Although this is rare to happen, the Unable to Load Info problem might be related to a problem on the Discord server, or a little bug on the app.

If you checked that your settings are just fine, but you cannot send messages or make any comment on Discord, then perhaps there’s an outage going on, and you just need to wait.

Likewise, try restarting the Discord app and see if the bug disappears. If not, move on to your last alternative.

Fix #5: Contact Discord Support

At last, if you have tried everything, and you are 100% sure that you are not blocked, are friends with the other person, and are both on the same server, then it is time to contact Discord.

Mention the problems that you are experiencing, and wait for an answer. They should help you out!

Summary: Try These 5 Fixes

Being unable to load profile info, such as About Me and Profile Banner Badges, on your friends is awful; we know it. But now, you are ready to fix this matter by yourself! Let’s recap the options we have on the table:

  1. Make sure to send a friend request to the person so you can see their profile info later;
  2. Join the same server as the user;
  3. Unblock them in case you have them blocked, and tell them to unblock you if you please;
  4. Wait for small bugs on Discord to disappear;
  5. Contact Discord if nothing else works for you.

That will be all - you are now capable of solving this problem by yourself. Get more Discord info here, at GrowFollowing.


How Do I Know if Discord Servers Are Down?

The best way to check if Discord servers are down is by going to the official Discord Status website. Remember that a server outage can also cause loading problems on Discord.

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