How to Turn off Camera Sound on Snapchat

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Have you ever been using Snapchat, and wanted to add a picture to your camera roll, but didn’t want the camera sounds to let others know what you are doing?

We all have been there! The Snapchat shutter sound is as loud as they get, which creates the need to turn off this notification alert sound at certain moments.

If you are constantly capturing snaps and want to turn off the shutter sound on Snapchat, then we have got you covered.

Today’s post will give you all the information you need about:

  • How to turn off camera sound on Snapchat;
  • How to capture photos silently with Snapchat;
  • Can you disable the shutter sound option on Snapchat?

Can You Turn Off Camera Shutter Sound On Snapchat?

Yes, you can turn off the camera shutter sound on Snapchat whether you have an Android or iOS device, but not within the Snapchat’s own camera interface.

What does this mean? Well, essentially, there is no option inside Snapchat’s camera settings to turn off Snapchat camera sound, but you can do so if you entirely mute your device.

As you know, Android and iOS devices have silent modes that you can enable whenever you want.

Both Android phones and iOS users can do this quite easily from the main Android and iOS control center.

Therefore, it is possible to toggle this silent switch on and disable the Snapchat shutter sound once you allow camera access to Snapchat.

How to Turn Off Camera Sound On Snapchat

You can turn off camera sound on Snapchat by simply silencing iOS and Android devices.

It doesn’t matter if you use Motorola, Samsung, or other stock Android devices - the process will be the same.

This will allow you to take normal photos.

Remember that after taking photos, the saved photos will go straight to your Android or iPhone camera roll.

Without further ado, let’s learn how to turn off the shutter sound on Snapchat right away.

Pro Tip: When you use Snapchat’s photos app, you need to long-tap the shutter button in order to record a video. But what if we told you that you could just gently press the lock-screen option, so you forget about tapping to record? Learn how to record on Snapchat hands-free here!

Method 1: Put Your iOS Device On Mute Mode

The best way to turn off the shutter sound on the Snapchat app is by muting your phone.

iOS device users can use the volume slider to lower the device volume to the bare minimum.

Likewise, most iPhones have a physical mute switch on the right side of the phone.

Toggle on this switch, and Silent Mode will be enabled.

This will also block notification sounds, incoming calls, system sounds, and notification panel sounds in their entirety.

How to Enable Mute Mode On Earlier iPhones

Some iOS users of old iPhones cannot entirely mute their phones with the physical button.

In this case, you need to use a feature called Assistive Touch.

Assistive Touch is an Apple Feature that you can use for multiple goals, and you can enable it like this:

  1. On your iPhone’s home screen, open the Settings App, which appears as a gear icon;
  2. Then, go to General, and on the iOS control panel, select Accessibility;
  3. Customize and turn on Assistive Touch with the Bell Icon;
  4. Now, go to the Snapchat camera, and from this screen, toggle the Assistive Icon to turn off your phone’s sounds.

Method 2: Enable Silent Mode on Android Device

If you own an Android smartphone, you can also turn off the shutter sound by enabling silent mode on your phone.

Simply open the control center of your Android phone, and tap on the bell icon - it works on all versions of Android.

From now on, the camera sound won’t appear anymore, as long as your phone remains silent.

Method 3: Turn off Do Not Disturb Mode

Turning on DND mode shuts all notifications on your device. Android and iOS users can do so like this:

  1. Open the control option on your phone by sliding the top menu down;
  2. Here, look for the options, and select Do Not Disturb mode;
  3. Enable DND, and from now on, your phone will not have any sound, including the camera shutter sound on Snapchat.

Wrapping Up: Muting Snapchat App Camera Shutter Sounds

That’s how you do it! The Snapchat camera shutter sound is kind of annoying, and since there are no native Snapchat Settings to turn off this sound, you will need to mute your phone instead.

So, just remember to turn on silent mode on your phone and that will do the trick. For more quick Snapchat guides, you can rely on us, GrowFollowing!


Does Muting Default Camera App Mute Snapchat Camera As Well?

No. If you mute your camera app (Android or iPhone Photos app), the camera app inside Snapchat will not mute. One has nothing to do with the other, so it is important to acknowledge this.

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