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Finally, I was able to review one of my favorite TikTok growth service in the industry: Hypetok.

If you weren’t living under a rock, you’ve probably aware that social media space is changing rapidly and TikTok is one of the hottest social media channels in 2021.

If you are ready to grow TikTok following but still scratching your head what Hypetok is and how it can help you, read on.

What is Hypetok?

Hypetok is currently the most reputable all-done-for-you TikTok growth service available.

The main difference is that this is not a typical TikTok bot - instead, you will get a dedicated account manager and stellar customer support, giving you peace of mind at good price point.

Thanks to the organic methods utilized and their team’s marketing knowledge, it makes Hypetok one of the best TikTok services out there.

Why should you consider using TikTok Growth Service?

Growing TikTok following and being noticed in the sea of other TikTok user videos is not an easy task and requires a lot of energy.

Duet requests, hashtag challenges and other ways to get the attention of view-hungry Generation Z are as good as the time and energy you are willing to put to your content.

On top of that, whether you are an experienced marketer or a newbie to marketing on TikTok, staying on top of constant TikTok algorithm updates might give you a headache.

A big advantage of this TikTok growth service is that it will help you get TikTok audience without any prior marketing knowledge (hear that John?).

Even if you are somewhat experienced and got the know-how, there is still no doubt that growing TikTok followers is a time-consuming and mundane task. Wouldn’t be great to simply outsource your TikTok growth completely?

With Hypetok, you can completely outsource that part to the experts and focus on other things.

So how much time are we talking about? Their team claims it can save you up to 3 hours of work a day, every day. For their entry 99USD/month fee, I call it a win!

How does Hypetok works?

The service utilizes the power of organic engagement.

After your campaign is researched and set up, they will find people on TikTok who are your target audience and follow them on your behalf.

To get started with Hypetok you will need to answer an initial onboarding questionnaire.

Based on this, the team will be able to perform research and set up your campaign.

This process might take up to 5 hours and it’s the most important part - done right will have a major impact on the overall performance of your growth campaign.

Who is Hypetok for?

Despite the fact that the TikTok is capturing younger users, as the platform matures, it will also get older ones.

As a marketer myself I know social media is one of these parts I try to outsource as early as possible.

I can see few types of people who would benefit a lot from the service.

Using Hypetok as a Marketer

If you are a tech-savvy marketer who values your time and looking for ways to leverage TikTok with the best ROI, whether for your brand or your clients, you want to outsource it to someone with experience.

Although TikTok marketing is not rocket science, constant updates and changes introduced in the TikTok platform is not something easy or fun to track and stay on top of, especially if you offer this service to your clients.

How Hypetok can help you leverage TikTok growth?

Since you already know your target audience on TikTok, just include these details in the onboarding email you will receive the moment you sign up - giving information about target demographics and interests will be a great first step to assure you are set for a good start.

From there, you don’t need to do pretty much anything else as Hypetok staff will take things from there and after initial research, launch your campaign.

Yep, it’s that simple! This means you can focus on other elements of your TikTok growth strategy and Hypetok will work while you are sleeping.

Using Hypetok as a Founder

Time-poor entrepreneurs and founders (especially those solo) constantly are on the lookout for how to maximize their company’s marketing efforts with as little time spent as possible.

Gone are days when TikTok marketing had to be a time-consuming and mundane task.

Hypetok as a turn-key solution will not just give you more hours but if it happens you are not marketing oriented person, you get the support of people who spent years in marketing and know their things inside out.

How to make the most out of the Hypetok as a founder?

Once you subscribe, let their team know about your company, the customers you are after and their buying habits.

This will help them with targeting research.

Also, make sure to mention your competitors - since your competitors have followers already, it will be an excellent resource for them to research and pick up potential targets.

Using Hypetok as a Blogger

Whether you are a seasoned blogger or a serious, full-time writer working day and night on your website, with a bit of effort and content, you can find a desirable audience.

How Hypetok can help you grow followers and website traffic?

It would be good if you know already a few bloggers who are an authority to you - this will help Hypetok team to search for lookalike users.

Once your campaign is up, you will see new followers rolling in no time! Don’t forget to include a link back to your blog or email newsletter so you can convert them into newsletter subscribers directly from TikTok.

Using Hypetok as an Influencer

Being an Influencer, you probably already know that, whether you want it or not, the first thing you will be judged by is the number of followers you currently have and their engagement.

Most of the influencers can’t afford marketing teams so having a dedicated, hands-off TikTok growth service where things magically happen while you are sleeping is like having a personal marketer.

How Hypetok can help Influencer as you grow?

TikTok is a great tool to reach out and connect not just with fans but also with potential brands to seek collaboration opportunities.

Killing two birds with one stone seems like an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed.

While Hypetok team is working on your account, you could focus on your brand image and forge new partnerships with brands.

Using Hypetok as a Twitch Streamer

If you are serious about Twitch streaming, TikTok is one of the best platforms to find new viewership.

There is no Twitch streamer without a TikTok account (let me know if you know one ;) ).

TikTok is a great place to find your potential audience and convert them to your raving fans.

But just having TikTok account alone and showing off you gaming endeavors is not enough these days.

You need a way to amplify your message and get noticed.

This is what Hypetok is designed for.

How Hypetok can help you grow your audience and Twitch fans?

Use Hypetok to grow your fan base, attracting new Twitch viewers and drive them back to your Twitch profile.

Make sure to have a link to your Twitch profile.

Hypetok, even for a newly set up TikTok account will work magic and you will be surprised how quickly you can get traction and start to gain TikTok followers and more Twitch viewers in no time.

Hypetok Alternatives

Now, let’s look at some alternatives available currently on the market.

There are many techniques and methods

Hypetok vs TikTok Ads

One of the most common ways when starting with paid Tik Tok growth is reaching out to the Tik Tok Ad platform.

The differences

Here are some of the major differences:

  • Predictable pricing: With Hypetok you pay a fixed, monthly fee for the service, no matter the results. This is good as it won’t dry out your budget which is a common thing when you run ads.
  • Lower CPF (cost per follower): We ran a TikTok campaign and compared the results with Hypetok.

Hypetok vs TikTok Buying Followers or TikTok Likes

Perhaps you have considered purchasing followers or likes from some of the services that offer it and wonder what would be the difference if you used Hypetok instead?

The differences

Let’s go through major differences between using Hypetok and buying followers:

  • Authenticity: When you buy followers you can be sure they are fake profiles who will never interact with you. On the other hand, with Hypetok, you gain real followers who come from interactions done on your behalf.
  • Risk of suspension: When you buy followers, your follower counter goes up rather suspiciously quick and TikTok is aware of that. This puts your account at risk of being suspended.
  • Risk of follower churn: The followers you buy might likely to churn in the near future due to TikTok finding out and suspending fake follower networks or simply the seller withdrawing the followers at some point. You won’t have this issue with Hypetok since the followers gained are real, there is no risk of losing them unless you do something on your own to turn them off.

Hypetok vs TikTok Bot

Finally - we have bots and software-based services. How do they compare to Hypetok?

The differences

  • Risk of account suspension: bots on TikTok are against Terms of Service so the interactions might get your TikTok profile in trouble
  • Automation issues: software is just a software - it can break, it can go wrong and cause all kinds of issues with your profile, from skewed feed to awkward interactions. You don’t want that. No one wants that.

Hypetok vs DIY

Okay, let’s assume you are on a budget or simply want to put aside all these shiny options and do the TikTok growth by yourself via social media app. Not a bad idea if you have a curious mind like myself and willing to learn.

So what will you be missing on, with DIY compared to doing it with Hypetok?

The differences

  • Time: since you want to try grow TikTok followers by yourself, this will require you additional time spent. If you are a busy type of person like me with a packed schedule, this will be a major time drag. With Hypetok, once you complete the initial onboarding, you don’t need to lift a finger - from that point, everything is done for you and you just watch your followers coming in.
  • Expertise: leaving all the work to the experienced team at Hypetok pays off. Are you an experienced type? Having an extension of your brain and hands that you can trust and delegate work is always a plus.

Follower gain with Hypetok

So how many followers realistically you can gain? This will depend on a few factors.

One of them is the niche you are in. Certain niches are more suitable for TikTok than others.

For example, if you are a startup founder and want to connect with other individuals online, TikTok will work better for you and give you better reach than if you are a cosmetics brand.

But of course this was just an example and since marketing is a constant experiment, the best will be if you give it a spin for at least a month to see how it works and how many followers you can gain.


At the time of writing this review, there are two plans with two different price points available: Pro (99USD/mo) and Accelerated (199USD/mo).

The Pro plan is enough to get you started and grow.

Hypetok Review: FAQ

A couple of other details you might want to know:

How is customer service?

If there is one thing that everyone is raving right now about Hypetok, that will be for sure the customer service. These guys are obsessed with customer support.

Will my account get banned?

No. This is an organic service so your account is safe.

The team stays with TikTok limits and there is no spam involved. Your account might get in trouble only if you are using TikTok bot.

Do I need to disclose my login credentials?

Yes. TikTok growth service is no different from having a marketing manager or an agency.

Since a real person will be responsible for your growth, to do their work, they will need your login credentials.

However, you don’t necessarily need to reveal them - with tools like LastPass, you can share your login credentials without revealing your actual password.

Are there any coupons available?

At this time, I am not aware of any coupons and discounts.

If anything changes, I will make sure to update my review.

Hypetok Review: Conclusion

Everyone around is looking to up their game if it comes to their TikTok marketing efforts and you should be no different.

Marketing on TikTok can be fun and TikTok growth service like Hypetok certainly shines here.

With a dedicated manager, stellar customer service and uber-ambitious team, you will feel like having TikTok superpowers!

Rate: 4.6/5

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Karen is a senior technical writer and copywriter here at GrowFollowing. Her area of expertize are social media apps and new media.