How Much Data Does TikTok Use?

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Not all of us have an unlimited data package on our mobile plan. This creates the need to manage our app usage as much as we can, but what about TikTok?

As you know, you can watch videos of all kinds of the TikTok app, and the endless scrolling feature of the platform makes it as addicting as you imagine, even more than YouTube videos!

So, knowing how much mobile data TikTok takes is imperative for all of us, mostly if you want to use less data while watching TikTok.

In today’s guide, we are going to talk to you about:

  • How much data does TikTok use?;
  • How to check how much TikTok data you are consuming;
  • Best ways to consume fewer data while watching TikTok videos.

How Much Data Does TikTok Use?

On average, a normal TikTok video of just 15 seconds consumes 5 MB of data - this applies to one video only, according to various tests performed online.

The default setting on TikTok are set to Ultra HD settings.

This means that, unlike most streaming apps and other apps, TikTok consumes more HD-quality video content than other video streaming apps.

But how much data does TikTok use per hour?

If you watch TikTok videos for one hour straight, then you will probably get around 900 Mb of data consumed - that’s A LOT!

So, how many videos do you need to watch and for how much time before consuming this cellular data? Around 80 videos and one hour will consume this data on your phone.

Of course, it will consume more data if you watch, for instance, an HD video instead of an SD quality video or a low-quality TikTok, and since predicting what is going to pop up in your FyP is hard, then we can only estimate cellular data usage.

Remember that we are talking about cellular data and not storage data. Learn more about TikTok Storage Usage here.

How To Check TikTok App Data Usage

When you are watching YouTube videos, you can select the video quality, which can help you save enough data per hour.

Nonetheless, there isn’t such a thing as a video quality choosing option on TikTok settings.

Thus, checking your data is imperative, and you can do it like this.

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Check TikTok Data Usage on iPhone

If you have an iPhone, you can check TikTok’s data usage by following these steps:

  1. Go to your phone’s home screen, and select the Settings app;
  2. Here, tap on Cellular Data and scroll down to Current Period;
  3. Finally, locate TikTok, and you will see how much data has TikTok used during this time.

Check TikTok Data Usage on Android

Android users can also check their cellular data usage like this:

  1. Open the Settings section on your phone and select “Network & Internet;”
  2. Tap on Cellular Data, and a new screen will open;
  3. Here, scroll down, and check how much data is using the TikTok app.

How To Limit Mobile Data Usage on TikTok

It has been established now - TikTok uses a lot of data! But how can you use less data on TikTok? Fortunately, there are many default settings on your phone that can help you use less data per hour, and we are going to show you them all.

1. Turn Off Cellular Data and Prioritize WiFi

The first and most obvious thing that you should do to save data is to turn off your mobile data and use Wi-Fi instead.

We know that Wi-Fi is not always available, but as long as there is, make use of it.

2. Enable Data Saving Mode On The TikTok App

TikTok has its own data saver option on the app’s settings that allows you to reduce video resolution on all the videos you watch on the app.

To turn on this data saving mode, do the following:

  1. Open TikTok, and tap on your profile icon;
  2. Then, select the default Settings icon and scroll down to “Cellular Data & Cache;”
  3. Finally, tap on Data, and enable the data saving mode.

The data-saving mode is available on both iOS and Android devices, so don’t sleep on it.

3. Get An Unlimited Cellular Data Plan

Another one of the obvious things you should do to start saving data is to get an unlimited plan on your phone.

This way, you can forget about screen time limit and data used per hour.

Of course, you will need to spend more of your money to get it, but if you are a hardcore TikTok user, then this might as well be the definitive solution for you.

4. Use the TikTok Lite App (Android Devices)

The Tik Tok Lite App is a small version of the original app that allows you to use less data, manage battery usage, and use TikTok in a more efficient way (you can also upload and edit videos there!).

The thing is that TikTok Lite is only available on the Google Play Store, which means that this method only works for Android users.

Wrapping Up: How to Know How Much Data TikTok Uses

TikTok uses a lot of data - that’s a fact. But we won’t stop using TikTok just because of that, and that’s another fact! So, saving data on TikTok is imperative.

  1. Use your Wi-Fi instead of your mobile data whenever you can;
  2. Get a better phone plan so you can forget about mobile data problems;
  3. Enable data saving inside the TikTok platform;
  4. If you have an Android phone, use TikTok Lite.

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Does TikTok Use a Lot of Data?

Yes, TikTok uses a lot of data. It uses 5 MB every 15 seconds, and up to 900 MB per hour.

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