TikTok Comments Not Showing? Here’s Fix

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Besides uploading TikTok videos and showing their content to the world, TikTok users can also post comments to express their ideas on other’s videos quite easily.

The comment section on TikTok is indeed one of the best features that the TikTok app has, but what if it stops working?

Many users have reported that the TikTok comment section has not been loading as it should, so what is happening here? In today’s guide, we are going to be talking about:

  • Why are TikTok comments not showing?;
  • How to fix TikTok comments not showing in the comments section;
  • What to do if the TikTok comments section is still not working as it should?

Why Are TikTok Comments Not Showing? 3 Possible Reasons

If you open TikTok and try to check other users’ comments in the comments section, but you cannot view comments at all, then we might be talking about a temporary problem here.

Whenever TikTok comments are not showing, it might be due to three possible reasons.

The first one is called the “TikTok comment glitch.” The TikTok comment glitch is nothing but a temporary error that appears whenever the app encounters a problem - it should go away just by restarting the app.

The second reason is directly related to your Internet connection.

If you have a poor Internet connection and cannot load your followers’ comments because an error message keeps showing up, then you might as well need to call your ISP.

Last but not least, you might have problems with your profile.

In this case, commenting on someone’s post or other videos, or even posting comments on TikTok will be forbidden to you, which is frankly a big issue.

How to Fix TikTok Comments Not Showing: 7 Fixes

TikTok commenting is elementary if you want to keep engagement up on your TikTok account, so if comments are not showing, we must do something about it.

We have identified seven troubleshooting tips and quick fixes that can help you get rid of problems in the TikTok comment section ASAP.

Fix #1: Check Your Internet Connection

First things go first - if you have a weak Internet connection, none of the next fixes will work for you! Remember that connectivity problems will prevent you from checking all the comments on the app, including those on your own videos.

So, if you want to post comments on a specific video or particular video, then make sure that your network connection is working.

Switch from Wi-Fi to cellular data and see if that works.

Make sure that Low Data Mode or Data Saver mode is not active - otherwise, they might prevent TikTok from showing comments efficiently.

Fix #2: Update the TikTok App

Is the TikTok app updated to the latest version? If not, users will have comments problems at all times! It is imperative to update TikTok if you want to comment on people’s videos or check comments that people made on your nice post.

So, go to the Apple App Store if you have an iPhone, and search for the newest TikTok version.

If you have an Android device, go to the Google Play Store and do the same thing.

Fix #3: Force Quit and Re-Log to TikTok

If the aforementioned fixes didn’t work, then it is time to force-quit TikTok, and log out from your account.

We recommend you make another account on TikTok and try on a different device before logging back in.

Then, simply login to your account again, and see if you can see comments on someone’s video now.

If these simple tricks do not work, then we need to go one step beyond by deleting the temporary files saved on the cache:

  1. Open the Settings App on your phone and look for the Apps Tab;
  2. Here, locate TikTok, and open it;
  3. Tap on Clear Cache - this will delete all cache files.
  4. Restart your phone, open TikTok again, and see if you can now see the comments after clearing the TikTok app cache.

Fix #4: Check if TikTok Servers Are Down

Although TikTok servers are often pretty steady, you must check TikTok servers if nothing else on the app seems to work.

For instance, if you are trying to load videos, open or restart TikTok, but the app still does not work, then go to DownDetector.com and check if the servers are working.

If not, then be patient - this issue cannot be fixed by you!

Fix #5: Change Your Privacy Settings

If the comment problem takes place on your videos, then maybe your account has restrictive privacy settings, which have an automatic filter keywords for supposedly offensive comments and bot comments.

You can change your settings by going to your profile, then Privacy, and changing the “Who can comment on your videos” option.

Here, set it to everyone. You can disable comments from this screen as well, in case you need to.

Fix #6: Delete and Reinstall TikTok

This is the last thing you must try. If you are sure that your connection is working and TikTok is updated, then delete TikTok, and reinstall it.

Long-press the TikTok icon, and select Delete App. Then, go to the App Store or Play Store and download it again. This should do the trick!

Fix #7: Send a Report to TikTok Support

Let’s say that you tried everything and got zero results. In this case, you must contact TikTok support and report the problem to them.

Getting a response might take a while, but as we mentioned before, you have no other option left.

Wrapping Up: 7 Ways to Fix TikTok Comments Not Showing

TikTok comments are a really important part of the platform, so they should always work.

You can fix comment-related issues by following the aforementioned fixes:

  1. Check your connection and update TikTok if needed - use your mobile data if WiFi does not work;
  2. Check the servers of TikTok to see if there’s an outage going on;
  3. Clear TikTok cache and restart the app to see if that works;
  4. Uninstall TikTok and install it again (both iOS and Android devices);
  5. At last, if nothing works, then contact TikTok as soon as you can.

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Can I Be Banned from Commenting On TikTok?

Yes. If you have been spamming TikTok videos with spammy or offensive comments, then your account might be shadowbanned or totally banned, which will prevent you from posting any comment. Learn more about this matter by clicking here.

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