How Does Snapchat Typing Notification Work?

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Have you ever opened the Snapchat app, and seen a notification message that appears whenever other users are typing?

Well, they can also see this typing notification on their messages, which means that everyone knows that you are about to send them a new message on Snapchat.

Some Snapchat users like this feature, and others don’t like it at all. The truth is that messaging apps nowadays have a notification as soon as the user starts typing, but what if you want to disable it on your Android or iPhone mobile device?

Today we will give you the answers you are looking for about the following matters:

  • How does Snapchat typing notification work?;
  • How to manage your Snapchat notification settings;
  • Things you must know about typing alerts on the Snapchat app (iPhone and Android).

When Does Snapchat Show Typing?

Snapchat typing notification shows up as soon as you open the chat keyboard box inside the chat window.

This notification lingers on the other user’s screen only if you toggle the chat box, even if you do so by mistake.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t type anything into the text field - the notification will still appear as soon as the person or user taps on the text box.

This notification feature gets triggered on both iPhone and Android devices, and it is always triggered by the sender of the message.

When Do Snapchat Typing Notifications Disappear?

Snapchat typing notifications disappear as soon as the person is finished writing their messages on the text field.

If you don’t want to continue the conversation, and toggle switch the text field off, then the typing notification will also disappear.

In the same order of ideas, if you get the text deleted from the chat box, then the notification feature will stop appearing as well.

Remember that even if you have accidentally typed something into the text field, Snapchat users will see if you are typing something, which is why so many users find Snapchat’s typing notification quite annoying.

Can You Turn Off Snapchat Typing Notification?

Although Snapchat lets you manage your Snap notifications at your will, there is no official way to disable Snapchat typing notifications.

This makes Snapchat typing notifications more annoying than originally believed for most iOS and Android users, because you have almost no control over it.

The other person will believe that you are about to respond to their messages, even if you haven’t started typing yet.

There are some tricks that you can use to avoid some Snapchat notifications, such as Half Swiping on Snapchat, but when it comes to typing notifications, then you will not find a bullet-proof method to turn them off. The same happens on other apps, so that’s how things work!

How to Turn Off Snapchat Typing Notification

Although there is not a 100% reliable method that you can use to turn off typing notifications on Snapchat, you can still manage your notifications on your profile screen.

Some users have reported that entirely turning off Snapchat notifications have helped them to get rid of typing notifications with their contacts.

This hasn’t been entirely proven before, but it doesn’t hurt to give it a try. Either way, if you want to find a way to avoid typing notifications from appearing, then follow these three quick steps.

Step 1: Go to Your Phone Settings App (Android or iOS)

We are going to entirely turn off notifications on Snapchat, which includes message, images, and audible notifications that might appear on your user account.

But, instead of doing so from Snapchat’s home screen, we are going to complete the process through your device’s settings.

So, open your Settings App (whether you use Android or iOS), and move on to the following step.

Step 2: Go to Notifications and tap on Snapchat

Once you open Settings, you need to look for the Notifications tab. Open it, and scroll down until you find Snapchat.

Tap on Snapchat, and a new tab will open.

Step 3: Turn Off All Snapchat Notifications

After the Snapchat Notification Tab appears on your screen, you need to switch toggle off all notifications - all of them!

You will NOT find a “typing notifications” toggle - it doesn’t matter where you look for it.

After you disable the notifications, see if other users can now know that you are typing. This works mostly on old versions of the app, so there’s a high chance that this does not work at all for you.

Wrapping Up: How Does Snapchat Typing Notification Work?

As you can see, typing notifications on Snapchat are tricky to understand.

To summarize this article, we would say that, in modern versions of Snapchat, turning off typing notifications is totally impossible.

Disabling all notifications can help you only depending on your device’s and app’s version. Other than that, the typing notification will be there forever!

We hope you found this guide useful. For more Snapchat guides and articles, you can check all the related content that GrowFollowing has prepared for you.


Does Snapchat’s Typing Notification Show Up On Airplane Mode?

In theory, it doesn’t. If you manage to access the Snapchat application when Airplane Mode is enabled, then the typing notification will not show up because the app won’t know that you are writing a message since you are entirely disconnected from the Internet.

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