How to See Hidden Friends on Snapchat

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When you sign up for a Snapchat account, you are able to manage each person that interacts with you.

This means that only certain people will be able to talk to you, send you a photo, a message, a video, or any other type of Snap chat within the app’s ecosystem.

Sometimes, you can decide to hide friends on the app, as well as set a certain user as your best friend.

On the other hand, it is possible that you saw the username of a user on your profile, but can’t properly add friends to your friends list. So, how do you manage issues with hidden users? This post on our website will talk to you about the following:

  • ** How to see hidden friends on Snapchat;**

  • Understanding the hidden friends meaning on the Snapchat app;

  • How to unhide your friends on Snapchat.

What Are Hidden Friends on Snapchat?

Hidden friends on Snapchat are the people that have added you, but you haven’t accepted, or the people you can’t find on the app for one reason or another.

This means that you can’t send them messages, photos, videos, or Snaps simply because, unlike other friends, they are not showing up on your friend list.

If we also take a wild guess, we might as well say that you have blocked those people, or not accepted their friend request just yet.

Either way, you can always see how many friends you have on Snapchat, and manage your list of friends accordingly.

According to Snapchat, you can make your account private, set best friends, post hidden photos or hidden snaps that are only shared with other people, and more.

If you want to prevent a privacy breach of your information, which is something that happens quite a lot on social networks such as Facebook, then setting up certain information as private or hidden has great advantages, mostly if you don’t want certain people to view hidden snaps you post.

How to See Hidden Friends On Snapchat

The first method to see hidden friends is to look for your Snapchat friend list. Perhaps your friends are not hidden at all, but you just can’t find them on the app.

This works to find Snapchat mutual friends, so without further ado, just follow these quick steps.

Step 1: Open the Snapchat App and Go to Your Profile

Open Snapchat on your mobile device, and the camera screen will open as well. In order to go to your friends section, simply tap on your profile icon, which appears at the top left corner of the screen.

After you open your profile page (which might also be a ghost icon if you have no profile picture), scroll down a little bit.

Step 2: Open Your Friends List and Check Your Friends

Here, tap on your Friend’s List, right below your Snapchat score. A list with all the users you have added will appear.

Check each person one by one, and you can even send them messages if needed.

Step 3: Check Your Friend List, Accept or Decline Friend Requests

Perhaps you can’t see hidden friends because you haven’t accepted their requests. In this case, you will be able to search for your requests on this same Friend List screen.

Surf through the requests, accept those you want to accept, and after that, the username of the person will appear on your list - your friends won’t be hidden anymore!

How to Unhide Friends (Blocked Users)

If you have blocked users on Snapchat, then they will be entirely hidden from your friend’s list. In this case, it is imperative to unblock these users, so you can “un-hide” them and chat with them again.

Step 1: Open Snapchat and Go to Settings

Open Snapchat and go to your profile section by tapping the icon at the upper left corner of the screen.

Step 2: Scroll Down to Account Actions and Select Blocked

Now, select the settings icon, which is a gear icon that appears at the top right corner of the screen.

This will open the Settings Menu. Here, scroll down until you find the Account Actions option.

Step 3: Tap the X Icon and Unhide Snapchat Friends

Open the Blocked button, and you will see a list of your hidden friends, which you have (accidentally or not) blocked before.

Simply tap the X icon if you want to unblock them. This will subsequently unhide them from your profile, and you will be able to chat with them on Snapchat again by finding them on your friend’s list.

What Does “Hidden Friend Suggestions” Mean On Snapchat?

Hidden Friend Suggestions on Snapchat might have two meanings: it either means you have entirely removed friend suggestions on the app, which can be done from your settings menu; or it means that you need to manually open the suggestions in order to check what person Snapchat is suggesting you add.

Either way, this can easily be determined depending on your point of view inside the platform.

All in all, remember that hidden friends are not always really hidden. And, at last, if you cannot find a “Hidden Friend,” then perhaps they have blocked you!

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Can You Hide Snapchat Story from Snapchat Users?

Yes! Snapchat allows you to create private stories, which can be set right before you upload the story to the platform. Therefore, you don’t need to hide users or block them in order to post private Snapchat stories whatsoever.

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