10 Secret Messaging Apps That Look Like Games


Social media apps are great to communicate with your friends and family.

However, most popular apps like Facebook messenger don’t do much to provide a secure communication space.

And while most popular apps lack end-to-end encryption, they have uninspiring user interfaces.

But probably the worst part is that they look like regular apps.

Meaning that anyone will know where to look for your secret messages.

The best way to keep your private messages is to use apps that look like games.

Those secret chat apps will fool any intruders that get a hold of your phone.

That’s why we made a list with the 10 best secret messaging apps out for Android and iPhone devices.

Today you’ll find:

  • Secret texting apps for Android
  • Secret messaging app for Apple
  • Secret messaging apps for both devices

Secret Texting Apps For Android

Android users have access to a few secret messaging apps.

Still, they can easily fool anyone looking to take a peek at your cell phone messages.

Here are the best secret texting apps for Android:

Note: Apps like Facebook’s Messenger do present issues. That’s another good reason to use alternatives.

One of the most common issues is the This Person Is Unavailable error message.

Send Secret Text Messages With Silence

You can use the private texting app for free!

Secret is a secure communication tool that promises to protect your text and voice messages.

It’s an exceptional secret messaging app with an user-friendly interface, meaning that it is easy to pick up.

What is not to love?

Write Some Numbers With Calculator

This private messenger is a phone vault application disguised as a phone calculator that will fool anyone trying to read your secret chats.

While it does have a relatively unappealing user interface, this secret texting app gets the job done.

Pro Tip: Another great app to share private videos, stories and messages is Snapchat.

You can make private stories exclusive to your friends. They will be deleted just after a few hours, so be mindful about how you use them.

Secret Messaging App For Apple

If you were looking for a private messaging app for your Apple device, look no further. Here is a list for Apple devices that will protect all your hidden content:

Have Private Conversations With Smiley

You can use the smiley private texting app will help you protect your conversations with passwords.

And while the app lacks the ability to make phone calls at all, it is a reliable text encryption application.

Protect Your Messages With Blur Chat

This iphone messaging app has face and touch id recognition, taking the whole encrypted messaging app schtick to a whole new level.

Users need to prove their identity to see messages.

Have Secret Calls With CoverMe

CoverMe is great for hiding private calls, and messages. This is one of the few apps in this list that does allow voice calls as well.

As long as you have a stable Internet connection, CoverMe will protect your data.

Use The Secret App

A little on the nose, but a glance, it doesn’t look like a messaging app. You can sign in with your existing mobile number.

Secret will delete messages on chat or group chat within a few hours, so it will leave no trace about your conversations.

Also Read: Instagram has a couple of functions to create private messages. The most popular feature is vanish mode.

Once you close vanish mode, Instagram messages will be deleted automatically.

Secret Messaging Apps For Both iOS and Android Devices

Private messaging apps are on the rise, and some of them have been released for both operating systems.

Here are the best for Android and iOS devices:

Write Messages On Telegram

Regarded as the best secret messaging app, Telegram has it all.

  • Automatic message deletion.
  • End-to-end encryption.
  • Hide text messages.
  • Voice and video calls.
  • Has group chats.

And you can download it on multiple devices! The only problem is that it doesn’t really look like a game. Still,it is probably one of the best applications for sending secure messages.

Try Viber

Viber is truly the king of game-like private messaging applications. It even has games inside the app!

You can also send GIFs, images, and many more things.

It will keep your chats safe while fooling people into thinking that it is just another generic gaming app.

However, their messaging protections features are lacking compared to other options on this list.

Meet Signal Private Messenger

The Signal private messenger takes everything up a notch.

The app doesn’t even save your messages on the server, giving you extra protection from hackers.

Once a message is gone, it’s gone for good. It also features an audio call backup option for all your phone call needs.

Wire App

Wire is a secret chat app with end-to-end encryption made for business.

Again, this app doesn’t look like a game, but it’s one of the best if not THE BEST secret texting app.

The app was designed for business, so it has a private message box, allows fully encrypted voice calling, and ensures secure secret messages.

Wire allows you to have multiple accounts for a single business, so everyone in your company can get an account.

Secret Messaging Apps FAQ

What Messaging App Has A Hidden Message Feature?

Most of the apps in our list have hidden messages features.

Telegram, for example, it’s a secure chat app that can hide messages, have secret texting and will protect all your confidential messages.

It depends on what you’re looking for. Calculator is great at hiding confidential details because it looks like a calculator.

However, any app on the list will help you hide secret messages.

The main disadvantage of these apps is that they use third-party servers to store your data.

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