How to Repost a Story on Instagram


As of last year, over 500 million Instagram users posted Instagram stories.

Making them one of the most popular Instagram content there is.

That’s why the Instagram app recently added a new feature that allows you to repost stories into your own story!

Whenever you are tagged in someone else’s story, you’ll be able to share that Instagram story as if it was your own.

This feature was implemented to boost the reach of stories for all accounts involved.

Want to learn how to repost Instagram story?

You’ve come to the right place.


  • What are the requirements to repost an Instagram story?
  • How to repost a story on Instagram?
  • What else can you repost on an Instagram story?

What Are The Requirements To Repost An Instagram Story?

Whenever you share a post to your story, you boost the numbers of an Instagram post or story.

However, there are certain requirements you must meet to do so.

To share stories, you’ll need to take this into account:

  • You can only repost from public accounts
  • The other account must have the Instagram story and post sharing enabled.
  • You must be tagged on the other story.

Not every Instagram account wants you to share their stories, and that’s totally fine.

As you’ve seen, it mostly has to do with privacy.

For some people sharing posts might attract unwanted attention.

Note: You can now add multiple photos to an Instagram story.

This function allows you to share photos directly from your camera roll while you repost an Instagram story at the same time.

How To Repost a Story on Instagram

If you meet the requirements mentioned above, you can share stories on your own Instagram account.

Instagram rolled out the feature so people could boost each other while using the app.

When someone shares your post, it will be seen by more people.

Some users tag as many accounts as they can just to reach more people.

Repost Instagram Stories You Are Tagged In

If you want to repost Instagram stories into your own story, ask someone to tag you into their story. Then, simply tap the share button on your DMs.

To go into more detail, here are the instructions:

  • Step 1: Open Instagram.
  • Step 2: Tap the paper airplane icon on the top right corner of the screen. It’s on the opposite corner of your profile icon.
  • Step 3: You’ll see your DMs (direct messages). If you were tagged, you’d get a direct message with a link to the Instagram story.
  • Step 4: Tap “Add post to Story.”

You’ll be taken into the story editor.

From there, you can add stickers to the story to add music or tag more people.

You can do so with the sticker icon.

Whenever you repost content, the Instagram app will automatically tag the original account.

If it doesn’t, you can tag them with the Aa icon.

Also read: If you don’t want Instagram to find out that you are reposting user-generated content, give the post a makeover.

Change the background color of an Instagram story with the draw icon. In that article, we go over some creative tips to boost your reach.

Can You Share An Instagram Story You Aren’t Tagged In?

You can’t repost someone else’s Instagram story if you aren’t tagged or if the tagger has a private account.

That’s the only official way to do so.

Doing so will break Instagram’s community guidelines.

You can repost someone’s story but your risk a ban.

Think of it this way: How would you feel if they used your own story without permission?

Still, reposting Instagram stories without giving proper credit is a common occurrence.

The most common ways to re-share someone else’s content are:

  • With your phone’s built-in screen recorder.
  • Screenshotting stories.
  • Using third-party apps.

Screen recordings are the most popular method to save and repost someone else’s story.

Screenshotting stories is self-explanatory.

Third-party apps allow you to use a copied link to download a story.

Whichever is the case, make sure to give credit by writing the account name or tagging the original Instagram account.

Otherwise, your post might cause you some unwanted attention.

It’s better not to risk a ban on Instagram and give credit to the original poster.

What Else Can You Repost On An Instagram Story?

You can repost almost all types of content on your own posts.

To share your feed posts, simply tap the stories icon next to the comment bubble. Next, tap “Share to stories.”

If you find that the content is private, a screen recording will do the trick.

Just remember to tag the account even when you do a screen recording.

And if the other person asks you to take that story down, comply.

Don’t risk a possible ban on Instagram.

Repost Instagram Story FAQ

Can People See If I Shared Their Stories On Instagram?

Yes, Instagram sends a notification when reposting stories.

They’ll appear on the DMs of the original creator.

However, if you share a feed post, it will appear as a regular notification. Try it out with your friends.

Can You Share An Instagram Post To A Story?

Yes, you can share a post you saw on your Instagram feed. Instagram posts have a small stories icon.

If you tap it, you’ll create a new story from the post. Remember to decorate a post with your own branded gifs.

Can You Repost Your Own Stories On Instagram?

Yes, you can repost your own post on the app. The process is exactly the same. Go to your DMs, and you’ll notice that you’ll be tagged by yourself.

Enter your self chat and sharing as normal. It’s weird that you can do so, but it is useful.

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