How To Promote Your Cryptocurrency Project On Twitter

Published on: June 25, 2018

As word of cryptocurrency is buzzing with new projects and ICOs launched almost on daily basis, it’s important to leverage all possible channels, including social networks. One of the best platforms to promote ICOs and other cryptocurrency related projects is Twitter.

Despite Twitter banning cryptocurrency ads it’s not over yet for you having your 5 minutes of fame. Being 330 million people strong, Twitter became a perfect place to give your ICO or other crypto realted projects an exposure it deserves.

Below I’ve listed few ways you can make a Twitter your perfect acquisition channel.

Your profile is everything

People on Twitter prefer to interact with other individuals. Data clearly shows that a person will more likely follow you back if your profile is not yet-another-brand-on-Twitter.

Keeping that in mind, first thing you want to make sure is that you are promoting your ICO (or other crypto project) from your personal account, not brand account. You don’t have one yet? Set it up now!

Twitter bio

Twitter description, or like other people call it - bio - should be short and to the point. Tell quickly who you are and what you do - short & sweet.

Don’t try to include in your Twitter description every possible crypto hashtag out there. Max 2 hashtags is enough - anything over that will only make your profile looks spammy so avoid it at all costs.

Don’t forget to add a link to a website where perfectly you want to have some sort of email input in place to collect emails from your visitors. Even if your project is not live yet, there is no excuses to waste this precious traffic.

Cover image

Visuals matter, especially on social networks. Scrape an idea of getting a cheap-looking image from stock footage sites. They suck. Invest in high quality graphic that capture attention and align with the style of the rest of the profile.

Looking for inspirations? Here are few great examples:

Do not fake it

Now, don’t take me wrong but if you had an idea of faking your following - don’t. There is a lot of shady looking Twitter profiles and the methods they utilize do more harm than good to their brand image.

Where your account might look popular having high number of followers, it’s pretty easy for one to spot genuine following - just click at “Followers” tab of any Twitter profile and scroll down.

I did small research to identify big crypto currency related Twitter profiles and sadly, to my surprise - even now in 2018 still many companies try to fake their popularity.

Below a screenshot of rather large profile with many, many questionable accounts. I wonder are they even aware of it? For sake of respect to their brand I did blurred out their profile name and identifable informations.

Use growth service

You’ve probably spent countless hours, days and weeks following relevant profiles on Twitter in hope of them noticing your project (if you did not yet, then at least you should give it a try).

Where this method itself is great way to get follows back and if executed well, bring a steady amount of followers over time, it’s only fruitful if you dedicate to it a large chunk of your day. You won’t move a needle following 20 profiles a day.

It takes me on average 2 hours a day to follow well-researched group of at least 600 relevant profiles (which is a daily Twitter limit) through Twitter app. Now thoese 2 hours a day are 60 hours a month (!) and that’s a lot of time. This makes it a perfect task to outsource so that I can focus on other things.

Reach out to crypto influencers on Twitter