How to Post Anonymously on Facebook


Facebook has recently introduced an anonymous posting feature that works across Facebook groups that you can join within the platform.

This allows you to share anonymous group posts only on specific groups that enable anonymous posting on the group settings.

As you can imagine, you cannot create anonymous post on your personal profile - there’s a reason why private, and public Facebook accounts exist!

Nonetheless, if a certain group has the anonymous posting feature enabled, then you can use it alright.

In today’s article, we will give you the info you need about:

  • How to post anonymously on Facebook;
  • Things to know before posting anonymously on the Facebook app;
  • How to create an anonymous post on Facebook.

Can You Make An Anonymous Post on Facebook?

Yes, you can post anonymous posts on Facebook as long as you do so in a group.

This newly introduced Facebook feature allows you and other group members to become anonymous posters in groups where the group’s admin has enabled the anonymous posting feature.

It’s not like posting anonymously works outside groups - it is a feature meant to be used whenever you are a group participant.

All in all, posting anonymously in a Facebook group has a few advantages:

  1. Your profile will not be shared with group members - only group admins and moderators will be able to know your identity;
  2. You can remain anonymous within Facebook’s systems if you want to avoid unwanted attention;
  3. You can discuss sensitive information and sensitive topics while remaining anonymous. This also works great in parenting groups.

Still, not that, as a group member, making anonymous posts has the same rules as any other normal post.

This means that you need to comply with the community standards, respect the different post formats, follow the group-type rules, and wait for post approval by the group’s admins if needed.

You and any other member need to comply with this, so it is important to have this in mind.

How to Enable Anonymous Group Posts on Facebook

As we mentioned before, you can only create anonymous posts if the admins enable anonymous posts on their groups.

This feature is part of the different admin tools that they have, and enabling anonymous posting works like this:

  1. Open a Facebook Group as an admin and go to the Facebook Group’s settings;
  2. Here, go to the Admin Tools Panel and select Features;
  3. As a group administrator, click on the Anonymous Posting option and turn it on.

After you enable anonymous posting, you and other members will be able to create posts using this feature.

Keep in mind that moderators can also see and publish posts anonymously.

How to Post Anonymously on Facebook Group

Now that you know how anonymous posts work on Facebook, it is time to learn how to create them.

Keep in mind that you won’t be able to create an anonymous post on all groups you find!

Step 1: Open Facebook and Go to Facebook Groups

First of all, open Facebook, and on the left panel, select the Groups and Other Groups icons.

Here, look for a group, and proceed with the following step.

Step 2: Tap on Create a Post and Select Post Anonymously

Once you open the Facebook group, tap on Create Post, which is a little pencil icon.

Here, you will see a number of options.

Look for the Anonymous Post feature, and tap on it.

Step 3: Submit Anonymous Posts And Wait for Group Admins to Approve Them

Now, write the anonymous post you want to make. Once you are done, tap Submit, and the post will go to the Pending Posts section until an admin approves it.

You can check anonymous posts from other group members by browsing the group.

That’s how it works! Remember that you will require admin authorization before being able to post in the group.

Tips on How To Post Anonymously on Facebook

Whether you are a group member or an admin, there are three pieces of advice you must consider regarding anonymous posting on Facebook:

  1. When you post anonymously in a Facebook group, all admins and moderators are able to see your profile;
  2. If you disable the anonymous feature on Facebook groups, all the previous anonymous posts made in it will immediately disappear;
  3. You can also comment on an anonymous post anonymously, so make use of this advantage.

That’s all you need to know about anonymous posts on a Facebook group! Get more useful and quick Facebook guides here, at GrowFollowing.


Can Facebook Group Admin See Your Name if You Post Anonymously?

Yes, admins and moderators will still be able to see your name and profile picture.

Can You Comment Anonymously in a Facebook Group?

Yes - all the comments that group members make on a Facebook group will also be anonymous.

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