Why Are My Photos Blurry on Facebook? (FIX Here)


When we upload photos to Facebook, the last thing we want is to see some blurry photos on your profile page - they look awful!

As you know, the level of customization that Meta provides to Facebook users is simply amazing.

You can change your Facebook cover photos, profile photo on Facebook, upload Facebook Stories, and more; but if there’s one thing that matters, it’s picture quality.

Thus, if you are constantly experiencing the “Facebook pictures blurry” problem, then let us help you.

Keep on reading to get more info about:

  • Why are my photos blurry on Facebook?;
  • How to fix blurry image on the Facebook social media platform;
  • Things to consider to fix blurry Facebook photos easily.

Why Are My Photos Blurry on Facebook?

Blurry images on Facebook always have a root cause.

Perhaps you are trying to upload a photo to your Facebook Story, and then it looks blurry, or maybe you are changing your cover photo, and the aspect ratio is not quite fitting.

Well, this happens due to any of the three following reasons:

  1. Poor Internet connection: first and foremost, you must take into account that Facebook display photo-quality on content depending on the stability of your Internet connection. Therefore, if your connection is failing, a blurry picture will appear;
  2. Facebook App bugs and issues: perhaps the Facebook application was facing a small bug at the moment of the download, or maybe the app is outdated, which means that you need to fix this problem ASAP. This affects the videos and pictures you post on Facebook;
  3. Problems with the photo upload: depending on the file type of the video or photo you are trying to post, Facebook makes the best changes to ensure the right use of its uploading interface. There are some tools that claim to repair damaged photos, but the truth is that using the wrong files will cause low quality on your uploads most times.

How To Fix Blurry Pictures on Facebook

Now that you know the reasons behind blurry photos on Facebook, it is time to learn how to fix the image quality of your uploads.

Remember that a blurry photo can appear anywhere: from your profile picture to your Facebook Story, blurry photos are here to make our feed look bad!

Thus, check out these five solutions to fix blurry pictures on Facebook right away.

Fix #1: Check Your Network Connection

The first thing that you must do to fix blurry pictures on Facebook is to ensure that you are using a stable connection.

It doesn’t matter if you have a personal or a business page - if your Internet is not working, then Facebook will fail.

This also causes problems with profile pictures and other platforms, such as the Instagram Stories Blurry issue.

Thus, switch from Wi-Fi to mobile data on your phone’s screen control center, and try to post the image again.

Fix #2: Update Facebook Before Uploading Photos

Perhaps the blurry images and videos appear because you are using an old version of the Facebook app.

iOS users must open the Apple App Store, look for Facebook, and hit that update button.

Android users must do the same on the Google Play Store.

After you update the app, try to get videos or pictures uploaded - this should do the trick.

If this does not work, then move on to the next step.

Fix #3: Set the Correct Size for the Picture

The file format of the picture and its aspect ratio is one of the most important factors that Facebook considers when uploading photos.

Let’s make a quick summary of these factors:

  1. Photo size: Facebook recommends images with a picture size under 15 MB. If you use programs such as Adobe Photoshop to edit a high-resolution photo and upload it to Facebook, then it might appear pixelated;
  2. The file information: Facebook recommends uploading PNG, MBP, and JPEG files. Like other platforms, Facebook supports JPEG file, which is the best format you can use not to lose quality during uploads;
  3. Image resolution: if the resolution is greater than the 1,080 x 1,350-pixel resolution recommended by Facebook, then quality might suffer if you try to upload a video or an image to the platform.

Fix #4: Toggle HD Quality On Facebook Uploads

There’s an option that allows you to make each Facebook post in the highest image quality possible, and you can toggle it like this:

  1. Open Facebook, and tap on the Hamburger Button at the top right corner of the screen;
  2. Here select the gear icon on the screen to go to the Settings Tab;
  3. After you select Settings, search for the Media and Contacts Option - there, toggle “Upload Photos;”
  4. Now, make sure that the Upload HD option is enabled.

From now on, Facebook won’t save any data when trying to upload images to your profile. This fix works both on Android and iOS devices.

Fix #5: Turn Off Data Saver Mode

There’s a high chance that you have accidentally or manually enabled Data Saver Mode on your Android or Apple device. To turn off the data saver, do the following:

  1. Open Settings on your phone (whether you use iOS or Android) and locate the Mobile Data section;
  2. Scroll down through all the apps, and locate Facebook;
  3. Here, make sure that the Data Saver Toggle on Facebook is turned off.

Data saver prevents Facebook from uploading any image to its full HD potential, so if you don’t want this to happen, then disabling this mode is your best shot.

Fixing Blurry Facebook Photos: Summary

Blurry photos on Facebook look quite bad and can ruin the aesthetic of your profile. Hence, in order to get rid of them, these solutions are for you:

  1. Check your network connection and use mobile data instead of Wi-Fi if needed;
  2. Keep the Facebook app updated;
  3. Make sure to toggle the HD Quality option on Facebook;
  4. Turn off Data Saver modes on your phone’s settings;
  5. Consider the correct image formats;

That’s how you do it! Get more useful Facebook insights here, at GrowFollowing.


Why Are Photos Blurry In Facebook Messenger?

Photos are blurry when you send them or receive them on Messenger because you have chosen the wrong format, your Internet is failing, or you have data saver mode active on your mobile device.

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