What Does Pending Mean on Snapchat?

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Did you just send a Snapchat message and it appears to be on a pending status?

Don’t worry; there might be nothing wrong with your phone device.

This also happens to other users for many reasons, but it’s important to understand why this happens and how to solve it.

If you or one of your friends have encountered the “pending” problem in the past, then it’s time to fix this issue once and for all.

So, do you want to know what does pending mean on Snapchat? You are about to find out.

Let’s not wait any longer - in this Snapchat guide, we will give you valuable info about:

  • How to solve the “pending message” problem on your Snapchat account;
  • Multiple reasons why the pending status appears in your phone;
  • What to do if the Snapchat Pending status persists.

What Does the Pending Message Mean on the Snapchat App?

First of all, it’s essential to understand that the pending message is indeed an error of the Snapchat app.

If you’ve tried to send a snap to the other user and the message appears to be waiting to be sent, then you’ve got a problem.

The pending messages will look like this on your smart device:

In this case, your Snapchat friend will not be receiving any snaps from you.

The message is simply on a “not delivered” status but might be sent once the issue is fixed.

But, how long will Snapchat stay pending?! Do I have to wait for the arrow to turn blue so I can send snaps again? Why don’t I have this problem with other apps?

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Check if There’s a Problem with Snapchat’s Servers

One of the reasons why pending on Snapchat might appear in your app is because the other person just blocked you.

Nevertheless, before jumping to conclusions, there’s a crucial step you must do: check if this is happening to another Snapchat user.

The best way to do this is by taking a look at this Downdetector.

If there’s a problem with the servers of the app, then you won’t be able to send some snaps.

Hopefully, the company will fix the error as soon as possible, so you might want to wait for a status change in the near future.

4 Reasons Why the Pending Status Appears

Here are the most common reasons why you are seeing “pending” status on Snapchat:

Reason #1: There’s a Problem with Your Internet Connection

Did you turn your mobile data on? Maybe there’s an issue with your wi-fi connection.

Network issues can happen all the time.

And guess what happens if you send a snap to a recipient’s phone without having a proper internet connection?

That’s right - the Snapchat pending message appears.

Reason #2: Your Friend Request Hasn’t Been Approved

If the internet connection is not the problem, maybe your Snapchat friend request hasn’t been accepted yet.

You must have a person on your friends list so you can send a snap and chat with them.

Otherwise, the recipient will just not get notifications regarding your messages.

Reason #3: Your Snapchat Account Has Been Restricted

Violations of Snapchat privacy policies result in your username being restricted to send messages.

Nonetheless, if there’s a problem with your Snapchat account, you’ll probably receive a notification beforehand.

Reason #4: Your Snapchat Friend Blocked You

This is the most common reason why the Snapchat pending status appears.

As you might guess, Snapchat won’t give you notifications when a user has blocked you.

Thus, if you send a message to a person and the message happens to be not delivered on pending status, then they’ve just blocked you.

Pro-Tip: It is not the same to “Unfriend” a person in Snapchat as to “Block” a person.

If they’ve unfriended you and the other user account is public, then you’ll be able to see their stories.

However, if they’ve blocked you, they won’t appear on your friend list.

You can’t even look at their snap score.

How to Solve the Pending on Snapchat Problem

Now that you know the causes of the pending message when you write to a friend, it’s time to understand how to solve it.

Check if There Are Problems with Your Android or iPhone Device

First things first - your best bet would be trying to restart your phone. If nothing happens, you can clear cache on the settings menu.

Remember to check your internet connection before you send a message on Snapchat.

If this doesn’t solve the problem, it’s time to move on to the next step.

Contact your Snapchat Friends

If you see your entire Snapchat history and there weren’t any problems in the past few days, then it’s time to send them a message using another app, such as Facebook or Instagram.

If you both have the same issue and haven’t deleted each other from Snapchat, then the problem is happening due to problems on the Snapchat servers.

Accept that Someone Has Blocked You

It’s time to move on. If a user blocked you, there’s nothing you can do about it to change that decision on Snapchat.

Accept your fate and move on with grace.

There’s nothing you can do to get unblocked unless you personally talk to your friend (or ex-friend).

It’s not the end of the world, though - do not despair.

Contact Snapchat Support

Go to the Snapchat Support website and write “Pending” on the search bar.

The following screen will appear:

If you believe there’s still something wrong with your account, then contact support and expect to receive an answer.

They will tell you if there’s indeed something wrong or not - if you can text other people, then the best-case scenario is that the person you are trying to contact just deleted you.

That’s all we have got to say about the pending message on Snapchat.

Did someone block you? Move on.

Is there a problem with your phone or simply Snapchat not working well? Fix it.

At the end of the day, keep in mind that Snapchat is just one of the many platforms you can use to communicate with others on a daily basis.

Pending on Snapchat FAQ

Does Pending Mean Unadded or Blocked You on Snapchat?

Not necessarily. Yes, the Pending message appears if someone blocks or deletes you, but it can also mean that there are servers or connection problems.

What Does the Gray Arrow Mean on Snapchat?

It means the message was not delivered to a recipient. It mostly appears because they didn’t accept your friend request.

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