How to Pay for Onlyfans Without Credit Card

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Imagine you go through the OnlyFans website, and find a creator that you truly like.

You want to purchase that OnlyFans subscription, but you don’t want to use your credit card data for privacy concerns.

What do you do then? Do you skip on buying the subscription, or do you try to find a way around it?

If you chose the second alternative, then you have arrived at the right place.

Today, we are going to show you how to perform an OnlyFans payment without using your personal credit card information.

Keep reading today’s article on GrowFollowing to learn more about:

  • How to pay for OnlyFans without credit card;
  • What to know before you purchase subscriptions using another method;
  • Best alternatives to use OnlyFans without a credit card.

Accepted Payment Method on OnlyFans

OnlyFans value transparency and privacy above all. That’s why if you want to purchase OnlyFans subscriptions, you must use a credit or debit card.

According to the official website, OnlyFans does not support payments from PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other third-party payment provider or non-bank financial institutions.

OnlyFans creators want more people to pay for their monthly subscription, but they also value the importance of privacy on the OnlyFans platform.

Nevertheless, as it happens with other matters, such as Screenshoting OnlyFans, there’s always a way around on the OnlyFans app.

Will OnlyFans Payments Appear on My Credit Card Statements?

Yes, they will, and there’s no way to avoid it.

All OnlyFans transactions display on your bank statement or credit card statement, whether you like it or not. Debit card statements are not the exception either.

The full OnlyFans label that appears on your bank account or debit cards information will be “OnlyFans.com.”

Sometimes, only the letters OF will appear, but it depends on the OnlyFans transaction.

So, if you want to pay the monthly fee to see a premium account on Only Fans, you better look for an alternative payment method.

How to Pay for OnlyFans Without Credit Card

Since most OnlyFans creators choose to charge a monthly subscription fee in order to earn money on the platform, you will probably need a fully verified payment method if you want to see a premium profile.

Luckily, we have gathered information regarding four proven methods that can help you achieve your goals.

Method 1: Use a Virtual Credit Card

First and foremost, using virtual credit cards is the absolute best method you can employ to pay for OnlyFans without a credit card.

Step 1: Set Up A Virtual Card

There are multiple trustworthy websites where you can set up a virtual credit card. One of them is Privacy.com.

Setting up a virtual credit card allows you to control your expenses, as well as limit the appearance of “unwanted statements” or credit card descriptors on your bank.

Other websites also provide the option to generate a free virtual credit card, so it is up to you. Set up the card, and proceed.

Step 2: Fund Your OnlyFans Mobile Wallet

Now, you will use the virtual card to fund your OnlyFans wallet. You can use the funds in your wallet to pay for subscriptions for as long as you want.

The platform will directly turn your virtual card money into OnlyFans credits, meaning that the card will only be used once.

Step 3: Pay OnlyFans with your Wallet Funds

Finally, look for the OnlyFans creator you want to subscribe to, and use your Wallet Credits to see their OnlyFans profile.

That way, the statement won’t show on your personal credit card, and your OnlyFans account will work efficiently as well.

The payments will continue until you decide to cancel OnlyFans subscription.

Method 2: Use a Prepaid Card (Visa or Mastercard Only)

Another way to pay on your OnlyFans account without a credit card is by using a prepaid or debit card issued by Visa or Mastercard.

OnlyFans is pretty clear about this: not all prepaid cards will work.

We recommend you use a prepaid Visa card, since all prepaid Visa cards are accepted.

Just input the prepaid card details on your profile, and let it confirm payment for the premium OnlyFans account you want to see.

If you wonder whether the prepaid Visa card you are about to use works on OnlyFans, you can contact OnlyFans support and ask them beforehand.

Method 3: Use a Third-Party Platform

There are plenty of third-party tools that can be used to see OnlyFans for free.

For instance, the OnlyFans Viewer Tool uses the OnlyFans API code to show you the content you want to see.

After you complete verification on the app, you will have access to multiple premium profiles.

The problem with these apps is that they are unverified and their provenance is unknown.

Since they ask you for your credentials, you might tread lightly when using any kind of third-party tool related to OnlyFans viewer.

Method 4: Check Free OnlyFans Accounts

If you don’t want to use any of the aforementioned methods, then simply look for a free account instead.

It might surprise you that you can find the best free OnlyFans account just by looking for it.

Although most OnlyFans free accounts eventually upgrade to premium ones, you can still follow OnlyFans creators looking for free exposure and increased viewership.

Hurry up, before they change or delete their OnlyFans account!

That’s all you need to know about paying for OnlyFans without using a credit card. Need more OnlyFans tips and insights? Check GrowFollowing on a daily basis!


Does OnlyFan Store My Credit Card Details?

No. Onlyfans uses a third-party payment system, meaning that all cards and payment information are safely encrypted and are not stored on the platform.

Can you use PayPal on OnlyFans?

No, you cannot. PayPal is not a valid payment method on OnlyFans. If you want to pay for a premium subscription, then you either need to use a debit or credit card, or follow the steps we have just shown you in this guide - as simple as that.

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