What Does NFS Mean on Instagram? 8 Meanings

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Acronyms of all forms and kinds have conquered the Internet since the early days of social media platforms.

They were early adopted in the gaming space, but gaming folks are not the only ones who use acronyms on the Internet.

Social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, use different acronyms which normal and other meanings depending on the context.

Now, it’s time to talk about the acronym NFS and the meaning a person gives it.

This post will cover the following topics:

  • What does NFS mean on Instagram?;
  • Understanding the NFS meaning on IG;
  • How to use NFS on Instagram.
Quick answer

On Instagram, the acronym NFS can have various meanings, depending on how it’s used. It could stand for No Filter Saturday/Sunday, No Filter Story, No Filter Squad and many others.

So, pay attention to the context to figure out what someone’s really trying to say!

Does NFS Stand for a Single Thing?

That’s one of the most interesting things about NFS on Instagram - it does not have a single meaning.

For example, if we were talking about video games, then NFS might as well mean Need for Speed, which is a popular racing game that you and your friends probably play.

It also does not mean Network File System - we are on Instagram, not on a computer science course or something like that.

The truth is that all acronyms depend on the context, so, in order to understand one such acronym, we need to review the most commonly used meanings that it has.

What Does NFS Mean On Instagram?

Whenever you see NFS on a phrase, picture, or even Instagram comment, you might wonder about its meaning rapidly.

Well, this popular acronym has different meanings - we counted up to 8 different meanings for Instagram NFS!

But what does NFS mean on Instagram exactly? Let’s review all the possible options so you can understand things better, and clarify all other questions you might have about NFS meaning.

1. NFS Stands For No Filter Saturday or No Filter Sunday

The first thing that NFS means is No Filter Saturday or Sunday.

It’s used whenever users post pictures without filters, and they add the #NFS hashtag to clarify that filters are not on the table at all.

Some Instagram users just like to show that they don’t use filters on posts or stories.

Of course, this meaning only applies on Saturdays or Sundays.

2. NFS Stands For No Filter Story

Continuing the editorial line of the aforementioned meaning, this acronym can also be used on an Instagram Story without filters.

If a person uploads an Instagram Story, and wants to tell their followers that their pictures do not use filters, they can save time by using #NFS.

3. NFS Means No Filter Squad

If users post photos with their friends, and they mention them but don’t use filters on the content, then they can use NFS as No Filter Squad.

In this case, No Filter Squad can also be used in the comments section by other people.

4. NFS Means No Funny Stuff

When NFS means Not Funny Stuff or Not Funny Shit, it means that the other person wants you to stop joking about a topic.

It is mostly used under this context on Instagram DMs, but this acronym can be used in a comment section as well.

5. NFS Means Not for Sale

Instagram has an option where you can put things for sale.

In fact, some people often look for an account owner that lives near them to find certain sale deals on the website.

But, if you want to post a photo of a cool item, let’s say, a professional camera, but you don’t want to sell it, then use NFS as Not for Sale.

This way, the people who see your post will know that you are not selling anything, and instead, you are just showing the world your cool professional camera.

6. NFS Means Not for Sharing

Not everyone wants their posts to be shared on Instagram.

In that case, using NFS as Not for Sharing, will indicate to other users that you don’t want them to share your content at all.

Although controlling this is certainly difficult on social media platforms, at least you have a way to tell others that you do not want them to share your post in any form, size or shape.

7. NFS Stands for No Followers Syndrome

Another use of the NFS acronym is No Followers Syndrome.

This one is a little more complicated - it means that you are not interested in gaining more followers at all.

Unlike other users, you are not interested in gaining followers, and want to clarify this by using NFS as No Followers Syndrome. It is a totally valid statement, for sure.

8. NFS Meaning Not Feeling Social

At last, NFS can also mean Not Feeling Social.

This is a status you upload to stories or posts when you are not feeling well to talk to other people.

It basically shows others that you don’t want to talk to anyone.

There’s another meaning that not so many people use, which is Not Feeling Sober, and it’s used whenever someone is having a drink with their friends and posting it on Instagram.

As you can see, NFS is one of the most versatile acronyms out there, and now, thanks to GrowFollowing, you are ready to make use of it!


Is Using Instagram NFS Offensive?

Not exactly, but it might be depending on the context. For instance, No Filter Squad is not offensive at all, but No Funny Stuff can indeed be a little offensive to some people, but not that much.

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