ManyPixels: Alternatives & Unlimited Graphic Design Tips


Manypixels has been around for sometime already, marketing themselves as “Unlimited premium design services for startups”.

Although ManyPixels had a rather bumpy start, looks like over the last 2 years their service improved.

We wanted to see what other options are available on the market and compile a list of other grahphic services along with their reviews.

But first and foremost…

Why should you outsource your graphic design?

The primary goal of design services is to deliver to you high quality graphics, made by vetted team of designers.

A specialized service aka “productized service” takes this to the next level by focusing on a specific type of customer, which allows them to understand your needs and give you that extra care you are craving for.

Benefits of graphic design service

  1. Save a lot of time: since they handle the design process from A to Z, this allows your or your team’s time into more important tasks
  2. Improve quality: design services hire experts in their field so you can be sure the delivered assets are of a great quality
  3. High efficiency & reliability: having a dedicated team allows you to streamline your workflows and processes more efficiently
  4. Backup of your team: even if you don’t want to completely outsource the process of creating graphics, having a back-up team that is always ready, on-demand, gives you peace of mind and security. This is especially true for agencies who might need to scale up fast under sudden influx of new customers.

How to choose right graphic design service to outsource to?

1. Choose a service that specializes in specific type of work

2. Understand their limits

3. See examples of work they did

Having said all this, let’s look into Manypixels replacements and alternatives available on the market. We tried to list here a variety of services that focus on specific type of work.

ManyPixels Alternatives

ManyPixels Alternative: Final Thoughts

With a wave of productized services, year 2019 brought a lot of new players to the market.

Gone are days where you had to search and hire a graphic designer.

Specialized graphic design services existed for a while already and thanks to them many businesses were able to successfuly outsource the work.

With plenty of ManyPixels alternatives available, you can find something that suits your needs and never worry about designing graphics again!

So, do you have your pick already?

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