Why Does It Say Join on Facetime in Messages?


Have you ever opened iMessage on your iOS device (iPad, iPod, or iPhones), and seen a little Join button? What’s the meaning of it?

This is an issue that more than one person with Apple devices has experienced recently, so it is worth learning its meaning.

As you know, Apple users’ favorite ways to call and text each other are the iMessages app and the Facetime feature.

So, if the Join button appears on your Apple products, then the reason is pretty clear, and we are going to show it to you right away.

Today, we will talk about:

  • Why does it say “Join” on FaceTime in Messages?;
  • How does the Join FaceTime button work on Apple device?;
  • How to get rid of the Facetime Join button on Apple.

Why Does it Say Join on Facetime in Messages?

It says Join on Facetime because you are:

  1. On ongoing FaceTime calls that you have not finished inside the FaceTime app;
  2. Or you can join a group call that’s taking place with other members inside a group chat.

Newcomer Apple customers can easily get confused with this button and become alert when they see it, but in reality, the green video camera icon or Join button on iMessages is nothing to be worried about.

What Does the Green Button Mean for iPhone Users?

So, as we mentioned before, there are two reasons why you might see the green color camera on the FaceTime screen.

Thus, let’s break it down more clearly so we can understand what is really happening on iMessages and your iOS device.

1. Green Button Meaning in a Group Facetime Call

As part of the new features implemented by Apple, iOS users can join video calls in group chats.

So, if other group members start a FaceTime call between them, any other person in the group will be able to Join the group call if they just tap the FaceTime icon.

The green join button will only appear if a group chat FaceTime call is taking place with other Apple users in your contact list that knows that any other person in the group can join the iMessage video call.

2. Green Button Meaning On an Ongoing Facetime Call

So, let’s say that you were on a Facetime Call on the Messages app with someone else.

Then, you “close” the call, and check other apps on your iPhone.

All of a sudden, you open iMessages again, and you check a call alert with a green camera icon next to the username of your friend.

This means that you are actively participating in an ongoing call that is still taking place.

If you see a green video camera icon at the upper right corner of the screen on your phone, it means that the call never ended on iMessage, and you can go back to it by tapping that green camera icon.

Who knows how long you have been on FaceTime at this point?!

How to Get Rid of the Green Join Button On iMessage

You should not be worried about the green button on a FaceTime call, but it is clearly very annoying for some.

Thus, you can get rid of this button by following these quick fixes.

Fix #1: Join the iMessage Group Conversation

If you see the green join button on a group Facetime call, simply press it to join the call.

All in all, if someone wants to talk to someone privately, they wouldn’t do it in a group chat.

Likewise, if you don’t want to join that group chat video call, simply ignore the join button, and that’s it.

Fix #2: Go Back to Facetime Call and End It

In case the green camera icon appears on an individual call, simply open iMessage, and finish the call right on the screen.

You can go back to the call if you tap the camera icon and then press the red button.

Ending the call will make the Join button disappear.

Fix #3: Restart Your Apple Phone

If you are sure that you ended the call, but the problem persists on your phone, then simply restart it.

Hold the side button and the power button until the Apple logo appears.

Once the phone restarts, you should not see the camera icon again.

Fix #4: Check Your Network Connection

If your phone battery died, or if the call dropped unexpectedly due to Internet problems, switch WiFi to cellular data and see if this does the trick.

Connection issues might cause the green button problem, so double-check that your connection is working so you can entirely get rid of the join button.

Fix #5: Re-Sign to Apple ID

Finally, if nothing seems to work for you, go to the Settings App on your iPhone, and tap on your name.

Here, scroll down and tap the Sign Out section. You will be logged out from your Apple ID, so you simply need to log back in to restart all iMessage settings on your iPhone.

That’s how you do it!

You should not worry about the Join message on Facetime, but if you truly want to get rid of it, then just follow these five tips.

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What to Do if I Have Issues with iMessages or FaceTime?

Although iMessages and FaceTime bugs are rather rare, Apple support recommends opening a support ticket in case the basic solutions do not work for you. Learn how to contact Apple support and talk to Apple customer service by going to the official Apple website on your browser.

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